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Raven Irinka, the Illusion of Time
Fist Shaking XP

From within the dreamscape, Raven claps his hands at Seizhi and smiles.

"Wonderful! Wonderful! That's a strike! You know I think you've got a destiny in sports Mr Schwan, which is more than I can say for young Dulcinea..."

The dream shifts as Pile's influence recedes into the vicinity of the tree. We move to the waking world, back to the roof of Yggdrasil Court. There's a thudding noise from down below and Raven emerges. he's sweating and breathing heavily. This isn't actually an act (he's not much more physically fit than Dulcinea and running up several flights of stairs immediately after waking up takes it out of him) but he is also somewhat unconvincingly playing it up.

"Huff... huff... Good, that should take care of Pile for a while. We should probably pursue miss D'Avignon and make sure she doesn't hurt herself, Nightmare-Beetle riding is notoriously unsafe... huff... huff... um, but first you should probably take a moment to satisfy yourselves that Seizhi is unharmed."


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For a moment Dulcinea sobers up.

"The Headmaster of the Bleak Academy"

Then she throws another smoke bomb on the ground between them.

Dracon & Maybe Shokyou

Esoterica and a few of what Dracon might consider her top advisors and sages start squeaking at each other in tones he can't really hear.

The Rats of the False Stars Outpost are not blind to the events of Old Molder, exactly. A Celdinar in Old Molder would no doubt start a stirring of unease: rumors of a returning vampire aristocracy and the return of Night London. Those things may come to pass, and they would have helped him.

Still, this device could be the key to staying ahead of Hedge the Fang, King Death, and those of their ilk: Mysteries who could operate on the scale of all of Fortitude, Mysteries who could touch an entire history, so on and so forth.

When all is said and done Esoterica looks to him.

"We could not say no to that, Mr. Celdinar."


In Seizhi's dream, he hears someone pulling up in a car. Should he look for it, the car has already transformed to fit the paradigm of the dream: a carriage drawn by a horse of a different color. Still, it retains something of its own aesthetic: it's silver and black and spiked up in places. Someone peers out of the carriage, looks directly at Seizhi a moment, sees it's just him and the dream figures, and sighs. The carriage then speeds away, turning back into a car, a Mercedes actually, as it leaves.

Yggdrasil Court

Seizhi is safe, if asleep.

Dulcinea is gone; the Wishing Tree has an impromptu member; a purple-pink butterfly alights on one of its branches.

Reuben has stepped out, most of his business here concluded. Some of Old Molder Council night owls will gather together and talk about things. He'll try to reassure some of them about the Yggdrasil Court at least. Dracon is still up in the air.

Old Molder

Everyone else is calling it a day. Dennis's gang must sleep soon; the radio program falls silent. Even Sayaka has finished her rounds.

The Rats of the False Stars Outpost begin to rest in shifts while a small engineering corps begins to recalibrate the Orrery for the next prediction. Esoterica Fujimoto begins to write a note. Her alliance with Dracon Celdinar must be recorded and preparations made. Alliances have a tendency to make personal problems bleed into each other. There may be a Mystery in Dracon's future.

Dulcinea is back in her workshop. Shokyou has someone now who could direct her to the Wishing House now. All she needs to do is wait.

The Cursed Orrery goes back to sleep for now. It is not the first or last of its ilk.

The Garden sleeps.

End of Book 1, Chapter 2


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Book 1, Chapter 3: It's Who You Know

Theresa's Tower looms in the distance, and for a change, storm clouds do not gather around it. Which makes the current power shortages afflicting the Yggdrasil Court area and surrounding districts all the more curious. Sunny cannot make heads or tails of it; the comatose Unorthodoxy hasn't stirred.

Yggdrasil Court is currently dealing without power. Unfortunate. Pile is spending some time there after the incident between Dulcinea and Seizhi, partly as a guide should Shokyou ever take Dulcinea up on visiting her, partly to see how Pile reintegrates with the other wish spirits.

The Old Molder Horticulturalist Society has gathered this afternoon, one of several gardening groups that litter Old Molder. Two of the older attendees would strike one as the group's big shots: Marigold March and Aquilina Yatskaya, another Regional Councilor. Ever the show offs, they've each brought something unworldly.

The lake beneath the Garden waits. Rumors state that the lizards, ever looking for new niches to fill, have started to fill in some piscine roles. Dracon might remember one such specimen down at Rueben's Refrigeration and Miscellaneous Service.

It's come to Raven's attention that someone, perhaps more than one, has been mucking about in his Time Tower and its metaphysics. Who knows what else has been affected.

Seizhi...Well, Seizhi has a new problem to deal with.


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"Oh, thank God, you're coming to."

Seizhi finds himself on a strange make-shift bed, and not at all in his own room. He can probably tell by the way that there's no BOB occupying the current room. Instead he's face-to-face with some red-headed boy in goggles whose hair kind of swoops rightward. He chuckles slightly, almost embarrassed.

Spoiler: Show
Dexterous Hand of Sirida Science
Rionet Sirida​
Rionet's not in science or business attire. Instead it's just jeans and a shirt with "Sirida Science" in red text on the front and a strange gadget hastily drawn as a logo. The back of his shirt, which Seizhi would not be able to read yet, says "To Be Sovereign Over All Science!"

"So, cool, don't get mad," he continues, "Total accident, we were trying to get the BOBBY the vampire man had left with you, but I mean you've got an anti-Bleak sun maiden shacking up there. I guess we went too fast and nabbed you by mistake."

"I guess, welcome to the workshop."
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Shokyou, the Wish Gardener
Facepalm XP; Will 8/8; MP 6+1=7/5; Basic 3/9, Bindings 1 5+2=7/15, Side 7/15;
Trust 1 [You are not alone.]; Complex 1 [Sometimes you get a little bit too excited, distracted, or weird.]

Shokyou joins the meeting of the Old Molder Horticulturalist Society already in progress.

She tries her best to be unobtrusive, sidling in and taking a seat much closer to the front of the assembly than would be advisable for one attempting to slide in unnoticed. An additional hurdle to stealth is the face that she is carrying, on her back, a hiking pack in which she has somehow stowed an entire juvenile palm tree. She is wearing a floral sundress and her formal gardening gloves and her usual straw hat. Pile sits on top of her hat, like a little puff ball.

"Hi!" she whispers to the woman sitting next to her as she finally takes her seat.


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Jade Irinka, the Angel of the Houses of the Sun
Gratitude Hands; Will 8/8; MP 5/5
Mystery 1 (What's up with the time travel?), Something to Deal With 1 (Don't think about the whole death thing)

Jade didn't have time for civics meetings. There was a whole new era and a whole new Town to get used to. There was a giant electrical tower looming over everything and people had mumbled something about an electrified man. Besides, going to the meeting would probably just lead to awkward questions...

Instead the garden below Old Molder found an angel sifting through rubble, junk and just looking around trying to get a feel for the place. Hopefully she might find some of the strange, mysterious creatures supposed to live down here. Who knew what awesome things hadn't already been discovered?* Even if not, the place was pretty in a surprisingly wild way and if she got bored, she could always go see what the rest of Town was like.

Her movement gradually took her towards the biggest, most visible landmark - Theresa's Tower. Whatever it was for, if anything, it was a pretty cool vista and navigational aid. If she flew to the top, she could probably get a good look at not just Old Molder, but all of Town. She just needed to have a look at that factory over there first...

*Probably not a lot. The whole place was really small, so there shouldn't be a lot left. But a girl could hope. Especially when the alternative was dwelling on more uncomfortable topics.


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Forneus, the Guardian
Putting My Faith In You XP

Forneus strolls through the undergrowth towards the base of Theresa’s Tower. He’s never seen the bottom few floors, much less been there, but the tower might hold the answer to the sudden power outages. Since Yggdrasil Court is affected, it’s no less than his duty to look into the matter!

He pauses and takes in the scenery for a moment. Clear blue sky, a cool breeze on his skin, towering structures of iron and stone. These things still feel rather new to him. He’s still getting used to having electricity, even. Being in Old Molder is a far cry from rustic, unchanging Fortitude, not to mention life beneath the sea. Here, things are always changing and innovating, even the wildlife. This place with its flying lizards and mysterious towers has captured his heart, and he wants to understand it better.

An air of focus begins to coalesce around Forneus as he adjusts his hat and gets moving. He’s close now. Sunny had no idea what he might find, so best to keep an eye out for hints of danger or unusual activity.

Spoiler: Show
I’ll grab a Quest Flavor XP for spending time in Old Molder thinking about how it’s unusual to me.

As far as actions go, I’d like to Set the Mood and get my focus on! Also, I’m using Watchful 2+1 Will to keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious or out of place.


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Dracon Celdinar, the Vampire Industrialist
Speechless XP

Dracon rises slowly, moves to check the time, and discovers that his clock is blank.

"What?" he says blearily. He rises from his coffin (in a properly vampiric "lying-down-to-standing-up" way, not in some boring mortal stretching and standing way) and looks around the dark expanse of his office. For a moment, he can't remember where he is. Then it comes to him - he was working on parts for the rats, and missed sunrise. So he took a short nap, planning to rise shortly after noon.

It is not shortly after noon, and the factory is suspiciously still. "Miss Akniri?" he calls. "Are you here?" But of course, it is afternoon. She should be sleeping.

He really should get a daytime receptionist.

Grumbling to himself, Dracon walks to the window, and carefully cracks it open. It is properly overcast outside, but there's nothing to explain why his factory is so still and quiet. "What the devil is going on?"

Spoiler: Show
If Jade wants to stop by Dracon's factory, we can investigate the power situation together, or we can meet over there! Either one might be a good chapter.

For now, claiming 1 XP for working too late and sleeping at the factory.


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The woman next to Shokyou has the Rider's Eyes, and they are staring intently at the cotton spirit on top of her. Her face is a bit hard to read: maybe a mix of disdain and calculation, like she's absolutely sure Pile is going to ruin her day and she's trying to figure out how.

She's an older woman wearing a plain yellow sundress and a wide-brimmed hat. She appears calloused but shiny and unblemished; it's like she's been cut out of a diamond.

It takes her a moment to realize that Shokyou has greeted her.

"Ah, hello," she says, in acknowledgement, "Marigold March, I'm technically co-host for today's meeting."

She points to Pile, "Is this what you're showing off? I don't see a lot of presentations for cash crop type plants. It's a nice change of pace."

Pile puffs up in indignation, but says nothing.


The first thing Forneus sees is a child's face poking out of the underbrush, and then something like an acorn or nut whisks by him.

There's a young man sitting on a bench in overalls. Dennis, no doubt.

"That's about as far as you go, stranger. Past this point is my territory."

"Unless you can tell me what you're doing here to my satisfaction, anyway."


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Shokyou, the Wish Gardener
Facepalm XP; Will 8/8; MP 6+1=7/5; Basic 3/9, Bindings 1 5+2=7/15, Side 7/15;
Trust 1 [You are not alone.]; Complex 1 [Sometimes you get a little bit too excited, distracted, or weird.]

Shokyou makes a strange face as she tries, and obviously fails, to look at the top of her own head through the brim of an oversized hat. "Oh, you mean Pile?" she asks, "Heh, oh no, no, no. He's just a little dude I'm... erm... wishsitting. For a friend." She feels like this a lame statement for some reason, but does not push it. "Pile isn't even vegetable... er... well, I don't think he is."

"Anyways, no, this is what I brought." She flourishes at the four foot tall tree right beside her -- which the woman can't possibly have missed, "It was a bear to get a palm to grow properly in the local microclime, I tell you. Properly pH balanced soil fertilized with kaiju-bonemeal was the key." She leans in close, as if sharing a juicy bit of gossip, "It's the sea they need."

Shokyou tries to unobtrusively look over the Rider woman's accouterments. "What did you bring?"

Spoiler: Show
Claiming an XP for the Group Quest - Shoot the breeze about gardening topics.

Starting an Intention of to befriend this cold, glass Rider-lady! Kindness 2 + 2 Will = Level 4.
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