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Trade/Sell Changing directions sell/trade... lots of stuff


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An idea, cool or crazy, as this is relative in imagined and chaotic ways:

Trade Have:
Fading Suns: (set for $108)
-weird places
-byzantium secundus
-player's companion
-forbidden lore: technology
-heretics & outsiders
-lost worlds
-war in the heavens: hegemony
-war in the heavens: lifeweb
-children of the gods: obun & ukar
-lords of the known worlds
-lords & priests
-sinners & saints
-merchants of the jumpweb
-priests of the celestial sun
-the dark between the stars
-complete pandemonium/screen
-hazat fiefs
-al malik fiefs
-hawkwood fiefs

In exchange for??

7th Sea collection : first edition, anything at all... of equal quantity and relevance... anyone?
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