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IC [Chuubo]Dig Deep, Build High


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Seizhi Schwan, The Wished Up Friend
Thumbs Up XP; 5/5 MP; 7/8 Will;

"The robot!" Seizhi repeats as he gawks at the pile of scrap that... just asked him for help. Oh no! He runs over and just stands there for a few long moments, staring down at the junk bot and thinking about... that's a person who needs help but also that's a robot, a real robot.

Maybe... maybe he can help.

With a bit of effort, he pulls the broken robot to its feet, thinking about... well he has no idea what to do, but, uh, experimentation is key to being a real mad scientist, right?

This is his chance!


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Forneus, the Guardian
Putting My Faith In You XP

Forneus takes a deep breath.


A robot dragon tore holes in his apartment and turned back into his neighbor BOB, who is lying half-conscious on the roof. One of his new tenants, a time traveler, is also unconscious after a theatrical dive towards a sleep-inducing wish spirit. His other new tenant, the former sun, was just informed of her own death, and now the son of her rival is deep in denial that it's really her.

For most people, "oh dear" wouldn't quite cover it.

Most people.

Forneus is made of sterner stuff, and it's his duty as the caretaker of Yggdrasil Court to get things in order.

He puts his hat back on and raises his voice. "Listen, everyone!"

Once he has the attention of those conscious, he continues at a normal volume. "Clearly, we have all had a busy and confusing day. I know that no one is quite sure what is happening, but we are not going to get anywhere by arguing over each other. Now, let us all go inside and clear things up over a spot of tea."


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Raven Irinka (the elder), the Illusion of Time
Fist Shaking XP

“I’ve come here to learn.” Raven replies, holding out a hand to the nega-Pile. “I’m Raven Irinka by the way. There aren’t many places left that I haven’t either already been to or heard everything there is to know about them, but dreams and nightmares are sort of a grey area. They’re places where things happen so theoretically my Tower connects to them as much as anywhere else, but they’re also places of things that might-have-been or never-actually-happened or in some cases just-plain-made-up so the architecture gets all muddled up and it feels like you have to cheat to get anywhere.” Raven nods sagely, as if nega-Pile is supposed to understand any of this. He seems caught up in his own daydreams. “Still, dreams are one of the few places at the limits of causality. If there is anywhere that cheats the Tower it’s here. But I’m babbling.” He smiles apologetically and bows, looking the nega-Pile in the eyes once more.

“So anyway, you look like… interesting. Did Dulcinea create you? Perhaps not… she took something away from Pile, but you’re here so even in taking away she creates. Fascinating young woman Dulcinea, but I don’t really get to take the time to admire her handiwork often. So you’re an anti-Pile nightmare. Doesn’t that get a bit confusing, being a dream all about not getting to sleep?

Spoiler: Show
Sorry about the delay there. Seems like every time I start to write something I get sidetracked by something else. Anyway, I don't really need to do anything more as Raven this Chapter so anything you do want to do in the Nightmare realm is just killing time. If things continue to happen both in the Nightmare Realm and Ygdrassil Court then Raven will eventually use Superior Dreamer to wake himself up to rejoin Jade and Forneus and then continue his adventures down here some other time with Spirit Walking.

Edit: Also, one XP for Raven's anytime quest as he's musing about breaking causality while admiring the changeable landscape of dream.
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Raven Irinka (Older)

"One can sleep without rest or comfort, anyway, nothing paradoxical about me."

"Pine," the needle wool says as it continues chewing, likely an indication of a name. The wool nightmare begins to futz with the bramble patch, "I'm a deep-seated anxiety given form, so I'm sure I was here before Dulcinea. Most boogins are, Dulcinea just broke the bridge and maybe liquified some of us out for reagents."

Pine struggles to make the patch into a coherent shape, but it manages to form a wall of sorts.

"Anyway, I'd rather you ditch out soon, before you attract your own nightmares. I've got awhile before the other boogins reform or move in, so I'm securing my spot as King Brambles before they do."

Yggdrasil Court

The call for tea calms most down, and order is restored. With all the noise and violence gone, the Utility Men go their separate ways, save Grigori and Sayaka.

From the Courtiers they receive confirmation of Jade Irinka's claim. Grigori fidgets, but Sayaka bows. They also go their separate ways.

A number of Wish Spirits return to the Wishing Tree and talk amongs themselves while others sleep.

In General

The sun is setting, but the day is not yet over.

News of the fight at Yggdrasil Court and the sun maiden begins to spread among the Utility Men and the neighbors, along with news of Dracon and Mourning's arrival into Old Molder. Nothing has left Old Molder into the other parts of Town, but it's only a matter of time.

Reuben closes shop, but he never sleeps. He walks the bridges and plies around for more information. The news makes him uneasy. He sees a figure at the Stair and frowns. Who is this new interloper?

Mourning has stitched together a straw familiar to help sweep shop and clean the place. It will take some time to find people and get things together, but one step at a time. Persistence can wear down even eternity, she was told once.

Myconoid-1 relents and points young Raven to an infected cell phone that he can use to communicate with the central computer. Maybe together they can find what is wrong. Myconoid is merely a machine after all.

Dulcinea returns to her atelier in route to the hidden lair at the Roots of the World. Everything must be ready.

A gaggle of children gather into the office at the base of Theresa's Tower, poking around with the equipment and setting up a few things for themselves. A young man, Dennis, supervises their efforts.

The Garden, the undergrowth beneath Old Molder, continues. Night is coming, people will sleep, but the forest does not. New animals wake up and take their place in the cycle of Old Molder. Ruins still wait to be explored and picked through. And things that aren't quite still or life, lurk, wait, or act.

The day is not yet over.

End of Chapter 1


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Book 1, Chapter 2: After Dark

Dennis's gang of kids have been hosting impromptu radio programs from the shadow of Theresa's Tower. A girl sits at a microphone as Dennis and a few kids get the tower to transmit through its own stormclouds.

The girl calls herself the Radio God. She's got this neutral, calm tone that she does real well, even when she's anything but.

The radio is on in the Yggdrasil Courthouse, and anyone inside can hear about the fight at Yggdrasil Court. News and rumors travel pretty fast, it seems.

The few vampires that currently work in Old Molder stir or flit about as the sun recedes. Mourning contents herself with getting the factory ready for now. Sayaka builds and fixes bridges in the cover of night. She's lost the hat now that the sun is no longer there to impede her work. Reuben decides that visiting Yggdrasil Court is in order.

A young (relatively?) vampire woman steps into the old Celdinar factory. Anyone familiar with them would recognize her as Illyana Celdinar.

Dulcinea is in a special cave beneath her home, dug out by a beetle-like wishing spirit. She's putting reagents together, checking figures, and working out her glyphs for the next stages of her project.

In Babel's Tower, Myconoid-1 continues to probe into matters of the future among its many other duties. The younger Raven plans to find the World's End, so preparations must be made. Continuity suggests that Raven won't actually die, but that doesn't mean one should be so careless.

The Garden is still awake: growing, eating, reproducing, again, and again. Strewn throughout is the wreckage of an earlier version of Old Molder, plenty still worht salvaging. Plenty still worth finding.

The night begins.


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Shokyou, the Wish Gardener
Facepalm XP; Will 8-4=4/8; MP 5+1=6/5; Basic 2/9, Bindings 1 3+2=5/15, Side 0/18;
Trust 1 [You are not alone.]

Shokyou descends.

With Seizhi busy doing boring robot stuff and Dulcinea still having not sent someone to come pick her up to hang out, the Wish Gardener has brought herself down to the overgrown forest floor. On her head, she wears a jungle helmet and in her good right hand she carries a flashlight, with which she scans the undergrowth, and in her left she holds a long-handled net.

It is generally not a good time for a lone young woman to wander, alone, in the deep dark jungles which have swallowed Old Molder. But night is, she has discovered (at her local library), the time when her quarry is easiest to catch.

Yes. Her prey. The crown jewel of any butterfly garden. Old Molder's very own Amaranth Arrowhead.

“Alright, Shokyou, let's do this.”

She then, immediately, proceeded to become hopelessly lost.

Spoiler: Show

Okay. Adding my 2 Chapter xp to my Bindings 1 Quest. Adding 1MP from Trust 1 (My Oblivious Affliction is now level 1). Clearing my Surface Wound with Immortality.

Now, with that book-keeping out of the way: Creating an Intention 5 (4 Will + Getting Lost 1) to Cindy the butterfly by getting lost in the wilds of Old Molder. My action is productive and effective! Which probably means I end up somewhere cool.


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Seizhi Schwan, The Wished Up Friend
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Boring robot stuff? Excuse me, Shokyou? Seizhi will have you know that this is very interesting robot stuff! So interesting that he has absolutely no idea what he's doing!

... Oh, by Irinka's death he has no idea what he's doing. Though, uh, that's a bit of an awkward swear to make when the real time travelled Jade Irinka is somewhere in the vicinity. Does this mean that... maybe she doesn't have to die? That's a cosmologically worrying thought.

So, now he's in a room that both serves as Seizhi's room and a ramshackle proto workshop. The thing is that people don't usually sleep in the same place that they work, but Seizhi is also trying very hard to make people aware that yes he is a real human bean who has had a life before coming here. The walls are plastered in posters of random stuff that are hobbies he is definitely into, like an old Coriander and the Hasps band poster or an expensive Arcadian video game that he has no way to afford, though there is also a wanted poster for a criminal that he must have grabbed off some random wall in Horizon and... are those prices for fresh fish from the docks of Fortitude?

Yes. Real. Human. Being.

Seizhi has found several tools that have possibly been donated to him by some pitying Utility Man or other. He has laid BoB on his bed, and is nervously looking at what appears to be an open manual for the Tandy 1000. With a wrench in one hand and... a wrench in the other hand, he prepares himself for the disaster he is going to cause.

"Uh," he says. "Anything I should, um, know about you before I, er, start?"

Spoiler: Show
Claiming 1 XP for my basic quest in being Over The Top! for being a real person.
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Dracon Celdinar, the Vampire Industrialist
Speechless XP

It is a fine night to search for loot.

With the strangeness of the day behind him, Dracon is much better able to focus on the task at hand. He has left BOB in the hands of what is presumably a skilled technician, having handed Seizhi a business card and given him brisk instructions to call the factory if there's anything to report. Of course, the factory's phone is still not hooked up, so even if Seizhi cared about reporting to a random vampire, he couldn't.

Dracon has forgotten this fact. He's also forgotten that Seizhi does not, in fact, work for him. In the chaos of discovering the Goddess of the Sun seemingly alive, he's forgotten a lot of things.

This is probably why, as bats flutter around the lower reaches of Old Molder, searching for interesting machines to scavenge for the factory, Dracon is not really giving it his all. He is distracted, concerned. His mind is running over the challenges posed. Enemies everywhere! Mourning starting a rival factory, Rider scientists who know too much, and the Sun herself returned. It is as if the entire world is lining up to conspire against his grand vision.

This is probably why his usually keen senses fail to notice a girl with a butterfly net wandering in the area.


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Jasper Akniri, the Illusion of Time
Fist Shaking XP

Jasper is working. Alas Mr Celdinar does, in fact, check the books every once in a while, usually at night when he and half the workforce are much more alert. So while the job does offer unparalleled freedom most of the time, every few nights Jasper has to race frantically through the filing cabinets, type up the weekly necessaries on one of the spikey, scary-looking ironwrought typewriters and go through the stacks of conspicuously modern post-it notes that really seem to have caught on despite everywhere else just about grudgingly coming around to the idea that there was a twentieth century a while back.

So it is that when the formidable Illyana Celdinar walks through the door Jasper is at her desk, hands drenched in ink and looking somewhat nonplussed.

“Oh, uh, Ms Celdinar!” Crap. I forgot she was supposed to show up. Oh well, might as well roll with the whole ‘flustered’ thing. “This is... uh, have you ever actually been in here before ma’am? Sorry! I mean, uh, do you have an appointment to see the boss?” Jasper smiles nervously. “He’s out gazing upon his glorious night-kingdom right now, but if you like I can give you a guided tour of the factory. Mr Stepanek tells me the Self-Sustaining-Bishopric-Extractor is just about safe for non-ordained visitors to view provided they don’t express any strong moral or theological convictions for about 30 minutes afterwards.”

A few seconds of silence pass.

“Or I could just book you an appointment.”


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Shokyou & Mr. Celdinar

The jungles eventually give way to an old building. It's big and wide for the kind of buildings one is used to seeing in Old Molder. It falls apart in places and vines are wreathed throughout, but Shokyou and Mr. Celdinar can see boarded up windows and carefully constructed, yet tiny, openings and structures. It has seen use recently.

There's a sign on the front above the door.

PT_L_M_ PL_N_T_____

Dracon might be familiar with the Ptolemy Planetarium, owned by the astronomer Pterrance Ptolemy. Patricia Ptolemy, Mrs. Ptolemy, was a physicist under Alexandral Celdinar's employ and a proto-rocket engineer. The loss of the planetarium had hit them hard.

Alexandral might have said they were never quite right after that.

The noise coming from out of the building is inhuman and higher pitched, but still reminiscent of chatter and whisperings.


There's a noise that can only be described as a throat clearing by something without a throat. Gundy, the machine wish, pops the top of their head open to reveal a welding appature.

"You need a hand?"


Illyana makes an impressed, if begrudging, whistle. She's got pretty casual attire, probably because it's a one-on-one visit to a factory in Old "oversees a jungle" Molder. A black T-shirt with "My Other Bed is a Coffin" written on the back and jeans. She's carrying a handbag with a number of cats plastered on it, and an umbrella juuust in case the dawn comes.

"He's actually following through on it," she says, "It's got everyone at home all atwitter."

"I would like a tour if you can give one," she continues, "I want to know how far in he is right now."
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