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Cats Movie first trailer


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I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with the bodies of the cats (it's a little weird that they're plantigrade, and even weirder that Taylor Swift's cat is wearing sparkly shoes, but I mean overall). The heads are weird, though. Some extra fur/hair on the head wouldn't necessarily make them look more like actual cats, but it would bridge the gap between human and cat better.
I did find Sir Ian and Dame Judi a bit easier to look at simply because they have such extra head fur:

I also realized there's potential for extra awfulness with Sir Ian, though: in the play, "Growltiger's Last Stand" is essentially a live-action flashback of Gus remembering his best role, and it's played by the same actor. If they put that number back in the movie, are they going to try to de-age Sir Ian as well as felinize him?!



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Hey, I'm totally on board! I had no idea this was coming until just now. This looks...Well, it looks like one of those weird things that I'll love even if no one else does, like Jupiter Ascending or The Fall. We'll see...

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Just think, if this movie beats the massive odds against it and becomes a massive hit it could be the cornerstone of a Webber Cinematic Universe. Macavity, Mr. Mistoffelees and Rum Tum Tugger could each get a series of solo films which happen between Cats sequels.

Elsewhere female protagonist Evita tries to bring hope to a nation. Meanwhile another set of films could focus on a different corner of the universe where sentient trains try to tap into the power of the Starlight Express. As people become more accustomed to unconventional things they could introduce mystical elements of the setting like Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and the WCU's most powerful hero, Jesus Christ, Superstar.

Finally all the characters could converge in an epic team up to oppose the overarching villain of the universe, The Phantom of the Opera. :)
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I know.

I mean somehow making them cat sized makes them even more creepy. I mean seeing a bunch of tiny cat like humanoids who move around like cats is just weird.

I mean... you know how Kobolds started off as rats or dogs in DnD, and eventually morphed into mini dragons? Could we do that with Goblins and just have them become like creepy hairless feral cat people?
In my Dungeon World games, goblins have essentially been anthropomorphic sphynx cats for a while.


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I've questioned for a while if a Hamilton movie would even work. I recently saw something that gave me an idea of how those songs could be translated to film, but for the life of me I can't recall what it was.
1776 worked. Hamilton wouldn't be any harder, honestly.

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Well, if Cats can be made, my hopes for Wicked look much better than they did before this movie.


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Wicked seems inevitable. I had to stop and think if it had already been made, and if it was forgettable if it had.


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I think you mean 2021.

Still I get why that one would take a while to get off the ground, since all the rights for wizard of Oz are weird, since Disney owns a lot of them,. but not the movie directly. I don't know its complicated.
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