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🎨 Creative Cause I'm getting older: 101 worlds in an interconnected (science) fantasy multiverse


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From the 101 Supers settings which has 100+ of my settings/ frameworks and 150+ of everyone elses.

Earth of Warp Day Plus the uninhabited world, plus a world in the draconic line, plus a Terre with the city state of Analase, a few others.

May 18th, 20xx, is now known as Warp Day. It was that week that storms and tornadoes hit all along a wide swath of Central United States. On the 18th, it was expected that Chicago was going to be hit. It was hit with tornadoes and more. The instability in the air and the speed of the wind changed things. "Purplish" clouds and vast cloud to cloud lightning with ball lightning and other odd lightning occurred at the storm approached the outskirts. May 18th, at 1430, the world changed. The first Warp Storm in recorded history occurred. (Oh sure there were five tornadoes that hit Chicago and cities north, but nobody remembers those.) Warp discharge occurred and changed things. Sections of the city were "shifted" between this reality and others. Forrest Primeval, an area representing the 1880s, and an actual Medievalesk Fantasy city were shifted into our realm (assumed that our territories and people where shifted there). In addition random people (and animals) near the Warp Strike changed. Some were shifted, others gained strange powers. Luckily for us, most of the Warp Stars (as those effected - in the presence of warp - tend to have a "stellar glow" in their center of mass or around their body) helped deal with the crisis and resulting disasters.

After the Storms (and Warps), people (and the governments) were able to adapt to the changes and rebuild what was needed ... (though various warped zones were kept much as they are... for the comfort of the people living there... though the Analase Neighborhood (fantasy) is getting indoor plumbing, electrical set ups, and cellular - all for the cost of teaching some magical techniques and enchantments (which only seem to work well in warped zones, but work various ways depending on the amount of warp energy (as measured by the Harker Factor - created by MIT a few weeks later).

The Dragon Allestair has claimed Downtown Chicago as his Dominion and has taken to eating muggers and criminals in the area. He also does other things for The City (acts as a crane for building, helps with fires, and protected the City and notably the hospital from the Lake Monster that attacked the city). The Mayor is in constant talks with their newest citizen. (Allestair has a flair for commodity and stock trading... so he is amassing quite a virtual horde).

The meteorological community now tracks the formation, motion, and apparent energy levels, of Warp Clouds. When discussing intense meteorological effects, they include the chance of warp. Anytime there is a vast atmospheric disturbance (or an Earthquake of 8.0 or greater), there is a chance of warp.

*note given Typhoons and Hurricanes, there are now Warp Monster, Kaiju of massive (but realistic) size swimming in the Oceans. Luckily these creatures tend to just deal with each other.

*Various locations seem to have a great deal of innate warp energy (Center on Times Square in NY, Coit Tower in San Francisco, Taos, Mt Fuji in Japan, Uluru, Several Points in England, and several points in the Himalayas and the Carpathians) While they have yet to spawn Warp Stars, some odd phenomena are now known to occur around them.
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9) An Domhain

This is a world that is partially colocated with The City of Otherwhen. District 60 is a good third of the key metropolis of New Cahilhen (Boston). One can casually travel into and out of Otherwhen and An Domhain. An Domhain has several other portal points and colocated links over its globe, but none are as important or as travelled as New Cahilhen. (In fact, travelling to another world is like getting on the Train to Glasgow, something anyone can do... but do not do very often.)

To Earth eyes, the world seems to be a more idealized version of the 20s and 30s. The distict appear very Art Deco with touches of Art Nouveau and Streamline Moderne. To an Earth eye, it is 20s Jazz Age with a touch of science fiction such as a few floating cars/ trucks, theremins, floating glow globes. Until you see the Elventi, High Trolls, Dwarventi, and other Fey folk sprinked into the mostly Basic (Human and Human ish) peoples. The train and ocean liners are how people normally get around. (Autos and Cabs are daily transport). A few go with floating airships and areoships (cooler looking airplanes and jets).

An Domhain is a world with high end ways. It allows for High End Magics (with ritual components) or general magics (as long as they are not to flashy. The Tech Way is Moderne with edges into Atomic Future Lines. Mentallics are another common power way. The Fey are common here and they have pluralized into fairly common folks (i.e. fairly standard fantasy races, plus some Fey). In short the ways are very open. It maintains its ways fairly completely, having been this way roughly 1200 years. (Full Ways and Accessed Worlds tend to be very, very stable and very, very wealthy.) It is a somewhat formal society, but there are times and places for "a little jazz"/ rules breaking.

Londinium (The Seat of Empire) and Lutetia (The City of Lights) on the First Continient are the important cities for worldly affairs. Londinium is all about law and banking, Lutetia is about culture, arts, and high society.

Note: The Isles are where the Fey touch to this world (there are many access point to and from their realm). Off the Eastern Africa Coast is a portal to an Atlantean world with minor kaiju. There are local Drakoforms in the Eastern "European" mountains. The other two common portals are to Green Worlds (worlds where Human or other intelligents did not evolve) which are used for resource bases. Most of these portals are open most of the time. This is an open world, not a clan world. The Clans, except for Panthers and Comets, all have a presence here - owning things, running schools, and arranging trade.
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10) World aka The Pasture

World is a Green World of the Terre world line (there are several in the link). Here, Anthropoid and humanoids never quite developed. No other intelligent forms developed. Not quite a tenth credit a dozen, but more like a quarter credit a dozen. Green Worlds are excellent for resources and colonization.

This is a Clan World. The Panthers have this world. They seldom own a world, they normally just have districts or regions that are theirs on others world (or stick to open worlds). The story is that some of their scouts discovered this world and they started building a temporary solution here. .

They called that first center, built on where Euroa's Talian coast (very pleasant weather), The Pasture. Now it is the name of the Complex (The Pasture) and the World (Pasture).

The Panther Clan has one of its major complexes here. It has a beacon and gate/ beamer complex. It has quite the shuttle port for various carriers. This is where the panthers do large scale rescues.

There is quite a tent city set up inside the complex walls. There is a cluster of medical centers, education centers, food service and storage area, and of course, housing for the staff (though some stay out in the tent city with the new arrivals.) There are a couple of spiritual sites, but those are usually much smaller scale. Oh, and a couple of field mounts, should someone want to play sport.

The complex has dozens of gates out into the semi-wilds around the complex. Access is freely given out or in (though monitored).

If there is a world line about to collapse or a segment of the key population about to be destroyed, it is the Panther Clan's duty to rescue them from that fate. The *Verse is near infinite, there is no reason for innocents and entire civilizations to be lost to TDE events (or just MSD (MEga Scale Disasters)).

So they bring who they can and what they can to here. The people are processed and supported as they come to terms with their new reality. Some stay with the Panthers, paying forward their own rescue. Some disperse to the open worlds. Others come together and recolonize a new world with the right ways.

At any given time there is one large population and two shrinking populations of rescuees. They try to keep everyone as compatable as possible, but the *verse does not always conveniently schedule MSDs or world energy collapse.

Note: Over the centuries, The Dolphine clan has used Pasture for joint rescues for aquatic world lines. There are some buildings on and just off the shore about 60 KMs south from The Pasture.

Note: There are Three (and one under construction) of mini-pastures on Pasture. They are for more environmentally extreme peoples (an arctic center, an equitorial desert, a rain forest on one of the far islands, and a island for quarantined peoples).

Note: There are also some Wilders on Pasture. These are people who decide to "escape the camp" and live free on Pasture. They live as a traditional peoples close to the land, even though they all did not come from such societies. They have a tradition of not being depending on others and a paranoid belief that these Panthers want something they are not telling us or they are secretely enslaving people. They are not numerous and live two or three hours hike from The Pasture. They can be dangerous to Panthers or rescuees that want to go back to the camps.

Note: The Ways of this world are very open, but nothing too far in any mode will work. (ED shuttles will barely work here, as well as magical portals will barely work here.)
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11) "Earth" This is called Kalrath's Earth

Kalrath is an science investigator for The Patrol. He has made The Incident, finding the cause, following the repercussions, and trying to minimize the damage, his master work.

There are many Earths of the CWCE (Common World, Common Era). It is a prime alternate, the pattern than most of the worlds in the 13th and 14th T-Sector follows. While this one has its own sequence numbers, it is known for as Kalrath's Earth. It is the Earth Sphere that was in the line of worlds from the Velgarth Incident. The Incident caused spheres of each world involved to be switched between different locations and different world spheres/ realms. There were 22 worlds directly involved. Several Rings of Fire captured circles of terrain from this Earth and transported them to various spheres (and time echo spheres as the work of the Assiti caused a temporal branch), some of which includes villages, towns, national parks, and other complexes with people in them. The arriving space was displaced and sent to another sphere or realm.

The impact from other world sophonts has been minimal, as it seems only 8 intelligent beings were transported to Kalrath's Earth. Ecologically, the impact is spiralling exponentionally. Graboids were the least of the changes, as other animals are adapting to this new world and greater environment and changing quickly. (The high energy, but low mana level of this Earth Sphere world has kept the worst of the issues at bay.)

Given that their native scientists will divine the transdimensional nature of the rings of fire and enough scientific sophistication that TD tech might be developed, The Clan Council has begun to make this a semi-open world. They are working with several world powers (and two illuminated groups that were aware of the TD nature of the world string). This Earth has three portal points: one that open to Otherwhen (a portal near old Babylon that opens once every 12 years) and two to an Inner Earth Realm like so many Earths. Soon this world will be openly contacted. The Wolf Clan is already dedicating a large number of resources to help stabilize this ecology. They may not be able to keep it completely secret until "open contact day". They are operating under the name PACK Institute... an ecological studies compact that seems to fund adventure scientists to look into "odd biologic phenomena". (Spider Clan is infiltrating the science community, just to see what the locals make of the data.)

While the current impact of The Incident on this Earth are small (at this time), these Earth Transplants have made HUGE IMPACTS upon the spheres and realms they have landed on (especially the time echo spheres). One world, Grantville 1, has already split off from the mainline and created its own line. There are four other timeline spin offs of several alternates are in process since the event in 2000 (which may or may not truly manifest).

Lots of Easter Eggs in this one...
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12) One of the Inner Spheres I want to write up, found in the upper numbers in the 101 Fantasy settings thread. Lots of things "drop here" through the various gates found on the sphere.


This dimension captures the reflection of sphere, as reflecting by itself. It is an true echo of an Earthline sphere

To the farthest north is the Greater Portal of Frost, to the farthest South the Lesser Portal of Frost. That lands around those portals are cold, frozen, and white. If you can reach those portals, which are as black as a curtain, but with random holes to let light through (night sky with stars), it is said you can travel to another realm. There are other deep caves that are said to have portals to another realm. Some say they all go to the same realm - called Outer Realm- but other scholars disagree. (Portals will randomly appear on the surface from time to time, shimmering fields.) I mention the Portals of Frost because they give you points of reference to navigate from. From a high point on a clear day, you can see them from every step of the sphere.

Cloudward is called West by some, while Cloudhome is called East by some. High Clouds not in the dance of storm follow these paths. It is the disobedient lower clouds that sometimes do not. (The High Clouds move the way they do because the air is somewhat stationary and you are rotating under it on the inside of the sphere. Only high altitude weather affects them. Low clouds are affected by terrain, bodies of water, and upper clouds, so could move in odd directions.)

The Golden Sun hangs above us, always shining upon the sphere (the inside of the sphere). It is the blessing of light and warmth driving away the white cold of death. (Note there are clinging places of white cold on the high mountains... where the air is thin and the clouds are close... thus cooler. They are dangerous places, often with portals to the outer realms.)

Esoterrós is 70% land, 30% water. There are four great great bodies of waters and many lesser ones (a reverse reflection of Earthspheres - lands to water). There are mountains, many deep valleys, and great plains. There are few volcanos, but they are in lonely places (i.e. nobody lives near them) and they have no correspondence to deep place on Earthline.) Most of the terrain is verdant jungle. There are great lands of grass. There are other things in between. Scaled Ones of all sorts prowl the wild lands and waters (Dinosaurs (and fish) from all ages). Beasts of fur, feather, and hide fill the lands and sky.

The Warmth of the World brings things to womb of Esoterrós (often from Outer Realms if legends be true). The Great Imperia was founded by an Army from an Outer Realm (Romans). Some Greenfolk (Elves) remember when their people walked to Esoterrós. The beasts of the Outer Realms are their other guests. There are other travelers who have found their way here. The Shining Folk (Atlatans- Atlanteans) have always been here, while their powers are great, their numbers are few. Their great Pylons are used by many as points of navigation. Their great roads and canals are used by many of the lesser peoples to travel. (There are still Atlatans portal rings that are working.)

This is a world of less easy to access metal, so most of the lands are places of "true tech" (i.e. anywhere from 4th century to 13th century,), while others are of the stone tech. A few tiny places have great tech (Atalans and the Iron Horse of the 'Mericans (cowboys/ western US). There is magic here and many places practice here. (Middle magic, not all high, nor all that low... and some everywhere.)

Most civilized lands are not against each other. There are usually bands of wilds between the claimed areas. Since there is a great deal of space, there are a huge number of different cultures and groups, separate but not too far from each other.

This is an inner world, where bits and pieces of Earth's History have fallen through the cracks and found their way here. Dinosaurs, Romans, Atlantean Artifacts, Ice Age animals, Cowboys, National Socialists from WWII, and other even weirder things (Elves, Kaiju, Aliens, and such).

This relates to Adventure Tropes Setting

Time Travelling Steampunks, Vikings, and Ninja Air Pirates fight Nazis Robots and Dinosaurs, magic wielding Atlanteans, and Aliens, in an Inner Earth. Add to this Astronauts, Apemen (native or Russian), Cowboys, Zombies, and a Dark Lord. (We could even add Romans, Elves, Mayans, Aztecs, Dwarves, Dragons, and Cave Men. ) It may be a bit Gonzo, but mixed together carefully could be quite full of win. Everyone is looking to either expand their local power, find artifacts of power, and stop other people from gaining power.
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13 The Lands of Terra The world of District 72 (an Anglolique/Albion dominated space)

This Terra (The Lands of Terra officially) is actually an open world, but is effectively a Raptor Clan World. The English Kingdom has the protectorates of France, Normandy, Egypt, and direct hold over Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and the nine German Princedoms. It has Kingdom holdings on all the continients - The Provinces and States, Western Africa, India, South Eastern CHina, Australia, and the disputed Chilean Territories. This Kingdom has a monarchy supported by both a High and Low House of Parlament. Titles are held by land and wealth, thus the Raptor Clan fits in well here. The McKennzies, The Hudson, The Rockerfellers, The Vanderbuilts, The Yu Chen, The Simons, and the Krupts all have vast holdings here and the local branches of these families are all Lords of the English Kingdom. (Titles the last three King Kays (III, IV, and V) have been very happy to grant.)

The World's ways are very polite, very proper, and fairly open. While native technologies embrace the 1900s with an emphasis on steam, its ways could allow for anything. (The electrification is slowly starting.) Tall buildings are a feature of their city centers, with many cities competing for the tallest or most beautiful building. In terms of power, this is another world with Ritual Restrictions (low level personal magics are possible, but rituals and enchantments are required for greater works). Thus the Raptor clan has gifted The Kingdom with a planetary net of magic gateways and a few magical TransD gateways.

The City on the Thames is the center of The English Kingdom and effectively The World. The Hudsons hold large river front warehouses and shipping locations, mixing traditional and TransD transport. In fact, the various warehousing here supports the Hudsons and HBCs in is Sector of worlds.

All the Raptor Families own vast tracts of land (and various business ventures) here and all over this world. So much so that they provide the special security all the Kingdom (and most places beyond).

Of note, the Rockerfellers are large into steel, railways, and ships on this world, centering most of their operations in the States and Providences of the New Lands. They do a great deal of processing on this world, though they might bring supplies from off world. The Yu Chen are supporting the Asian territories, building up industry, mining, and agriculture. They and the Rockerfellers continue their "feud" on this world, trying to one up each other. Since this world still has a dueling code (swords only) for anyone knight or above... this has fallen to blood a time or two.
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From the 101 Autoduel World thread... okay it only has like 22, but come on it was Autodueling
2) The World of The Road Knights aka Earth
1) This is awesome. Really awesome.

") You know, this reminds me of something I once pondered. A MASK/supernatural setting. Basically MASK, but instead of VENOM, they fight car warriors in enchanted vehicles and monsters disguised as vehicles and street furniture. Sort of the Cartoon Action Hour GI Joe vs. monsters setting (was it Nightmare Squad? Something similar).


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A string of worlds all have a common set of barriers transdimensionally. While they are all quite different, they have a similar secondary harmonic. One of the world in the string has the strongest harmonic... it becomes the capstone of the string. What happens on that world impacts the rest, and what happens on the rest have impacts on it. Thus it is often called the Hyper sphere (Thandar is a great example.

Those harmonics make for a bit of terrain on the road. So if the road changes beyond flat or gentle rolling hills, you might have entered a path with a String.

Oh, The Road (14)? It is one of the main tools of TransD society.

The Road is a transdimensional pathway. Given enough time and effort, you can travel to any sphere or realm. It just takes a little TDE or just the perfect timing... or a map that has made the trip. (Okay a vortex manipulator will do... but they are more of a travel aide.) The Road appears to be a road of the same location or era. The vehicles are varied from 28th century atomic cars, to 1950s caddys, to horses/ carriages, flying carpets, dragon mounts, and sandals. There can be stores, fuel stops, and rest stops along The Road.

Note: The Main Roadways take you from the void to the twenty two key worlds to The City. The Roadway has branches, off ramps and turns. They take you to dimensions based off the key worlds. (There is the key bend that occurs on Earth line - being a prime alternate of great dimensional strength - has so many worlds exit off of it. (Plus a number of "short cut side routes" that are linked to it through dreams). Many side roads are paths that follow things with the same key vibration - (scales road, takes you to all the worlds with strong dragon vibration/imagery with worlds you can reach via other routes).

The Road is its own space... which is odd because it is not a realm or sphere. While there are fringe points that are colocated with a reality, most of the road comes from "no where". Isonic friction occurs where dimensions butt up against each other, where weak points - bridges and natural portals occur. Since the isonic vibrations are associated with roads, it appears as a road of that dimension and location.

Each Clan protects The Road (and side roads) around their regions. The Patrol outriders runs up and down the road, from the City Depot down to the void. They look for those in distress as well as enforcing Council Law.
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15-21) Pedrales One of The Seven Spheres that make up of the Empire of the Emerald Road

The sorcerer Valdalan of the Emerald Robe had ambition greater than any one mortal should ever had. His goal was to take over all the lands and bring order to them. He used summoned creatures from another sphere to conqueror his homeworld of Chaval. Realizing the advantages of other worldly advantages, he then used master sword bravos (appropriately collared with rune collars) in addition to a few summoned creatures to take the next sphere of Pita. As the process continued to the Seven Spheres, he realized to maximize things, he needed a road across his empire. (His collared apprentices could not keep up with the demand of the gates.) He built the First Strech (of The Emerald Road) out of specially enchanted and dyed bricks. It was a fine road of near perfect construction that many an ancient empire would of been proud of. By use of a ritual and enchanted mirror he extended the road into infinity (actually just across the Seven Spheres). It appeared on all seven worlds across the 45th parallel with little concern for the makings of gods or men. One could walk around the world, as walking took you past/ through barriers and eventually to other worlds. (The people of Pita discovered their fourth continent by walking thr road). Marching his armies across the Emerald Road he quickly took the remaining worlds (though it took another hundred years to properly solidify the Rule of the Emerald Robe.)

Pedrales was the last world of the Emeral Road (Loop). It was actually the first world that Valdalan discovered. It was the home of the Great Beasts and the Beast Riders. It is a dangerous world full of large beasts and giant insects (a half mansized). Humans live in the Towers and strong walled cities. They travel from city to city on raised (and often covered) roads to protect them from wild beasts. Those of the Towers use their Empowered Will to make Great Beasts obey them... using them to dig, build, remove trees and dangerous Keller Vines, and of course Make War. While Valdalan first summoned beasts, he summoned ones that had been runed and tamed... thus he was able to control them easily. Eventually he summoned a beast and its Beastmaster (while done on purpose bringing both over was an accident); the mystery was solved. Many of the Towers were used to working for Valdalan so when the Emerald Road appeared, they realized what it meant. Of all the Seven Spheres, Pedrales is the most rebellious. They were never conquerored properly, they simply bent a knee and kept on going. They sometimes rebel briefly. They steal taxes. They are disorderly in their internal politics. However, importantly, they always fall into line.

The Emerald Robe is the symbol of power (and a focus for great magical power). Valdalan ruled The Seven Worlds, more formally called The Empire of the Emerald Road, viciously and efficiently. While no one starved or went without, nobody liked it much. Through magic he was immortal (well, unaging.) He ruled the Empire of the Emerald Road-after the pacification and installation of the Mandarins to enforce his rule- for 200 years exactly. On that day, one of his oldest children - Klvin - managed to kill him, take his powers -binding them to the Emerald Cloak actually-, and then showed up for the Bicentennial Celebration announcing that "The Great Contest" was over and that he had won. (One of the challanges was realizing their was a contest.) Valdalan was to retire to a life of study and exploration (to find more worlds to add to the Empire) - he left on that journy immediately. Klvin would rule for the next 200 years, when the next contest of succession would occur. Kven the Justs rule was more merciful than his fathers, with less runed collars and lethal bindings. His was a more properous reign. He arranged for a less lethal ending for the year long contest of duels, challanges, and exams, for his successor.. Shenda the Wise. He retired to a less scholarly life, for another two centuries (supported only by her personal magics).

There has been seven Holders of the Emerald Cloak. Despite the untimely end of Kven the Explorer (5th wearer) -a mad magician driven to expanding the road to new worlds- and second place holder from his tournament Cemmer the Patient taking on the remaining 144 years of his reign, The Empire of the Emerald Road is properous, efficient, and prepared.

It was even prepared from Visitors from Beyond. (They knew there were probably more spheres, they just didn't know how to get there.)

The Clansmen riding silver chairs at first, but eventually installed a gate near the city of Poon on Pedrales on the Mountain of Mystery. (They quickly built a raised road to Poon, as they discovered flying attracted the fast flying Chiroptans.) The ancient lore explained that the Eldest Emerald Robe used gates before he had made The Road. Now there is a brisk trade between The Clansmen of Otherwhens, especially the Wolves, and the Seven Spheres.

All the worlds of The Emerald Road are roughly half the surface area of most Spheres, yet still have .7 gravity (twice the gravity they should have due to similar construction and volume). Not that any of the locals notice that, only outside observers notice the bounce and the size of the flyers. Most have a map similar to Terre (three main close continients, with two to three other continients in the other hemisphere), but with less eco diversity. They all are linked via the Emerald Road... which occurs on the northern 45th parallel on all the worlds.

This string of worlds is linked by the Emerald Road.

1) Chaval - The Urban World of Swordsman (Bravos) and Runecarvers (and the occasional sorcerer).

2) Pita - Master Stone Carvers and Golems create incredible buildings.

3) Terr - a medieval world with nothing exceptional, it was overwhelmed by the Other Road Forces. Most of the nobles seat are awarded to people from other worlds as rewards for service.

4) Seea - This is a world where the local live on the many islands and many boats. The road stretched like a bridge across the Great Archipeligo.

5) Kegrn - World of Flames, full of low intensity volcanos, flamebreathed Drake, and dashing Ryders (of Drakes).

6) Clom - The stout (and short) people of Clom rule from mountain tops or ziggarats, nobles focusing their power for the common good. (So they tell you anyways.)

7) Pedrales - World of verdant jungles, great beasts, and high towers of Beast Masters.

Common Techs

Runes are foci for magic. Properly made runes (those that gently glow) can be used to control people, beasts, and materials. Collars with Runes ensure obedience. Some tattoos use runes to improve ones self and bind ones self to a lord or cause. Each of the Seven Spheres shares this way.

(Tennis ball sized) Ko Sphere - glass spheres are used for communication between people and across spheres. Some are used as foci for far sensing and anylzing things. Spirits (of condemmed or those that rebel) are sometimes bound into spheres to provide a servant to remember things, organize thing, or know things.

Green Robes - enchanged to improve the amount of power one can draw upon to perform magic or empower runes - they are the symbols of sorcerers and political power - the Manderins and the Most powerful magickers (The Family and students of The Family (which all come from The Clan Emerald)

Green Roads: Kven built several lesser roads branching off the Emerald Road. These first roads were the same emerald greed and materials of the original roads. (Later their colors were tempered to merely green.) These new roads were options to "change mystic trajectory" of The Road Spell. It did not work. However, they were expanded (and curves added) to just improve travel and expand the network.

Note: The Dragons, the magic orriented clan, would be interested in these worlds, but The Wolves have kept the unique magics of this string quiet. (We didn't lie about it, we just forgot to tell you). The Seven Spheres are about to become a new board full of pawns between these two clans.
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22- Dinosauroid Earth

The world is new, young. After the near apocalypse of the dinoasaurs millions of years ago, a new species descended from the dinosaurs- the Troodon have begun to settle across the hot jungle regions of this wild world.

Bipedal, blessed with stereoscopic sight and large brains the Troodons dwell in matriarchal tribes, with shaman divining the auguries of time, weather, life and death. Excellent hunters, the Troodon live off the mammalian megafauna that roam the planet.

A contant threat to the Troodons are the Primals, feral primates lacking social structures, language or culture. The Primals exist in an elemental state and are resilient enough to thrive in the regions of extreme cold that’s the Troodon shun.

Magic upon this world exists in concentrated deposits of crystals the Troodon call ancestor eggs. These crystals contain the accumulated knowledge of past generations and allow for the workings of great magics. There are numerous variations in color of the crystals each giving a different power in type and intensity.

There is also the curious workings of skygods who the Troodon believe, visit the planet in great shining cylinders, doing deeds of great good and incomprehensible evil.

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