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OOC Changeling: The Lost - The Witch's Promise


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Here's Violet!

Spoiler: Show
Violet Angelo
“Welcome to the Black Rose Club, gentlemen – I just know we’re going to be friends”
“Now, I know you didn’t mean to threaten me, but darling, you should make it clear to my friends before they get the wrong idea…”

Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering/Shadowsoul
Court: Spring
Virtue: Hope ("There is always a way to go forward.")
Vice: Lust ("Life is for enjoying, for loving and laughing, and no one will keep me from my fun.")
Wyrd: 3
Clarity: 5 (-10xp)
Willpower: 4
Glamour: 6/12

Size: 5
Defense: 2
Speed: 10
Initiative: 5
Health: 8
Perception: -1 die (due to Clarity 5)
Entitlement: Pearl Satrapy (?)

Attributes/Mental (30xp)
Intelligence 2 = 10xp (“I’m not the brightest, but I don’t need to be!”)
Wits 2 = 10xp (“I’m quick enough for what I need to do”)
Resolve 2 = 10xp (“Sometimes I think I should work on that, but it’d be effort.”)

Attributes/Physical (60xp)
Strength 2 = 10xp ("Heavy lifting? I have people for that!")
Dexterity 3 = 25xp ("Graceful, elegant, and smooth – that’s me.")
Stamina 3 = 25xp ("Work all day, play all night – it either wears you down or you learn to take it.")

Attributes/Social (80xp)
Presence 4 = 45xp ("It’s easy to be loved, when you know how.")
Manipulation 3 = 25xp ("People like making me happy; I like to let them.")
Composure 2 = 10xp ("I admire those that keep their cool, but that ain’t me")


Skills/Mental (6xp)
Academics 0 = 0xp
Computer 0 = 0xp
Crafts 0 = 0xp
Investigation 1 = 3xp ("Got to know how to spot a scam.")
Medicine 0 = 0xp
Occult 0 = 0xp
Politics 1 = 3xp ("It’s important to know who you need to know to get things done")
Science 0 = 0xp

Skills/Physical (27xp)
Athletics 1 = 3xp ("Sometimes, you need to run!")
Brawl 0 = 0xp
Drive 1 = 3xp (“These new cars are amazing!)
Firearms 2 = 9xp (“A girl’s got a right to defend herself.”)
Larceny 2 = 9xp (“They’ll never miss it.”)
Stealth 1 (In Darkness +1) = 3xp ("Running, hiding – they ain’t dignified, but their better than getting caught!”)
Survival 0 = 0xp
Weaponry 0 = 0xp

Skills/Social (63xp)
Animal Ken 0 = 0xp
Empathy 1 = 3xp (“People are easy to know”)
Expression 3 (Singing +1) = 18xp ("Everyone loves good music.")
Intimidation 1 (Subtle Threats +1) = 3xp (“Sometimes you’ve just got to let someone know who’s in charge.”)
Persuasion 3 = 18xp ("People are easy – a little smile, the right look...")
Socialize 2 (Making an Entrance +1)= 9xp ("Talking to people is fun!")
Streetwise 1 = 3xp ("Things have changed since I knew the streets")
Subterfuge 2 = 9xp (“A little white lie never hurt anyone”)


Wyrd + Merits (80xp)
Wyrd 3 = 40xp
Allies 3 (Criminal) = 6xp
Contacts 1 (Nightlife) = 1xp
Barfly 1 = 2xp
Fame 1 = 2xp ("Hardly anyone knows me these days. That’ll have to change!")
Mantle Spring 1 -> 3 = 10xp [The first dot of Mantle is free.]
New Identity 1 = 2xp ("Violet suits me better, now.")
Resources 1 = 3xp ("I don’t need much, I have friends to look after me.")
Striking Looks 1 = 6xp ("Being pretty is easy. Beautiful takes some work.")
Token: Hedgespun Wardrobe 3 = 12xp ("A new dress every night!")
Dual Kith = 6xp (Shadowsoul)
Clarity 5 = -10xp

Vainglory 3 = 24xp [Wyrd+Intimidation–Resolve, Presence+Expression, Presence+Wyrd = 7, 7, 7 dice]
Fleeting Spring 2 = 12xp [Wyrd + Wits, Man+Persuation+Mantle= 5, 9 dice]


The Motley Pledge (+ Striking Looks, +1 Subterfuge)


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Here's Gigi!

Spoiler: Show

"I know all the best graveyards."
"When you've killed enough people, you either tell yourself they're all bad or you are. I know which one's easier for me."

Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Corpsegrinder/Gristlegrinder (Ghoul Girl)
Court: Summer ("Why wouldn't you fight back? After all we've been through?")
Court Position: Crimson Knight ("Heh. Look at me now.")
Virtue: Fortitude ("You do what you have to do.")
Vice: Pride ("Wait, what? You think Pride's a *vice*? Seriously?")
Wyrd: 3 ("This world we're in, it's not so different from Theirs.")
Clarity: 5 (-10xp) ("I've done things.")
Willpower: 4 ("Mm. I should probably work on that.")
Glamour: 6/12 ("You know, I could use a bite to eat.")

Size: 5
Defense: 2
Speed: 11
Initiative: 4
Health: 8
Armor: 1 (due to Summer Mantle 3)
Perception: -1 die (due to Clarity 5)
Entitlement: TBD, or the Sacred Band of the Golden Standard

Attributes/Mental (30xp)
Intelligence 2 = 10xp ("I try not to think about things.")
Wits 2 = 10xp ("I'm sharp enough.")
Resolve 2 = 10xp ("Who do you have to kill to get a drink around here?")

Attributes/Physical (80xp)
Strength 4 = 45xp ("Sugar and spice, and Might makes Right. That's what this little girl's made of.")
Dexterity 2 = 10xp ("Quick enough is good enough.")
Stamina 3 = 25xp ("You can take more than you think.")

Attributes/Social (45xp)
Presence 3 = 25xp ("It's all about making the right impression.")
Manipulation 2 = 10xp ("I know my way around.")
Composure 2 = 10xp ("I always had a temper. Now... Heh.")


Skills/Mental (12xp)
Academics 0 = 0xp
Computer 0 = 0xp
Crafts 0 = 0xp
Investigation 1 = 3xp ("When you poke your nose in the right place, you can learn all kinds of things...")
Medicine 0 = 0xp ("Still poking. Still learning.")
Occult 0 = 0xp
Politics 2 = 9xp ("Trust me, these are the fights that count.")
Science 0 = 0xp

Skills/Physical (63xp)
Athletics 4 = 30xp / spec: Showing off ("Ta-daa!")
Brawl 4 = 30xp / spec: Grapple ("Oh, I'm sorry. Were you using your liver?")
Drive 0 = 0xp
Firearms 0 = 0xp
Larceny 0 = 0xp
Stealth 1 = 3xp ("Okay, sometimes it's not the best idea to scream and leap. ... Sometimes.")
Survival 0 = 0xp
Weaponry 0 = 0xp

Skills/Social (42xp)
Animal Ken 0 = 0xp
Empathy 0 = 0xp
Expression 2 = 9xp / spec: Fashion ("Don't I look good in this?")
Intimidation 3 = 18xp ("No. Really. Don't I look good in this?")
Persuasion 1 = 3xp ("You can tell me how cool I am. I don't mind.")
Socialize 2 = 9xp ("Never let 'em tell you you don't belong.")
Streetwise 1 = 3xp ("Once you take down the first one, the others start to listen.")
Subterfuge 0 = 0xp, and Motley pledge improves it to 1 ("Subtle? If we have to.")


Wyrd + Merits (71xp)
Wyrd 3 = 40xp
Contacts 1 (Criminal) = 2xp
Dual Kith: Corpsegrinder/Gristlegrinder = 6xp ("Mm, vampires. Tas-ty!")
--- [Corpsegrinder: +1 bonus to attack vs. foe w/ <=1/2 Health; also, +1 attack die vs. undead]
--- [Gristlegrinder: If she successfully grapples a foe, she can make a bite attack for +2 Lethal damage. Lethal Mien (below) increases this to +3.]
Fame 1 = 2xp ("If you don't anything worth talking about, people won't talk about you.")
Hedge Gate Sense = 2xp ("Sometimes it's good to get outta trouble. And sometimes it's good to get into it.")
Lethal Mien = 6xp [Can do Lethal damage w/ Brawl. Increases Gristlegrinder bite attack to +3 Lethal.]
Mantle Summer 1 -> 3 = 10xp [The first dot of Mantle is free.]
New Identity 1 = 2xp (" 'Gianna Fairfax'. Cute. It'll do.")
Resources 1 = 2xp ("Hey, we all have to earn a living.")
Striking Looks 1 = 6xp, and Motley pledge improves it to Striking Looks 2 ("Looking good is half the battle.")
Token: Hedgespun Raiment 1 = 2xp ("Did I mention the thing about 'looking good'?")
Clarity 5 = -10xp

Contracts (Five contracts are free; 4xp for the sixth)
Forge 1 = 4xp [Wyrd + Expression = 5 dice]
Oath/Punish 1 = 4xp [Wyrd + Athletics = 7 dice]
Stone 4 = 24xp [Wyrd + Str, Str, Athletics, Stam = 7, 7, 7, 6 dice]


1) Motley pledge
-- Greater Alliance (-3)
-- Lesser Adroitness (1): +1 to Subterfuge
-- Medial Blessing (2): Gain +1 to Striking Looks


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"There's nothing to worry about, it will all be fine."
Sigh. "I guess there's no other choice..."

Seeming: Beast
Kith: Coyote/Runnerswift
Court: Spring (Live however you want. Just be sure you live.")
Virtue: Hope ("Luck is going to turn around soon.")
Vice: Greed ("Money may not buy happiness, but being poor buys nothing.")
Wyrd: 1
Clarity: 5 (-10XP)
Willpower: 5
Glamour: 5/10

Speed: 12
Initiative: 7
Health: 6


Strength: 2 ("Leave the heavy lifting to the laborers.")
Dexterity: 3 ("Clumsy people fail at everything.")
Stamina: 1 (Dismissive wave)


Presence: 1 ("In my experience, standing out too much is worse than being ignored.")
Manipulation: 4 ("The right words can solve any situation.")
Composure: 3 ("Never give away anything.")


Intelligence: 2 ("When plans fail...")
Wits: 4 ("..quick wits prevail.")
Resolve: 2 ("Just...one more.Then I'll stop.")


Academics: 2 ("A little knowledge can make all the difference.")
Investigation: 3 ("Keep your eyes open. You'll see more than you think.")
Occult: 1 ("I'm no expert, but have you looked around?")


Athletics: 3 (Running +1) ("You want to play the hero? Be my guest.")
Larceny: 3 (Pickpocketing +1) ("Acquisition, by any other name...")
Stealth: 3 (Crowds +1) ("Escape is good. Escape and misdirection is better.")
Survival: 1 ("It just may save your life.")
Weaponry: 2 (Swords +1) ("If it can't be charmed, be armed.")


Empathy: 2 ("Be all things to all people.")
Intimidation: 2 ("I tried being reasonable...")
Persuasion: 3 ("You look spectacular. Absolutely breathtaking.")
Socialize: 1 ("A few words and a little alcohol can move anyone.")
Streetwise: 2 ("The rules are different here. Learn them, fast.")
Subterfuge: 3 (Lying +1) ("It can make things so much easier.")

Fleeting Spring 2
Trading Luck for Fate (Goblin)
Separation 2


Mantle (Spring): 3 (free)
Dual Kith
Danger Sense ("What was that?")
Fast Reflexes: 1 ("Think fast, act fast.")
Allies: 2 (Criminals) ("I might know someone...")
Contacts: 1 (Underworld) ("..who knows someone.")
Language: 1 (English)

The Motley Pledge (+ Striking Looks, +1 Subterfuge)

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Loki Dodges-Their-Claws

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I had put my character together over PM with HardKore Keltoid and it literally took me three attempts and several weeks to get it right. Background info later - at the moment, he was a cabbie who took the wrong fare, and changed hands between Keepers - which twisted his mien between Kiths - before finally making his escape.

NAME - Forrest


CONCEPT - Gentry Hound gone rogue
SEEMING - Woodblood
KITH - Briar Wolf
COURT - Autumn
VIRTUE - Fortitude
VICE - Lust

INT - 2 STR - 3 PRE - 2
WIT - 3 DEX - 3 MAN - 2
RES - 3 STA - 3 COM - 2

Crafts 2, Investigation 2, Occult 1

Athletics 2 (Long Running), Brawl 3 (Fang and Claw), Drive 2, Larceny 1, Stealth 2, Survival 1 (Hedge)

Animal Ken 1 (Canine), Intimidation 2, Socialize 1, Streetwise 2 (Area Knowledge)

Darkness 2
Fang and Talon (Canine) 4
Fleeting Autumn 1
Wild 2

Dual Kith (Woodblood/Hunterheart)
Fleet of Foot 2
Hedgespun Raiment 1
Mantle 1 (Autumn)
New ID 2

Tooth and Claw - Brawl damage is lethal
Fade Into the Foliage
1/day, add Wyrd rating to Health

Doesn't get 10 again on dice pools involving Manipulation Attribute or the Skills Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Socialize

WYRD - 3


SIZE - 5





SPEED - 13 (26)

ARMOR - 1 (leather jacket as reinforced clothing)

Since Forrest was in the process of becoming a briarwolf, I pictured him looking much like del Toro's Wolf Man, only with pine/spruce/whatever needles for fur, most likely mixed in with leaves from the Thorns. In his Autumn Mantle, the leaves will be turning color and the 'fur' will be at its darkest green. Claws and fangs are thick, reddish thorns, and any visible skin looks a lot like wood.

I would've preferred a black and white photo, but here's the Wolf Man in question, just needs a slightly longer muzzle and the appropriate verdant coloration. ;)

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Alright, that's more than enough generosity. If Pureluck doesn't show in one week (next Thursday) we'll shove off without him. He's free to join later, but there will be an XP gap if it takes terribly long.

In the meantime, sound off., so I know who hasn't wandered off to look at shiny things.

Oh and also we have a briarwolf in the motley, have fun with that!
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