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Hey, where'd you come up with the name "Domaria"? Reason I ask is my homebrew setting is named Domibia, which is close to "Domaria". (It's also the name under which I started my first publishing endeavor, pre-Seraphim Guard.)

"Domibia" comes from the Latin "Domus" ("home") and Ibi ("place"). Thus Domibia is our "home place". :D

I've had the name for years...it's a bastardization of the world for "earth" in either Gaelic or Sindarin; I can't remember which; I bastardize both a lot because they make for good-sounding fantasy names with a touch of realism behind them. I'm probably going to add Finnish to that list as well, because it's a beautiful-sounding language. And the reason I bastardize is so that people who are native speakers of Gaelic or Finnish (when I start messing with it) don't go, "oh, gee. His world is called 'Earth.' How clever."


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I am running the C&C modules from Troll Lords and Goodman Games as one campaign. When the players finish one module I figure out a way to get them to the next one and off we go again.

They are about to finish the 3rd one and have progressed from 1st to 3rd levels (they should all make 4th by the end of this module).

I started it just so we could have an "old school, kill-things-and-take-their-stuff" romp. My 15 year old son has been playing with our group for a couple of years and this is the first time he has seen this type of play.

I even printed the character sheets on green paper to add to the mood.:D

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