Cheap trees and the like for battleboards

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So, i'm messing around with WorldworksGames' 3D terrain, and it's pretty nice stuff. I'm looking for trees and bushes and the like, ideally in .pdf form so i can print a million of the leafy bastards. The Legend of Skull Cove has some trees, but they're palm trees. Anyone have any suggestions?


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I would suggest this:

Go to your local model train shop, and buy a big bag o' lichen. $5-10

Get some elmer's glue $0.99

Cut some twigs from trees and shrubs in your garden or yard. (free)

Stick lichen to twigs

Use some modeling clay for bases. $1-2.00

for under 20 bucks you'll have a forest that looks awesome, and is reusable time after time.


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Actually go to a Hobby Lobby and look in the doll section and they will have trees that will work for next to nothing. But if you want to pay a little bit more and have numerous different trees look in the train section of a hobby shop and they will have so many different type of trees it will make your head spin.
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