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Cenotaph: Will You Survive The Rapture?

Rafael Chandler

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We figured that the Rapture would suck like a cheerleader on prom night, and we were dead on.

The flyover states are a wasteland of ash, rubble, and telephone-pole crucifixions. Out in LA, jackal-faced nuns harvest sex organs from screaming scene kids. We got pissed-off ghosts haunting truck-stop urinals along I-95, and intelligent tick armies attacking rural towns in Virginia. Born-again serial killer congregations praise Jesus in New York, tentacled schoolchildren flay teachers in Seattle, and congressmen practice coprophilia in the District of Columbia (well, nothing new about that, actually).

The rest of the planet ain't doing any better.

In Tokyo, the subways are splattered with twenty different kinds of hemoglobin bukkake. Tapeworms develop personalities and make dinner choices for their Parisian hosts. Slippery bowel spaghetti-loop entrails spell out Bible verses across church parking lots in Berlin. Rotting zombie fetuses chew their way through Gothenburg abortion clinics. Hell, you get the idea.

Yeah, we got us a real bitch of a problem. But I have a sawed-off thoughtgun and a head full of hollow-point ammo, so I guess I'll be okay.

Project Cenotaph: A new roleplaying game from the mind of Rafael Chandler, scheduled for release in 2012. Visual direction and art by George Cotronis.

Information: cenotaph@rafaelchandler.com


Deserve's got nothing to do with it
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Very creepy, very cool. Glad to see you working on another game.


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I am very intrigued by the "thoughtgun and head full of bullets." Clearly, this is a key clue to the unique nature of the setting. The 1st two times I read it, I just saw "shotgun" and assumed "head full of bullets" was some weird game slang I wasn't catching.
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