Can You Write an RPG In 500 Words or Less?

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This isn't mine, but I thought it would be fun to share this here. I should have shared it earlier, as we only have one day left to enter the contest.

Basically, what Ryan wants is this (copied and pasted from his site):

So, inspired by Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenges, I had a weird, possibly useless idea: Flash Game Design Challenge.

I’m going to give you three mechanical ingredients. You use at least two:

* Two dice that you don’t add together
* A single token that sometimes is and sometimes isn’t on your character sheet/possessed by the player
* A countdown mechanic (whatever the hell that means)

Write a game that takes 500 words or less to explain, which should include a hint of setting. No “generic” games!

[Edit: if you have a question about the ingredients, answer it yourself in the design! I'm standing just by what's there, and want to see what you do with it.]

I'd love to see what you smart people here come up with within those guidelines, even if it's not a contest entry. :) Please share links to your creation here.


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Well, I did once condense the Talislanta engine in less than 400 hundred words, in order to explain it to a new player in a PbP game. Doesn't quite fit the bill, but makes me feel a lot of games could be explained in less than 500 words, including a hint of the setting;).
Alas, I'm probably too busy right now to take part in this contest, it looks fun:).


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Edit: Whoops! That'll teach me to actually read the OP in full before hitting the Reply button. So you aren't really asking "can it be done?" but rather inviting posters to try a specific design challenge, eh? Interesting exercise.

My bad folks - I should have read before I posted. I thought this was going to be another exercise in "if it's only on a postcard/doesn't have X mechanics, is it really an RPG?" noodling that occasionally pops up.

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