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🎨 Creative Cause I'm getting older: 101 worlds in an interconnected (science) fantasy multiverse


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I'm turning 30 in a couple of days. And lately my mind has been turning towards the multiverse with all its possibilities as a setting. So for my present I'd like to see a 101 universes in a well traveled corner of the multiverse (where magic is quite common).


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Do we need to blend in Moorcock or do you just want to look at 101 science fiction, science fantasy, and fantasy (with stops in urban fantasy, super hero (the biggest division of urban fantasy which came before its over category)?


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From the thread, 101 Fantasy Settings and Campaigns
1) Thanadar - War of the Two Tower

Long ago, there was a war between the Epic Powers of True Light and Ebon Darkness. To say it was Good vs Evil or Law vs Chaos, would be simplistic, but it is a place to start. This war ranged across The String of Spheres, like a scrum ranges up and down a field. However, on this world, Thanadar by native tongue, it was all reflected and condensed. (Thus the odd composition and peoples of Thanadar.) Eventually it became an ultrarealm and the Two Towers manifested - The Ebon Tower of Pythos and the Tower of Heartfire. They were more than mere towers, there were castles about them. In the First Age, each tower came to have three allied three nobles and their forces. These nobles (and their forces) were empowered by the spirit of the towers and the Ultraforce they represented. For two ages, they fought, reflecting The War in the Cosmos. Eventually the Forces of Heartfire managed to defeat the Pythosians and peace settled across The Broken World (Sphere). Peace reigned in this current age.

In truth, they did not "win". They managed to break the connection between their enemy and the Ebon Tower. Those forces that were still in the field were defeated. However, other forces slithered away to dark corners of the world to await the Nobles of the Ebon Towers to return. A few slumbered awaiting an incomming tide of dark fire magic to awaken them. The Tower itself is lost, unable to be found by mortals. All say it is in the Bandlands along the Spine of the World Mountains. But they would be wrong.

The World was broken and in many ways, time stopped. While there was rebuilding, nothing great ever seemed to be rebuilt. It is as the Great Forces are suspended, so it the world.

As the tale be told, in the Jungles of Fangor, not far from the Mountains and the Badlands, a fallen noble searched. His name was Maleagant of Gorre, though on the rolls he is Maleagant of House Centurous, formerly of Gorre. He was unduly harsh or cruel and used anything to his advantage against his neighbors... including Ebon Arts. (Which is why he was cast out of the lands of .) He found the Tower, tangled in the green. He entered and pulled The Ebon Knights Sword from the Noir Pool.. receiving The Noble Blessing of the Ebon Tower.

And Changed.

He rose as Malegaunt, Lord of Ebon Powers. (MAL-ee-Gaunt)

There is said to have been a ripple through the world that day. That rippled chilled the soul of the Good Folk. It also called those of fell nature. They became his forces, a small army (well 10-30) of "those of power". He and his army advanced to take goods, services, and lands from those who were misfortunate enough to live near. It was all in preparation to march against The Tower of Heartfire.

However, the Tower of Heartfire and its Lone Guardian, the Hooded Ghost, felt the disturbances. Reaching into the Knight's Pool, they causes much of that water to spray into the sky and return to the world as rain.

A very special rain.

Those that were touched by its water (or drank water enhanced by those drops) developed magical abilities. Some were just enhanced. Others could spellcast like no others. A few were changed into strange powerful forms, blessed and cursed all at once. (A lucky few could transform between a normal and a Changed Form.)

At Malegaunt's forces seemed to advance across the world unopposed, the Good King of Camelot and his forces set in to defense. They would protect the pass/path to The Tower with their lives, to prevent the Ebon Forces from taking its power.

One youth, a prince third in line for the Camelot throne, was touched by the water, but did not changee. He knew his family's forces could not stoop the opposition, so he did the unthinkable, he tried to enter The Tower. He found the way into Tower Heartfire, which had stopped all for centuries, and pulled the Knight of Power's Sword from the stone (where the pool once surrounded it). He was granted The Power of a Noble of True Light.

The strands of fate pulled others who were touched into the fray and towards The Bright Knight (The youth was changed into a grand warrior, for a limited time each day). Even Sir Lupin, a man from another sphere was drawn to this sphere. Following The Bright Knight's lead, the forces of Malegaunt were denied the castle. Those few (no matter their rank) were knighted by the King of Camelot, after the field burial of his first son. They became The Knights of the Bright Table. They are sworn to defend the Tower and the People from the Ebon Forces.

Now in other Sphere of The Strand there was "a moment of danger" when inheritors of Ebon Forces rose up and threatened The Light that was. It has subsided from a crisis to a new low level war between the New Forces of True Light and the New Forces of Ebon Darkness. The eternal conflict has resumed, seemingly focused on a small number of beings.

If the Ultrarealm of Thanadar falls to Ebon Hands, Ebond Darkness will sweep over the Spheres of the Strands for the first time in many an age.

Characters are a hybrid between Fantasy Heroes and Low End Superheroes with one or two abilities. They become larger than life people in a world where they must stop the forces of Ebon Darkness.

Okay, it is a case of Master of the Universe, living up to its name, ala Moorcock, with a dash of Arthurian Legend. That wasn't what I was intending, but that is what seems to have come out. Fairly cool

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From the 101 Autoduel World thread... okay it only has like 22, but come on it was Autodueling
2) The World of The Road Knights aka Earth

Chaos is a powerful energy source. It was the chaos caused by the fall of civilization, providing the energy that she could tap. After centuries of banishment, the spirit of Morgan Le Fey finally managed to return to the world of men by posessing her descendent. She did not like what she saw. Using what power she could gather, she attempted to change the world to better fit her view of things.

Of course, The Merlin was there to stop her. He choose a group of unlikely heroes, one with a son, to stop her.

They did not quite succeed. The Merlin did too little too late. What remains is bits of her dreams and the dreams of other. Thus the world is a mix of the modern and the medieval.

Welcome to the world of autojousting. This setting actually uses the full suite of Car Wars technology. Cars, vehicular armor, tires, power plants, weapons. Inexplicably, blacksmiths and armourers with hammers and anvils and medieval forges can build and repair all of these items. (Their hammers are enchanted, by banging them on something enough times they "make it so". There are also wizards here, though none can challange Morgan.

Outside of the cars, characters all carry swords, bows, pole-arms, etc.; those weapons all do their full damage to cars. They also wear medieval armor; mumble mumble something something metal body armor. (Vehicular armor is still the old school ablative plastic; metal vehicular armor is also available but it is expensive, and takes approximately 10 times longer to repair. These are medieval blacksmiths, after all...)

Towns will often have a mixture of medieval siege engines (catapults and ballistae) and emplaced modern weapons (machine guns, rocket launchers). Some of the town looks like a scene from Mad Max, some of it looks out of a medieval fantasy movie. Note: Medieval weapons, as mentioned, all do full damage to vehicle armor and components.

For the heroic knights, nemeses can include other jousters (knights, squires, etc.), bandits (on motorcycles), villainous lords, dragons (use those rules too), undead (and those).

The Other Races are here too. They live in out of the way areas, but they are learning more about this strange world they have been dragged to.

Now Morgana making the world more "comfortable" will be her undoing. In a world of knights, armor, and powerful steeds, it is now easier for Merlin to bring Arthur and his knights back to the Earth Realm. He can fulfill the promise, to return in Englands greatest hour of need and bring the beacon of civilization ... Camalot ... back to the world.

"Now where is that Newt anyways?"

Did you ever see the movie A Knight's Tale? It's just like that, only with cars. This setting is intended to be a little crazy, a little over the top, and completely inexplicable. It is knitted together by mad magic. Perhaps Merlin knew the first heroes, including Newts Father, would fail as an opening move in the this game for control of The World. (or did he set them up to fail?)
To the OP: I promise to get off my Arthurian kick soon. Most of the good cross dimensional ones have a dip of it.

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Craig Oxbrow

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3) Werewolf Central

Most of the time, Werewolf Central looks like a standard if somewhat technologically poor Earth of its era, except for the warning signs. The local strain of Lycanthropy was boosted by crossing with a plague outbreak in the 17th century, and although a vaccine was developed in the decades that followed things never quite went back to normal. There are occasional outbreaks, and some families of hereditary lycanthropes with greater or lesser degrees of control. Nations accuse each other of deploying werewolf soldiers - and these nations are smaller and more insular than our world's. And when the moon is full, most of them go to curfew. It's a backward, paranoid mess. But it's a great place to get silver bullets.


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From the 101 science fiction/fantasy thread
Earth Into the Stellar Age

It is 1986 and Earth Society is on the verge of Interstellar Travel. Earth is full of Gernsbeckian wonders, and areas that still cling to The past. Most people are looking towards the future. Various station rings and domed colony points dot the system. People often adapt themselves via genetic serums to better live on their adopted world. Atomic Rockets with their Torren Ring Drives can jet to the far away planet of Pluto in a mere three days. Glowing Microtubes are slowly being replaced with Darktube Miniprocessors. It is a time of dreams.

It is also a time of nightmares. Isolation of some colony domes and heedless expansion has made for crime, graft, and corruption. Drugs and even slavery are a problem in the outer zones. The Marshalls either are powerless to stop it or in on it.

When the forces of Evil rise, the forces of Good often rise to meet it.

Heroes with strong wills, sharp minds, and abilities often beyond the norm are appearing around the system. These champions of the right are helping the common man stand up for themselves and are righting the wrongs they can not fight.

This is a pulpy 30ish future past setting. Everything is analogous to the 1930s earth (so we have The Combines (our Nazis). The characters are Science Heroes, pulpy heroes with minor special abilities akin to Adventure! Mostly these are characters with vastly more skills and attributes than other peoples.

I was feeling a bit Luther Arkwright... might go a bit steam next.

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From 101 Horror Settings and its own thread...

5) The Mansion


Not all "worlds" are worlds. Some are simply "realms" patches of reality that hold firm in the Sea of Possibility. As realms go, the Mansion is quite large.

The Mansion itself is a sprawling place from a Victorian Magi-Steampunk world. It is nearly infinite and repeating (more on that later). It is full of all the modern conveniences and many more things that only a mad experimentor would appreciate. It has anachronistic versions of modern luxuries. Things powered by glowing stones or tiny steam pipes. There are most “modern” connivances. places on the wall to touch to control lights, temperature, Victrolas for music, hand held clockwork games, and so on. There are servants (of sorts) to cater to you needs. It is full of bedrooms, parlors, libraries, kitchens, water closets, and more hallways than one would like to think about. It is an interesting place to be, even if you are trapped here.

Sometime in the past, an experiment went wrong (It could have been Science or Thaumaturgy). The Mansion was pulled from its Victorian Magical Steampunk world into a bubble realm (a pocket dimension). However it is not any pocket dimension, it is one of those that "hold the universe together" locations. (Think of it as a rivit or a pin holding a section of reality together). The Mansion has expanded to fill all the Bubble. Because it is a "reality", the thoughts of its inhabitants and "echos" of forms, ideas, and primes, from nearby realms, impact it.. expanding and twisting it into what we have seen today – an large sprawling, nearly infinite Mansion where the rules of reality get stretched.

In the local, everything seems to follow the basic rules. There are areas of the mansion that are stable, that the rooms, doors, and hallways always connect to each other. However, if you walk a bit too far, things will change. When people move beyond these local parts, the reality things become complicate. The Blue Parlor is always next to a long hallway. Of course when you walk out of it, it might not be the Long Hallway you walked to get there, but another one. The stairs are always next to a painting and take you up to the artist's loft. However, you passed that stairwell two days ago, yet now it takes you there. Rooms and Hallways of the same area take you to mostly the same places via the same ways, but sometimes random things and rooms appear or expected things disappear. Things are better linked by associations than some kind of map. You can not map the mansion, it is ever changing and growing.

There are "things" that seem to take care of the servant's work. Things you can only see out of the corner of your eye. Maybe silver faceless mannequins that mimic humanity and their clothes. No matter where you go and what you do, there seems no way out. There are "things that go bump" in the mansion with you. However, really, all you are locked in the mansion with is truly yourself. Unlock that puzzle and it will let you out.

The Bubble dimension has its own... I stretch the definition when I use the word intelligence. Instincts or emotives would be better. That is why it helps “the broken” that fall into it. Yes, people from all sorts of times and spaces are here. They have to "get better" resolve those internal plotlines (and maybe help out the mansion) before it will let them go.

One can not “get out” without The Mansion letting you (i.e. get better). Breaking windows and walls meet with frustration as things regenerate or odder event occur because of the breaking. Then there are The Gargoyles on the outside and parts of the roof. The Gargoyles are part of the Universe's immune system or could be part of the Dimensional Patrol. Their job is to ensure reality, both this bubble realm and the greater multiverse continue. That is why they are always making sure that nobody inside breaks the outside barrier.

Note: The Mansion has "shift doors", that lead to other places. While you can visit, you can not stay.... unless the mansion lets you. You can use this the mansion as its own chronicle or use it as a transdimensional hub. (Or a super heroic base/ wizard lair.)

Note: The GM should define the genre you are playing in. It could just be fantasy, or horror, or urban fantasy, or super heroes, or .... You may be a lab rat, you may be stuck in a dream state, or there might not be anyone pulling your strings...

The Mansion is an interesting setting for a complicated game. It is some combination of Castle Fiction, Endless Mansion, with a dab or two of Lost, all with complex puzzles of Myst. The Game is mostly about The Characters, so it needs rules that will be roleplay supportive. Each character will have one to five goals they are trying to reach. These goals could be concrete or personal. One or two could be assigned by the GM and is something "The Mansion" wants you to fix in "The Mansion" (stop a monster, make some silvers, redecorate, fix the power loss , Kill the crazy guy with the gun running around looking for God, put the magic items back before the house implodes and takes all of reality with it, that sort of thing). This could just be a stop on the way to other places or a one stop adventure "in the dimensions".

The thread for this setting is... pretty darn large. There is a lot of material that is useful... some options for the setting... and just a lot of stuff.

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From the 101 locations in an Interdimensional City Thread. I did a lot of the entries there, (60 if memory serves). We built up quite a place.

6) The City aka The City of Otherwhen, The City of the Tapestry, or The City at the End of the Road

The City is built on a central nexus, where all realities in t-sectors 11-16 touch. (T-sectors in the outer ranges don't all touch, but many do.) Now some t-sectors have co-sectors, areas where a patch of space exists in simultaneously at the nexus and that reality (depending how you move/ exit in that space determines if you exit/enter nexus or the reality). Most realities have gate points (hard locations that trade locations) or blur zones (soft locations where transitions can occur). These leads to points inside the nexus. These transitions and zones are not always active. Some activate only when various planets, stars, cosmic flows (time) are met. (Many Neighborhoods disappear for a while, leaving a grey neutral zone, only to return sometime). These zones and gates influence the reality in the nexus around it (modifying the way of the district).

(80 some odd entries that list worlds as well, or at least home dimensions to walk through.)
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From the posts of Infinite World Musings

Earth aka Neptune's World

The point of divergence is when Maxwell Olesinger, who is a B tier Science Fiction Writer in most timelines, takes a class in Marine Science his freshman year (he stumbled into the class because he read his registrar slip wrong).

Fast forward 30 years. Dr. Neptune has been a name used in the chatter. He is responsible for the recovery of nuke weapons from lost Soviet submarines. He sold some ulta tech salvaged from an allegedly US plane lost in the pacific. There were some other events associated with the name. The activity accelerated when a US test Submarine disappears with its experimental drive and new atomic reactor system. He no longer was just a data point, he was assumed to be a threat.

Espionage agents around the world start chasing the pattern in thefts and disappearances/ defections around the world, often tying to oceanography, marine engineering, or an improbable aquatic get away. This culminated in a received threat to the United Nations that unless a massive sum - or certain treasure or resources our choice - paid over many years is delivered to him. Agents near the alleged base were deployed. (The entertainments based on this mission were very different from the mission report, where most of this was accidental.)

While Dr. Neptune's blackmail plot against the world was foiled, one of the thermal devices still detonated... causing a chain reaction that raised the ocean level 231 feet over the next 10 years. (This occurred in 1994.)

Before the explosion, there was a data release of files... Aquatic Technology developed by Dr Neptune that was send to academics around the world, instead of to the CIA like it was supposed to. (The lack of leak is Neptune 2 - leading to a much less bright conclusion of things as elites saved themselves then cascade failures killed off Humanity.) This includes power systems, sub acoustic data systems for underwater communication, pressure fields, genetics serum treatment tech (for aquatic Humans, uplifts, and adapted to a new field of genetic treatments), hard suits for deep dive, and a variety of submarine and habitat designs. (Also a file that the threat was really a sham, he was going to destroy society as we knew it and set up a better one in the mother ocean.)

During the time of The Melt (alternate term the Rising), another disaster occured. The Yellowstone Caldera exploded (The Bang or Yellowdeath), taking several American states with it and disturbing an already disturbed meteorological system even farther, making life on the surface - exposed to an eight year long dust winter, acid rains, lightning super storms, hyperwind storms, and so on. Dr Neptune's thermal devices were blamed for the "early" detonation of the caldera (the debate still rages over if it was possible.) (Neptune 3 has no disturbance in the Caldera which only rumbled and slowly leaked some magma for the decades since the The Melt began. This timeline is more land oriented. )

The Good Doctor's technology allowed humanity to build into the sea and under it. New habitats were created. Building arcologies were created. The Golden Gate dam was built and failed. Aquaopolis (the city under the sea that Dr. Neptune was constructing) was completed and millions moved in. Countries extended their borders into their shallows. Resources were collected and coveted. New manufacturing and technologies were developed.

Of course there were still wars, crimes, and so on.... The world had changed, not Humanity. It is 2020. It was a very different world because of one mad man's dream.

I have two links that help with this world
The first is the thread on RPG.Net.

My Pinterest page on Gaming in The Blue.

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