IC [Chuubo/Horizon] The Unbearable Legacies of Forsyth


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Grendel Forsyth, the Creature
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This is a bellow, from a voice well suited for bellowing. There is no word more accurate or fitting for the outburst, no truer expression of the creature's emotional response.

There is, however, a pause following immediately in it's wake, lengthy enough to be awkward, as the tall man storms over to a nearby unoccupied couch, lifts one of the cushions, and reveals an opera mask and tricorne hat, which swiftly replace the hood and surgical mask he had been previously disguised in.

"I find myself unable to decide between the greater insult, that he expects me to play some mad game of his own design in pursuit of becoming the master of this forsaken manor, or that he would classify our relationship as one in which I abandoned HIM!"

And then, a pause. A moment of reflection, of admitting to himself truths unspoken, and his seeming fury breaks with a loud sigh.

"But there is one thing he speaks truly of. There are secrets in this manor beyond the knowing and perhaps the knowable. And as great as my rage at his audacity might be... I must know them before I leave this place."

He folds his arms then, and looks at the other candidates (indeed, he knows them well, though how well may be yet to be known) and continues.

"I care little for the actual disposition of the house. Claim it, refuse it, scheme for it, burn it to the ground, I will choose my future path whomever takes all. I simply care to know the mysteries of the house, and in that we can all work together, yes?"

OOC: I'm not sure if choosing to work with other people and stay openly in the manor for the moment qualifies for flipping the Want to Belong card, but if it does I should like to.


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Samuel Titov, the Butler
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Samuel is suspiciously silent as the others begin to react to the 'inheritances' being handed out. He simply stands, statue-still, and listens to Helena, Taldin, and Grendel. But as the sound dies down, it is clear that he is, in fact, making noise. Quietly.

It is something that no one present has ever heard from Samuel before. It is nearly monotone. It is soft.

It is laughter.

"Well, well, well," he finally says, the dark chuckles dying away. "It seems that Master Dougal will have his last word, after all." He looks to Helena, and then back to Grendel. "On the one hand, my contract with this place appears to be complete, should I wish it to be. On the other, I shudder to think what damage might be done by sufficiently intrepid fortune-hunters. Perhaps it does... behoove us to ensure that this doesn't happen. If you are intent on learning this mansion's mysteries, I will be there to make sure that it is done as safely as possible under the circumstances."

He glances over his shoulder. "And I am sure that the rest of the staff will do the same." His look to any staff members present promises trouble if they disagree.

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Taldin's ears perked up at Grendel's words. "Yes! aherm yes. Yes I think we should explore the mysteries together. I- I think master would have liked that."


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Fingal Forsyth, the Admiral
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Fingal, still stuck thinking about the will, huffs. “Run away from the family, my arse! The manor life was a bad fit for me and we’d all be worse off if I’d stayed. He knew I never had a lick of patience for our family’s ancestral mystery nonsense. Why, just the things our mother did...” The thought twists his face into a grimace. ”I’ve fought my share of battles, but even at sea, we never did anything like that.” He looks down, arms crossed, seeing fifty years into the past.

But just for a second.

The ongoing discussion pulls Fingal back to the present, and he looks between the other special heirs. “Well, I s’pose there’s hardly a choice now. Fine, then!” He claps his hands together. ”Dougal can have his way this time. If we’re tackling this damnable ball of enigmas together, I’ll help!”

OOC: Tagging my Basic Quest, unless the HG thinks it’s too much of a stretch.


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"A special place! That sounds very... well... special. Sorry -- I'm Jordan Kanda, the book guy apparently, and there's nothing special about me at all. But you've got a key and everything! Surely someone must have some idea what it might fit."


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Samuel Titov, the Butler
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Samuel turns to look at Jordan, actually paying attention to him for the first time. Before, he was just another guest. The name sounded familiar, but Samuel isn't in the habit of chatting with delivery people, so it's not until this moment that he puts two and two together.

"You sell yourself short, Mr. Kanda. If Master Dougal chose to bestow a legacy upon you, he must have seen something in you. Not many had quite that effect on him." He looks pointedly at the multiple Forsyth relatives not favoured with a chance at inheriting the house. They have been silent until now, presumably from shock, but he expects that not to last.


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From the Desk of John Simony

~There is a calm at first as the inheritors discussed the matter amongst themselves, but talking and balking soon began to stir. Arguments came quick and loud, making it almost impossible to recall specific things stated, but I have written down a general list of grievances from the most aggrieved at the time.
  • Crenshaw and Balthazar, two of Dougal's associates at his social club, the Stone & Imp, expressed frustration that most of his research was being tied up by the special inheritance. Of course, much of that research is still under review by myself and the rest of the Office of Simony for safe distribution, but the majority of it is still protected by the inheritance.
  • Prom Forsyth is, naturally, incensed that he is not listed as a special inheritor despite actually being a Forsyth. It does strike me as odd that a number of the selected inheritors were deemed more qualified, but that is not for me to dispute.
  • Anfisa Maksimova from the manor support staff was incensed that her continued internment remains unresolved. All of the support staff that are not Samuel Titov are still somehow bound to the manor, at least until the money runs out or more banal employment and contract laws are breached, but Anfisa is also the granddaughter of a notable vampire patriarch, and her employment is considered a serious insult by everyone involved.
  • If Walsh Porter is something of Forsyth's business partner, Jacquelyn Neat and Hector Chase are better termed his business victims. Both of them have substantial finances tied up in Forsyth's estate that neither of them have successfully been able to get returned to them. With most of Forsyth's finances up in the air due to this inheritance issue, they are unlikely to get it now.
  • Carmichael just thinks getting his arm back isn't suitable recompense for getting his arm torn off in the first place, which is fair. He's also a giant angel wielding ancient weaponry, and nothing good can come from arousing his ire.
Voices were raised and threats were made, both of physical and litigious variety, and thankfully, despite an angel, a vampire, and a former rider in the mix, nothing escalated to out and out violence. Roman probably dissuaded most of them from the attempt, and Balthazar, the former rider, was frustrated but not particularly aggrieved and helped lower tensions.

Still, while I had resolved to stay in the manor until this whole business had been sorted out, I have now decided to find lodging elsewhere.~

Scene 2 - Getting Settled In

From the Desk of Shannon Simony, Archivist of the Simony Offices


Per your request, I have enclosed a floor plan and architectural notes to the Forsyth Estate, but I have already attempted to study its layout and have earned only a migraine for my trouble. Suffice to say, if it's conceivable for a room to exist, than the estate will have it even if it contradicts something else. Of the more mundane parts of the estate, it appears to have three stories and consists of a central building with a block on each of its sides and a few specialty buildings on the grounds.

The central block seems to be the main family living space, with the master bedroom, six individual bedrooms, the dining hall, and so on. The eastern block appears to be the guesthouse where Forsyth has hosted all of the tenants, while the norhtern block is for support staff use. At best guess, west block is designated for the pursuit of the Forsyths' various hobbies while the south block is the public facing house, used to entertain guests or conduct other forms of business.

The floor plans suggest at least 2 basement levels, but other notes and reports suggest the estate runs much deeper.~

End of Letter

The aftermath of the will reading is winding down but shows no sign of stopping soon. The poor man stuck with reading the will is still in the lobby fielding questions and receiving threats. Meanwhile, the support staff have their hands full trying to clean up after the procession or handling other fall out. With everyone so busy, the normal things that would have been taken care of might begin to slip through. A few people are stalking the halls of the estate.

Still, the special guests perhaps have their own matters to attend to. Like getting settled in to the estate.

There are interesting possibilities and implications to where one might settle in for a few of them.
  • Helena and Fingal theoretically had rooms in the main estate from their time as a ward and son of Forsyth respectively, though Helena had effectively walked away from that.
  • As the primary butler, Samuel Titov had a place in the northern block, but now he isn't techincally employed.
  • Grendel, as Dougal's creation, could make a claim to one of the family bedrooms though no doubt he already has a place stashed away.
  • Jordan alone has no other connection to Forsyth. The guest house would be a pretty safe option.
Where does one sleep, and what does that say about their relationship to everyone else in the manor?

Spoiler: Show
If you are at all interested (because I need group consensus) Interesting choices will be counted as a Decisive or Faith, Science, Sorcery Action


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Samuel Titov, the Butler
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Samuel is not asleep. There's no time.

There are guests in the lobby. There are rampage-driven damages to be cleaned. The support staff needs to be hustled into shape. And yes, this means that in Samuel's mind, it is still his job to make sure that guest rooms are arranged and cleaned for the rest of the guests. His own problems... those will have to wait. No time to consider what freedom might mean. There's work to be done, and Samuel has responsibilities to be honoured.

Thus it is that Samuel is currently touring the bedrooms, ensuring that they are up to the standard to which the other contenders for the inheritance should be accustomed.

This also means that Samuel is going to have to find out where people are staying, and get them there. As such, he takes the time to appear before each of the others, inquiring as to their plans for the evening, and assuring them that there is a place in the Manor should they choose to remain tonight.

OOC: After some consideration, I think this is actually going to be a Suffer Corruption action for Samuel. He is letting his role corrupt him to serve it instead of himself, and taking Sickness 1. That's also my second XP action for this chapter, so my job is now to get everyone else a nice place to stay for the night rather than taking centre stage.
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