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[Cartoon Network Pilot] INFINITY TRAIN [Fingers Crossed For This Becoming A Full Series]

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Having had some time to think on it, I remembered a couple of other things this reminds me of. Partially Over the Garden Wall, with an ordinary teen stuck in a strange and incomprehensible realm where they have to keep moving forward to have any hope of getting home, and faced with threats they don't understand. And then there's (and I can't believe it took a Reddit post to remind me of this) Ink Catherly, from Jenna Moran's Hitherby Dragons stories. An explorer, traveling through a tower of strange, wonderful and terrible environments, trying to find something ever-elusive, and trying to understand a place when the real way to find the truth might be to understand herself...
Hmm, enough of these Wonderland journey cartoon pilots do appear to be popular online, but these days I wonder if a Cartoon Network show needs something different than that to set itself apart.


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Love it. Cute, funny and intriguing. Sign me up for more.
All of this, yes. They sold me on the concept of this girl with a robot sidekick making her way through a mysterious train with cars filled with who knows what.


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I need to slap myself for thinking I heard Alan Rickman.
I heard Rickman and David Tennant (esp his robot voice he used on the Turtles and Clone Wars).

As much as I dislike Johnson (all the way back to Growing Pains), I do hope this gets picked up.


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Where Adventure Time draws from old Nintendo adventure games, this seems to be pulling more from puzzle-type stuff like Myst. I dig.


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Well, CN did in fact air this episode this past week as a special presentation, or whatever they call it. They aired it at an ungodly time of the morning right before a Teen Titans Go marathon, of course -- but in spite of that it still picked up 700,000 viewers, which I suspect is more than average in that time slot. Hope this means they're seriously considering it for a full series, or at least a Garden Wall-style miniseries.

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Yes, I saw that.

As somebody who signed a petition for it to be aired as a pilot, I'm quite happy.

There are a few cartoon itches that I'm hoping it will scratch.


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I literally fist-pumped reflexively when I saw Arizona's post. I am looking forward to this with deep excitement.

It's interesting -- there have been a few great shows where I've gotten into them, then found out about the pilot much later, like Steven Universe or Over the Garden Wall. This is possibly the first where I've seen the pilot, and only much later gotten to see the main show when it comes out. I wonder what it's going to be like -- I can anticipate there are going to be some differences in plot, character, and art style, but to what degree, and will I like the changes?

Still, I'm pretty confident it's going to turn out well. Looking at the creator's Tumblr, it looks like they've got all the same voice cast from the pilot, so we can expect to see more of Atticus being adorably noble. It got greenlit at least in part due to the huge fan response, which pleases me.
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