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Character creation and analysis paralysis (Exalted) part 2.


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Continuing from last time, I'm looking at a couple of Supernal paths I might take for the character. I figure the most obvious are Survival, Presence and War. The main reason for Survival would, as I mentioned, be to make my pet elephant more durable (Exalted is the sort of game where being a six-ton creature that people invented giant guns to kill IRL means that a starting character might break a mild sweat killing you.) But the idea of being a master of the wilderness, leading my forces through thick jungle, etc., is nice. War and Presence would also make me a great leader, which I'd like. No point in riding Delenda into battle if nobody wants to come with you.

But which is best? Can I get by with Essence 1 Charms and say "close enough"? I had to compare my options

Since I don't love the way the book lists Charms, I wanted another format. I find that cascades (here's an example) also hard to take in. If you zoom in enough to see the brief description, you can't see enough of the tree around it IME.

So I did the nerdiest thing possible: created a spreadsheet. :D I've roughly divided Presence and Survival into subcategories for my convenience -- but not War, for a reason I'll get to in a minute. (I thought about doing some more formatting, but it's passable for viewing and more than good enough for my purposes.)

The reason I didn't bothering categorizing War is that there's a good number of Essence 1 Charms that would fit my concept well. The higher ones are nice, but I could live with, say, League of Iron Preparation or Rout Stemming Gesture to represent how he inspires his troops to bravery.

With Presence, I feel I'd need to do some more squinting with the Essence 1 Charms to feel like a real commanding, er, presence. Terrifying Apparition of Glory and Authority Radiating Stance would be closer.

But I can't do anything I want with starting Survival Charms. There are only three, and none of them deal with familiars. Also, I assume I can use Traceless Passage with an elephant, and I love the image of nobody being able to follow her tracks.

So Survival is it. Maybe I'll take some other social-based Abilitys as favorited charms to boost his ability to inspire/frighten people.
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