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[Changeling the Dreaming] BNS has announced a new Changeling MET


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According to Facebook posts (that I don't know how to link to) By Night Studios just announced at a con that they will be coming out with a new Mind's Eye Theatre book.

First off, does anyone know of a verifiable, linkable source?

Second, do you think they'll be including setting info, new Arts, etc, from the Changeling 20th Anniversary book?

Third, OMG! Squeee!!!

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Stupidly excited for this, chances are I'll never get to play it, but I'll buy as many copies as it takes to have a chance.


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I was in attendance at the convention where it was announced and it is an actual thing.

I think White Wolf posted it on their FB page as well.

JN Childs is the lead developer and she has a strong vision for what the game needs to succeed in a LARP setting. We talked for several hours at the hotel bar/lounge and I think she is going to do a great job.



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So, it may be a bit late, but the Alpha Slice of the BNS Changeling rules is available now. Well, it's been available for weeks now, but I thought I'd offer my thoughts:

-There's no real setting guide as of yet, but based on the entries for the various Kiths, Dreaming's approach is "Winter is here, bitches." The winds of Banality blew through the world, hard, and everyone's recovering. The Shadow Court has started operating openly, discarding the cover of "that thing we let the really rowdy Unseelie do at Samhain." Some people blame the Shadow Court for ushering in Winter, and they may not be wrong. The understanding of Winter - especially among the Redcaps and Sluagh - seems to lean heavily on the fact that the grand, glorious monsters of old have been replaced by cold fears of poverty, hunger, terrorism, bigotry, and failure.* People are no longer driven to live or fight back, but to just barely survive.

-The traditional Seeming structure of Childling-Wilder-Grump has now been reconciled into a 5-dot Background, much like Generation in Masquerade and Rank in Apocalypse. The higher your Seeming, the higher your Attributes can go; however, your max Glamour pool is lower and you have more permanent Banality.

-The game is leaning into the idea of Kith variety. While the main Kiths from the core book are there - the Alpha Slice uses Boggans, Redcaps, Sidhe, Sluagh, and Trolls, but the rules and quotes make reference to Selkie and Ghille Dhus - there's mention of Regional Kith variants developing, like how the Sluagh have developed a Slenderman variant. The blurbs on the Kiths also make reference to equivalents from other folklores, so it appears that the rules are trying to find a sweet spot between the "primarily Euro, some African" layout of Dreaming and the "build from the root up" layout of Lost.

-Instead of Kiths getting Blessings and Frailties, each Kith has the ability to Call Upon the Wyrd and assume their fae seeming, getting a +2 bonus to three Skills and an additional Attribute Focus. Some of the Blessings do show up as Kith Merits, however (e.g., Redcaps get "Devour Anything" as a 1-point Merit). Kiths also get affinities in three Arts, much like how vampire Clans get three Discipline affinities.

-Realms are... interesting now. Instead of determining what you can affect, each Realm effectively allows a changeling to slip around a hard rule of how combat or Arts work. For instance, the Actor Realm allows a changeling to get around the rule that a standard combatant can only be affected by 2 Physical, 1 Mental, and 1 Social attack per combat action. New Realms have been introduced to aid with this, such as Condition, which allows you to apply an "until [X] happens" clause to your Art.

-The Arts are a bit of a mix. A lot of the old favorites, like Primal, Wayfare, Chicanery, Soothsay, and Sovereign, are in the slice; however, in other areas, it looks like the book is trying to split the difference between existing Arts, Kith specialties, and powers from other games. In addition to Primal doing what Primal does, like talking to or commanding elemental forces, it also applies the effects of Potence in Masquerade. Likewise, Wayfare still allows changelings to move in exceptional ways, but each rank also works like Celerity in Masquerade (e.g., the first rank allows you to hop large distances, but it also adds every rank of Wayfare you have to your initiative). New Arts have been crafted, like Inglenook, which affects health, hearth, and home; Dread, which is basically using fear as a weapon; and Oakenshield, which is "fae Fortitude." I'm sure other old favorites, like Legerdemain, will show up in later slices, and the ones that draw a bit from other powers in other games may get some adjustment. Still, I don't suppose it's a bad thing to have Wayfare takes notes from Celerity.

-Going by some of the Merits, it appears the system will be borrowing the Quest System from Apocalypse and using Prestige as its own form of Status.

-Like in the other games, Banality is accrued on a 1-5 system, with "Ennui" as the temporary trait. "Destroying a sentient creature" gets one 5 Ennui, which may be a problem for Knights.

*I personally think this would be an interesting focus for a Dreaming game, with nightmarish chimera that are desperate for Glamour by playing on these fears and spreading more Banality. Especially since I've been seeing a lot of people respond to IT by saying, "What's Pennywise going to do to me, show up looking like my student loans?"
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