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Hey all. I'm fairly new to DnD, and I have one of my friends who has been playing a long time and always seems to put together powerful characters. I was wondering if I could get some advise on making a high damage character. I was thinking some sort of mounted combatant, maybe the cavalier prestige class from Complete Warrior? I think it would be fun to play, and it looks powerful. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Its a level 20 game, with basically all books, though I really only have PHB, DMG and the completes.

Thanks for the help!


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IIRC, the paladin's special mount stacks with the cavalier- very useful so that your horse doesn't keep getting shot out from under you. You may need to dip into fighter to cover the feats.

Otherwise, just straight fighter is your best choice.


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The stock feat of brokenness for charging is Shock Trooper, a tactical feat in Complete Warrior. If you charge and use Power Attack for 5 or more, you can apply some or all of that penalty to your AC instead of your attack roll. That lets you power attack for your full BAB without having to worry so much about missing. You'd also want Spirited Charge, so when you use your lance you deal triple damage on the charge when mounted. Then get the weapon property Valorous (+1 equivalent) from Unapproachable East, which increases the multiplier again. Now you're dealing quadruple damage on the charge. Say you have a BAB of +20, convert that all to power attack (then apply the penalty to AC), wield the lance in both hands, and perform a mounted charge. Power attacking for 20 turns into +40 damage since you're using both hands. Multiply by 4 and that's +160 damage just from power attack. Add in all your other sources of damage and that'll be well over 200 damage. I'm sure if you twinked things out a little more you could kill a Balor in one round.


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Cool, where are the rules for flying mounts and diving? I've heard of that, but never managed to find anything solid on it. Probably just not looking in the right book.

Cool suggestions!

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There's lots of ways to approach the high-damage character, but very few mounted builds last long, since quite a few DM's seem to have a vendetta against horses.

If you can convince your GM to not kill your horse every time you go twenty feet, by all means, Mounted combatants can do obscene quantities of damage (I once figured that my mounted paladin could accomplish 135+ on a single solid hit, crit, with a lance, while charging, and smiting, and a couple of other things were in play.)

A mounted fighter is a highly mobile fighter. My personal advice is to invest as heavily in upgrading your mount as you do in upgrading yourself. That means barding, magical items, and prestieging for mounted builds. oh, and investing in appropriate healing abilities for your horse (you can uncork a horse's potion, but can you make him drink?)

Oh yeah, the rules for flying mounts are mostly in the DMG. I'd check the page, but i'm away from my books
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So, basically, Full Power Attack on a charge, for high damage, get buffs for the mount.

Okay, so a paladin's special mount gets good bonuses, so I get that and equipment to help make my mount better, then get a good lance.

Okay, I'm at school, but I'll look at that feat when I get home, sounds really good.

Any other feats/classes/ suggestions?
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