Can we come up with a 'System Summary' formula?

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its super useful for someone like me. I've got dealbreakers with very specific labels that show up right on the surface here. If I'm the kinda guy where feat trees and fate points and dice pools are an automatic no for me, its right there. I like the idea. Some of the subjectivity makes it tough. Like I'd describe 3.5 and pathfinder leveling as 'fast'. But this is kind of like a game review built on 'game engine' tropes. Not so useful if, say, you're the kind of person who only plays fate or ptba since thats the one thing you need to know, but for folks with a wider gamut of preferences and proclivities...
Me too. My playstyle matches up almost perfectly to GDS Simulationism, and I've bought games only to return them because they had an impossible-to-remove metacurrency mechanic.
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