(Castles & Crusades) What are you doing with it?


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I'll be starting up a new campaign this coming week, set in a Greyhawk/Yggsburgh combo, with numerous trips to Sigil and beyond via the AD&D 2e Planescape stuff.


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I'm using C&C for:

1. A Wilderlands 'go anywhere, do anything' PBEM, using the Wilderlands of High Fantasy box set. PCs currently 3rd-4th level. The PCs have just killed a powerful demon that was preying on the town of Bulwark.

2. My long-running tabletop campaign set on my homebrew world Ea, high level PCs (8th-9th) converted over from 3e. Ideally this will be epic quests, save the world stuff. Currently running 'Siege of Durgams Folly' scenario converted from 3e.

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I ran the old AD&D adventure Dwellers of the Forbidden City as an introduction to C&C for my players, and hope to use it again in a Scarlet Brotherhood-based campaign (World of Greyhawk) at some point in the future.

More recently I've been running B10: Night's Dark Terror, set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. The system is a perfect fit, and rules-wise, this is easily the least demanding game I've ever run (apart from my 30+ pages of session notes, that is.



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We use C&C as our 'side' campaign. When someone can't make it from the regular team, or we have a new member join that isn't sure if they will continue to game with us. It is easier to understand for new players, and much faster to generate characters and adventures then most other systems.
Mostly when we play it is for dungeon crawls. :D
We did do the old Isle of Dread adventure that came with the Expert boxed set. I had forgotten how fun that little booklet could actually be.
I expect our 'big' campaign to wind down sometime around fall/winter this year. C&C or GURPS will be our next big game, depending on if we feel like fantasy or whatever. :cool:
Currently a Know World/Mystara game set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.

Previously an unfinished Ravenloft game I intend to pick up in the near future and alternate with the Karameikan game.


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Last night, I ran my first adeventure for our new campaign, about 1/4th of a highly customized version of the "Rising Knight", the free adventure from Troll Lord, by Wednesday I'll try to post an actual play thread. But suffice it to say we all had a blast. We used the multi-class rules from Castle Zagyg and a 10/15 variant on primes and non-primes.

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I've been running random dungeon crawls in my homebrew setting of Domaria, but that game is coming to an end, as nobody seems to be enjoying it. The fault, though, is not in the game or system, but in the fact that I'm just not into random dungeon crawls anymore. If I come up with a good campaign idea at some point in the future, I'll perhaps pick it up again.

Unless I decide to give the old TSR chart-res Conan game a shot.


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I'm using C&C to power a game using the Palladium Fantasy world as the setting.

I'm trying to decide on the exact elements of it, but I'm working on piecing together a science-fantasy game powered by C&C. Blending together Dragonstar, the Mecha Compendium Deluxe by DreamPod 9, and the books Arsenal and Factory (both done by Perpetrated Press). My initial idea was to do a Shadowrun-like game, but having the party be based off a ship and drifting from system to system is another possibility. Ultimately, it'll depend on what the group feels like playing.


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I ran a great "old-school" game with it about a year back. (Greyhawk)

Right now I'm debating using it to run a Dragonlance Age of Mortals game over the summer. I can't decide whether to use it or AD&D2e.



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my homebrew setting of Domaria
Hey, where'd you come up with the name "Domaria"? Reason I ask is my homebrew setting is named Domibia, which is close to "Domaria". (It's also the name under which I started my first publishing endeavor, pre-Seraphim Guard.)

"Domibia" comes from the Latin "Domus" ("home") and Ibi ("place"). Thus Domibia is our "home place". :D

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