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🎨 Creative [Chuubo's] Masters of Evil: The Seven Sins of Lord Entropy


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And for our next quest set: say what you will about Glass Spider, but at least he sets the trains on fire and drives them into his enemies.

To Dream of Shadows
The Quests of Glass Spider

Unlike most of the other Student Council members, you actually do have a plan to usurp their power and you’re well on the way to enacting it. It’s not a fast plan, but it is simple - gather all their resources and force them out one by one. But that’s more a day-to-day thing. Your story is about the way that the world itself doesn’t want you to win.
There are obstacles and temptations, and every compromise that you make, every dark contract you sign, makes you more likely to win and less suited to making any kind of positive change in the world. It is a paradox, and one that may not be solvable. But that’s fine.

Starting Quest: Oversight
35-XP Bindings Quest

Just as you were ready to get started fighting the rest of the Council, a totally out of left field situation has cropped up. There’s a new vice principal, and they seem to think that School finances should be handled by adults and not budding incarnations of Evil. They’re second-guessing your choices, causing trouble for your plans, and suggesting that you don’t inherently know what’s good for everyone. You must crush them.

This quest includes an Overseer - an authority figure you can’t just brush aside, who may be a valuable ally or a terrible enemy. You’ll probably come to respect them as you get to know them, and hopefully vice versa, but it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • A School event fails due to improper funding or resources.
  • The Overseer successfully steals one of your duties from you.
  • You and the Overseer must work together against a third administrative faction who wishes to overthrow you both.
You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavour
Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You have a fight with the Overseer.
  • You stagger into a room loaded down with financial papers.
  • You deny someone their funding.
  • You miss an important detail in a conversation because you’re focusing on your papers.
  • A speech about the Overseer starts with you complaining about them, and ends with you accidentally saying nice things about them.
  • You run away from a conversation that you’ve lost control of.
At the end of the quest, you and the Overseer have come to a truce. They may not approve of you, but they’ve decided that you’re better in your role than anyone else would be. Or possibly they actually like your evil plans. Either way, you’ve got them out of the way, and are free to focus on your real enemy.

Depending on whether the Overseer is sidelined or recruited, you’ll either get a Perk that gives you +1 to your Superior Bureaucracy, or a Perk that allows you to call on the Overseer for assistance.

Quest 2: The Enemy of my Enemy
25-XP Bindings Quest

You have a grand plan that you’re putting together, to sweep up all of your enemies and lord over them your victory. But there’s obstacles everywhere! You need more time!
Fortunately, there is a hero fighting against the Student Council, or at least against some of its members. You can use them as a distraction, support them, even help them to win. This certainly won’t backfire on you, either physically or emotionally. Nope. Seems pretty safe.

This quest involves a Hero - a student who is opposed to the Student Council and its evils. Often it is Natalia Koutolika, but it could be almost anyone!

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • One of your impending plots is absolutely ruined by the Hero.
  • You save the Hero’s life even though it would probably be better to let them die.
You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour
Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You secretly feed information to the Hero about a rival.
  • You have a tense but friendly meeting with the Hero.
  • The Hero saves you.
  • You spend time working on a plan that won’t come to fruition this chapter.
At the end of this chapter, you have come to respect the Hero, but you probably also release that they are going to be a serious rival going forward - maybe even in your next quest. This likely manifests as a Level 2 Connection Perk to them. Also, they have possibly straight-up taken out one of the NPC Student Council members. It depends on the situation, really.

Quest 3: The Play’s The Thing
25-XP Bindings Quest

Okay, this is it. The grand finale. The big event. The School Play.

Oh, yeah, that’s your plan. You’re putting together a dramatic presentation so mystically charged that it can rewrite reality itself. You’re pulling School’s administration into the mix, you’re giving roles to people that you want to manipulate, and ultimately you plan to deliver a performance so stirring, so powerful, that it will enshrine your role in the minds of everyone who watches.

It’s sort of a dry run for how you want the universe to operate once you’re the Lord of Evil - you want things to unfold according to your designs, and for people to be allies and enemies dancing to your tune, possibly literally. There is a lot of mystical work needed to get this off, but you are up for it.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • You persuade or trick another Council member into becoming part of your cast.
  • The performance is cancelled at the last moment and needs to be rescheduled.
  • Another Student Council member attacks the performance, and you have to improvise to keep things on track!
You may claim two of these Quest triggers, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour
Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You hand out posters or handbills for the school show.
  • You recruit an NPC to the cast.
  • You redirect funding from another source to the show.
  • You give free tickets to one of your enemies and compel them to attend.
  • You talk about how life is like a play.
At the end of this quest, your play is a success!

But… it’s probably not enough, by itself. Instead of making you the Lord of Evil, it solidifies the role that you really want to play, as a cosmic controller and administrator, into your own soul. If you’ve decided that you’re definitely going for it, this will help you out in a big way. If you’re actually not sure you want the job, this definitely disqualifies you, or pushes you into the role of kingmaker for the remaining candidates.

Either way, you are going to gain a new Level 1 Affliction, based on your desired cosmic nature and role. You will also be finishing your Arc, settling into a role, and moving to the grand finale - or letting the other Main Characters wrap up their own stories and working on a conclusion with them!


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So that didn't happen. Anyway, I'm going to keep posting quest sets on a daily basis whenever I, you know, remember that I said I was going to do that.

It's Owler time!

To Thrive In Iniquity
The Quests of Owler
You are fairly certain that you are the one who is meant to become the new Lord Entropy. You are nothing but growth, after all, and so growing into a new Evil only makes sense. After all, your Mask is the only one so powerful it consumed its host, leaving nothing behind.
But this is also the problem. You aren’t quite sure who you are, and if you take up the mantle of Evil, it will be an empty power that sits on the throne. These quests are about realizing the place that you have within the world, and what it means to be you - not a mask, not a nameless cancer on the world, but an actual person with fears and hopes. To become divine, you must first become mortal...

Starting Quest: The Face of Evil
25-XP Knight Quest
You have a certain love of wickedness and cruelty, but you don’t really have any goals in life. You feel that you must have, once. Goals seem important. There’s only one solution - you need to possess people, to understand their natures and what causes them to do wrong, and incorporate that into yourself one piece at a time.
This quest involves setting yourself out a a predator, interacting with the supporting casts of the other PCs, and trying to understand why people do what they do. For you, growth and darkness are essentially instinctual. If you are to create a grand vision for the universe, you will need to understand more.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • You discuss the nature of your existence with Principal Entropy II
  • You attempt to possess someone who casts you out and badly injures you.
You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 10 XP.
Quest Flavour
Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You possess someone you’ve never possessed before.
  • You help another member of the Student Council advance one of their plots.
  • You deliberately sabotage an act of kindness.
  • You experiment with an entirely new meal recipe.
  • Someone you previously possessed comes after you for revenge.
At the end of this quest, you have a better idea about what you want, and why you want it. You will probably be able to deliver a monologue about why you believe that you deserve to take on the mantle of Entropy, and what your vision of darkness is. This vision will take the form of a Level 1 Bond that empowers you to seek evil.

Quest 2: Mask vs Mask
25-XP Knight Quest
Your actions have unleashed predictable, yet frustrating, consequences. A hero has risen up to fight you - probably a member of the student body, but possibly some weird vigilante teacher. The important thing is, you don’t actually know who they are, at least not at first. They’ve taken on a mask of their own, and are enacting secretive vengeance and saving people from you (and maybe the entire Student Council) and just generally being a pain.
This quest involves a Hero - a masked do-gooder who stands against you. You might decide who they are now, or leave it mysterious and uncover their identity gradually over the course of the game.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • You learn the Hero’s true identity.
  • The Hero joins forces with another Sin against you.
  • You successfully possess the Hero.
You may claim two of these Quest triggers, for a total of 15 XP.
Quest Flavour
Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • The Hero ruins one of your plans.
  • You and the Hero have a dramatic battle during a major School event.
  • You recruit new members of the Catering Committee.
  • You recruit another Sin to help you fight the Hero.
  • You dramatically accuse someone of being the Hero, and are wrong.
This quest ends with you defeating the Hero. However, in the final confrontation, something is liable to remind you of your true nature - the human that used to exist before you became Owler. Depending on how you fight the Hero, you will gain a Perk that will probably raise either your Larceny or Management Skill by +1 as long as you keep it.

Quest 3: The Void Remains
35-XP Knight Quest
Something has gone terribly wrong. As you have absorbed the memories and loves of others, you’ve touched on aspects of your own past. Somehow, the bits and pieces of the you that existed before the mask have resurfaced. You’re having nightmares, of a life that you thought you had put behind you.
You want to take up the Throne and name yourself as a darkness, but you can’t do that without understanding yourself. You need to dig into your past and learn why you fear it, and you need to either accept your heart or destroy it forever.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • You meet a member of your former family.
  • Your body manifests itself from your mask, as a second being.
  • You spend time in a library or records room, studying information about your old life.
You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 15 XP.
Quest Flavour
Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You deliberately stop doing something you enjoy because you connect it to your old life.
  • You have a vivid flashback that interrupts a monologue or confrontation.
  • You walk in your nightmares with another PC.
  • You learn something terrible about your own past.
  • You try to use magic to forget or destroy a piece of yourself.
At the end of this quest, either you accept that you were a person once, and integrate your old dreams and fears into your nature, or you purge yourself of all humanity and make yourself the perfect vessel for Lord Entropy. If you do the latter, you almost certainly ‘win’ and can become the next Evil, but you also don’t have a hope of retaining your own nature in the process. You can continue to influence the plot for the rest of the Arc, as you gradually fade away.
If you reclaim your humanity, you probably give up on becoming the next Evil, but you can still be an incarnation of corruption. Your Affliction likely changes to “I Can Dissolve My Form”, allowing you to exist as a human or dissolve into a mask to possess others, but returning your memories and life to you. You can stay and try to help or hinder the others, with a new understanding of your life.


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Blaming the long weekend on this one, but continuing along all these quests...

To Trust In Suffering
The Quests of Impious

You story is the story of faith unrewarded, of the fall of certainty and the emptiness that accompanies it. As this story begins, you have a curse that threatens to overwhelm you. You believe that your purpose is to challenge others, to push them to become greater. But you’re just too strong. You’re too dedicated to winning, and you can’t throw a fight.

The result is that you are trapped, between a desire to see others succeed and a need to pull them down. Until you can resolve this fundamental flaw in your nature, you can’t take your place as the victorious Evil...

Starting Quest: King of the Hill
35-XP Quest

As this quest begins, you are fighting for your position.

You’ve made it clear that if someone can defeat you in a proper challenge, they will have the honour of taking charge of the Athletics Committee and replacing you at School. This means that there are people attacking you more or less all the time. You like to take advantage, to turn them against each other or use them to undermine the other members of the Student Council, but honestly?

It’s a little tiring. Always being on your guard, always fighting your own subordinates. Maybe this wasn’t the best plan. You just don’t have an alternative.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • One of your challengers defeats a different member of the Student Council in battle.
  • A battle royale between Athletics clubs trashes a section of School.
  • You fall asleep and miss one of your major challenges.
You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You defeat a new challenger.
  • You unleash one of the powerful weapons of your arsenal.
  • You take on a secret identity to train a challenger.
  • An Athletics club splits into two rival clubs.
  • You lead a challenge into the middle of another Sin’s plots.
At the end of this quest, the number of challengers is tapering off as people lose hope. You need to show these clubs what a real Athletics challenger looks like! This also gives you the Perk, “Cool 1”, making it even harder for people to beat you!

Quest 2: A Worthy Challenger

25-XP Quest
This new crop of students just isn’t impressive enough. There is only one possible solution. You need to create a persona of a challenger to Impious, “beat” yourself, and then forcibly claim your own Mask, thereby proving to everyone that the victory is possible and also maybe give them some inspiration and faith to work harder.

The important thing is that no one can realize what you’re up to. Your cunning Persona will have to be a totally different person from you, and you will need to forcibly manipulate situations so that you can have stirring confrontations. You’ll probably have to make use of your Arsenal for short-term bilocation, time travel, or other deviant science tricks to really get things going.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • Someone else impersonates your Persona without your permission.
  • One of the other PCs figures out that you and the Persona are the same person.
You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You contrive to have you and your Persona in the same scene.
  • You accidentally hurt yourself fighting one of your own traps or challenges.
  • You loudly accuse someone of secretly being your Persona, laying out supposed evidence.
  • Someone seriously tries to kill you.
This quest can only have one ending - you lose.

Specifically, you are going to manage to lose a competition in such a way that both you and your Persona are not the winner of the competition. No one is the winner of the competition. Everything fails, but there’s no one to take your Mask and prove the philosophy of Impious, so… you keep the position? This is, obviously, a huge problem.

This also gives you a new Perk - a Power that you can use once per chapter to give someone +2 Edge in any direct competition, pushing them towards victory. You cannot use this power on yourself.

Quest 3: Out of the Running
25-XP Quest

You lost.

The pain was supposed to matter. All the things that everyone did to you, all the things that you did to yourself, all of the hurt. That was supposed to be turning you into a better person. No pain, no gain. Well, you had the pain, and here you are. No gain. The other Sins are gearing up for the final choosing, and you can’t even bring yourself to join them. You’re putting in the motions, staring off into space. What’s the point of any of it?

This is it. This is the time to either come to a realization about yourself, or tear off the mask once and for all and find a way to destroy it.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • Someone tries to take your Mask from you.
  • You formally resign from the Student Council.
  • You have a massive emotional breakdown in front of an enemy.
You may claim two of these Quest triggers, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You shirk your duties on the Athletics Committee.
  • You talk with another Sin about their reason for being evil.
  • You show mercy to someone you’ve defeated.
  • You confront a vision or dream of Lord Entropy I.
  • You spend time with your family.
Honestly, this quest probably ends with you giving up the Mask of Impious, and allowing someone else to take the throne of evil. You come to realize that the suffering you’re putting people through is the same as the suffering people put you through, and there was no grand purpose for it.

But it’s possible that you do the opposite - come to understand that you are the reason that your failure was a failure, and that if you just take it as another learning opportunity, you can actually use it as your demonstration of why you deserve the throne! If that’s the case… well, we’re sorry. We tried to save you.

If you gave up the Mask, you can still evoke its powers as they fade for the rest of the Arc. You’ll also get a Perk that gives you +1 to your Listen skill, as you get better at letting people tell you what they need. If you doubled down, though, you’re probably picking up the Affliction “Every Defeat Makes Me Stronger (1).” This is rough on everyone, but hey, it’s your call.

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I am sorry I have not been commenting much lately. I have trouble with Quest evaluation though from my limited ability these all look good. I especially like that even a jerk like Impious can escape his bad nature.


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Thanks, and no worries! I think a lot of people get a bit overwhelmed by reading quests, to be honest. Things often get a lot quieter when I hit them. Maybe this next one will dial it up a notch, as we finish the Student Council with...

To Sacrifice The Villainous

The Quests of Mourning

This is the story of a reluctant monster, and about how far you will go to protect others from your own fate. Death is reaching out for you, and you can feel it eating at what remains of your soul. More than any of the other members of the Student Council, you’re already aware that you are doomed.

The question is, what is the way through? Can you maintain your self-image and claim the throne of Lord Entropy? Will you be undone by the Bleak? Or will you struggle through and find a new mechanism of death and evil?

Starting Quest: The Council of Ruin

25-XP Quest

As this story begins, you are taking shelter in your own evil deeds. You’re sort of pushing people and putting together some plots, but you’re honestly focusing more on undermining the plots of the rest of the Council than you are trying to win. Your plan is to outlast them, and take the mantle of Entropy that way.

It’s not a bad plan, but evidence is mounting that it won’t work. Your home is timeless, but there’s a timeline on Lord Entropy, and the longer things go without a God of Evil, the worse the world is going to get - the Principal is a figurehead, and can only hold it back for so long. Darkness is leaking out into existence, and that’s not good for anyone...

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)

  • You successfully bring someone to the World Beyond and show them what it is.
  • Principal Entropy II passes out or has a seizure from the weight of Evil in the world.
You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:

  • One of your wicked deeds actually hurts a good person.
  • You redirect an act of wickedness towards a deserving target.
  • You lurk in shadows, spying on something wholesome.
  • You raise the dead, and people are not suitably impressed.
  • You spend an entire scene in the World Beyond, brooding.
At the end of this quest, a miracle will occur. As the power of Evil grows, you will find some hint of life in the timeless World Beyond. It is probably a plant, but it could be something else. Whatever it is, it begs the question - is the death that you represent final? Is it breaking? What is going on?

Completing this quest also allows you to use your Ghost Magic to easily bring people into the World Beyond. For now, that’s a Skill Trick, but it’ll get easier in time.

Quest 2: The Garden of Blood

40-XP Quest

Time is coming to the Timeless Realm, and you’ve tracked it back to School. There’s a god maintaining a garden there, and their power is fighting back the power of your Mask. They are growing a Tree of Evil, that may consume a great deal when it comes to fruit… but it could give you an alternative approach to save the world. Maybe the tree can take all of the world’s sins into itself, and the Student Council won’t have to replace Entropy, after all?

This quest involves a Gardener - an incarnation of the magic of life and rebirth, who tempts you with the idea that you can be freed from your fate. They will seem tempting, and you might come to believe them.

That would be a mistake.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)

  • The Tree kills someone at School.
  • You and the Gardener share a moment of profound emotional intimacy.
  • You prevent another Student Council member from destroying the Tree.
You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:

  • You try your hand at gardening.
  • A hint of life appears in the World Beyond, then withers and dies.
  • You try to convince one of the other Sins to give up on their ambitions.
  • You have a fight with the Gardener.
  • You spend time discussing philosophy with the Gardener.
  • The Tree grows in a notable fashion.
In the end, you are betrayed.

It might be that the Gardener themselves has betrayed you. It is possible that they are honest, but the Tree is beyond their control, and consumes them. It could even be that your betrayer is one of the other members of the Student Council, or Lord Entropy himself. Whatever the reason, just as you are coming to believe that there is an alternative to your fate, that alternative is thrown to dust.

The Tree will probably try to consume you. It will either be destroyed in the attempt, or its efforts will be unmade by the World Beyond. For whatever reason, you will end this quest with the knowledge that it was a false hope. The universe is still doomed, if you do not find a way to undo its fate.

The end of this quest is likely you developing the ability to use your necromantic powers on plants, creating skeletal trees and zombie flowers. This is exactly as unpleasant as it sounds.

Quest 3: The Throne of Dust

20-XP Quest

There’s no hope left. The other members of the Council - those that are left - are gearing up for their final bids for power, and you have to stop them. It’s time to take action, to make war upon the living in the name of the universe.

You believe that you have a plan, more or less. By shattering the plans of the other Sins, you will emerge victorious, and claim the mantle of Lord Entropy III.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)

  • Another member of the Student Council withdraws from consideration or is destroyed.
You may claim this trigger up to twice, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:

  • You do battle with another PC.
  • Something that you care about is destroyed.
  • Someone ignores one of your warnings and is hurt.
  • You deliver a darkly-worded speech about fate and suffering.
At the end of the quest, your plan fails. Sort of.

See, you aren’t actually going to be able to stop the other Sins, not all of them. At least one or two others are going to make it to the final consideration, and that should mean that you’ve lost. But that was never your true purpose.

You are the Death of Lord Entropy. At the end of this quest, you will realize this. You were never meant to become him. You were meant to destroy him, and in doing so ensure that evil does not persist past the end of time itself. You will either fulfill your destiny, and return to the World Beyond, or you will abandon your destiny, and die forever as you are torn apart.

You are going to gain a Perk - a miraculous power to bring death to Evil things. You can use this Perk in the final scenes of the game. If you finished your quest early, you’ll need to ominously build up towards that final destructive confrontation. And when the campaign ends, so do you (unless another player finds a way to save you as part of their own quest set!)


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We can hope so. Of course, things might have a wrench thrown in the works if someone were...

To Wish For Damnation
The Quests of Chuubo

As Chuubo, you have the unenviable task of being the only person in the game who is not trying to be evil. At the same time, you’re associating yourself with people who do wrong out of a philosophical desire, and you’re sinking deeper into darkness with each passing day. Your quest will determine whether you are able to save anyone from the depths, or whether you will be drowned in darkness yourself...

Starting Quest: President Chuubo
35-XP Otherworldly Quest

You’ve made it! You are officially the Student Council President, with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. The thing is, this is not quite what you expected. You always knew the council was a bit creepy, but you’re being confronted with the fact that actually, they are much more than that. They’re literally Evil.
Worse than that, you’re finding evidence that they’re important. As nice as a world without Evil would seem to be to you, every time you try to take steps to curb that aspect of things, something else goes wrong in a big way. Evil is worked into the fabric of existence, and without it, things are threatening to come undone. Is it worth existing if that’s the cost?

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • You meet with Entropy I in your dreams.
  • You get lost or hurt, and a Student Council member saves you.
  • An attempt to organize a nice, friendly Council event turns into a violent disaster.
You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You judge a contest between two Sins.
  • One of the Sins tries to corrupt or destroy you.
  • Someone that voted for you comes to you with a problem.
  • Someone that voted for you comes to you with a bribe.
  • Your schoolwork suffers because of your council duties.
  • You solve a minor School-related problem.
At the conclusion of this quest, you have grown, if not comfortable with your responsibilities, at least ready to face them. You will study the Student Council, and make sure that the least damaging and most appropriate one takes over! This revelation grants you a Superior Affinity For Evil (2); a Skill Perk that makes you at home with evil creatures beyond what your miracles already allow for.

Quest 2: Kingmaker Chuubo
25-XP Shepherd Quest

Being Student Council President is a lot more complicated than you’d imagined, but you know what you have to do - help the right Sin take over, so that Evil can exist without being a general disaster for everyone around you. The problem is, if you’re going to put your thumb on the scale, who should you be intervening in favour of? Also, the secondary problem is that you’re having visions and dreams and stuff of Lord Entropy I, and he is particularly scary, and you aren’t sure that his goals are yours.

The temptation is to literally try to make one of the Student Council less evil and then hand the job to them, but you realize on some level that if someone who’s insufficiently evil takes the role, something really bad is going to happen. You aren’t sure what. Just… bad. Which means you have to figure out what to do.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • You convince a Sin to give up on becoming Lord of Evil (accidentally or deliberately.)
  • You have a clear chance to kill or ruin one of the Sins, and back down at the last second.
You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You try to subtly quiz one of the Sins about their goals and nature.
  • You have an encounter with Lord Entropy I in which you recognize Him.
  • You help someone who’s been hurt by one of the Sins.
  • You see how becoming more evil has hurt or damaged a person.
This quest ends with a sort of frustrated, resigned acceptance that you can’t turn back from your path. All of the Sins are either people you don’t want to have the job, or secretly not so bad, and anyone who’s secretly not so bad will be corrupted and destroyed by this job. You will also gain a miraculous power - the ability to heal someone or fix something that is destroyed by the plots of the Seven Sins, once per chapter. This is sort of good, but also pushes you even further into the centre of everything.
Fortunately, you have a plan. Unfortunately, it’s a terrible one.

Quest 3: Lord Chuubo
25-XP Otherworldly Quest

What if you just became Lord of All Evil yourself?

If no one else is appropriate, you could make that sacrifice. You could find excuses to rule others as not being acceptable, and you could claim that the judge is, in fact, also a competitor. There is a force inside your pushing you to this end. It will destroy you, certainly. Unmake you. Ruin you forever. But it’ll do that to whoever takes on the job. You can’t do that to anyone else.

This means you’re going to have to cheat tremendously. You are a referee, but you can’t throw someone out of the running unless they mess things up. It’s time to take advantage of the fact that the Sins are starting to see you as a good, impartial person, and crush them all underfoot.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • You are instrumental in the defeat of one of the Sins.
  • You formally and permanently cut ties with one of your non-evil friends.
  • You find a scrapbook of your year, and look through at the person you used to be.
You may claim two of these Quest triggers, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You trick two Sins into weakening each other.
  • You argue with Lord Entropy I.
  • You take a mystical or cosmic force into yourself.
  • An attempt to be evil starts off goofy but ends kind of frightening.
  • You actively conspire with one of the Sins.
In the end… you probably can’t do it.

You’re going to be at the point of no return - the moment in which you are about to be consumed by the darkness, with the other Sins watching. And you’re going to flinch, or hesitate, or let some kindness slip out. That will be the moment in which whoever is still in contention pushes you out of the way and takes the power for themselves.

Ideally, this won’t happen until the finale. If your quest finishes before then, you’re going to realize that you can’t do, and try to push ahead anyway, knowing in your heart that it’s just not going to happen. You’ll help the other Sins complete their own missions, and enter the final scenes ready to fight them, and knowing that you will lose.

This power will give you a variable Affliction, “Evil Cannot Harm Me”, tied to your Trust rating. By putting your faith in dark powers, you are protected from them.

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So far I think Chuubo's quest set is the most disturbing to me. Maybe because of the contrast between Chuubo normally and this no win situation.


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Yeah, it's a weird one for him.

So, full disclosure, I just straight-up forgot that I hadn't posted the last two updates to this, and I only remembered while I was assembling the PDF for my Patreon.

So here it is! Just going to give them both at once to save time.

To Speak Power To Truth
The Quests of Lord Entropy I

As Lord Entropy I, you are the Voice of Evil, the one who is the most determined to make sure that Evil is reborn. When that happens, you intend to merge with the new Lord, and the two of your will become Entropy III, who will embody your darkest traits merged with their most abhorrent goals. Obviously, this means you’re going to be spending your time trying to manipulate and push the other Sins into true evil, so that the winner is the darkest of the bunch.

But the downside to being a bodiless force of corruption that no one really sees is that you have to be subtle. The other downside is that you’re sort of a gaping void of evil, and the danger exists that you will be filled with something other than more darkness, and be corrupted into good...

Starting Quest: School Spirit
25-XP Storyteller Quest

You have been pulling yourself together since the moment you were shattered, but it’s high time that you got to work. You intend to have a new self soon, now that there is a proper referee to help you winnow your way through the Student Council.

It’s important not to have anyone give up too soon, though. Ideally, most of the Council should push each other down right to the last moment, levelling curses and darkening the world. What you need to do now is find the buttons to push, establish rivalries, and ensure that no one slips out from the web before the real competitions begin.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • You convince two of the Sins that the other one has sabotaged or betrayed them.
  • You defeat someone who was trying to destroy one of the Sins.

You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You encourage an argument between two Sins.
  • You steal the soul of someone who works directly for a Sin.
  • You advise one of the Sins in dreams.
  • You cause one of the Sins’ plans to fail dramatically.

At the end of this quest, the stage is set. Everyone is acting for your benefit, whether they know it or not. You gain the Perk, “Shine 2”, allowing people to always be able to take action on your behalf. Now, it’s time to start choosing who you will become.

Quest 2: The Student Body
35-XP Storyteller Quest

It’s time to take charge. The Seven Sins are divided against each other, there is darkness coiling everywhere, and you can feel the pressure of change upon you. What you need to do now is infiltrate the Student Council, stealing the best parts of each of them so that when the time comes you will be able to simply take over without flaws.

During this process, however, you’re going to be dealing with their clubs, their plots, and their supporters. You need to unify School behind the idea of a new Evil, and turn the world black as pitch. You need to crush love and spread infamy. You need to make the world a worse place, to set the stage for your return.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • You spark a student riot.
  • You help one of the Sins achieve a non-evil goal, just because they’ve affected your outlook on life.
  • You have a confrontation with Principal Entropy II in which he recognizes you as his father.

You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You cause a student to do evil without being under your control.
  • You possess one of the other Main Characters.
  • You inhabit the body of a kind student and do wicked deeds as them.
  • You spark a feud or battle between two student clubs.
  • You hover above School at knight, and monologue.

At the end of this quest, the stage is set, but something is also going to go wrong. You had discounted the Principal as a mere figurehead, a temporary force you put in place to prepare for your return. But now he knows you’re here, and he will admit to you that he considers you the greatest threat to School and the world.

That is… unexpected.

Still, the new atmosphere around School makes your life easier. You develop a “Connection: School (3)” Perk, allowing you to understand School and easily navigate or help it.

Quest 3: The Second Principal
25-XP Storyteller Quest

Your son has turned on you.

To say that this is a surprise would be an understatement. Principal Entropy II is rallying the school’s administration against you in secret. He may even be approaching other Sins about the need to destroy you, to cement their own plans. It’s like being mauled by a duck. You don’t know what to do about it.

There is a confrontation coming. Entropy can only grow in power, but you are both Entropy. Evil must be victorious, but you are all evil. You thought, as the Voice of Evil, you were the one calling the shots, but suddenly you’re realizing that nothing is under your control. You don’t know who will claim your throne any more, and you aren’t even sure there will be a throne when this is all done. It’s time to fight.

Major Quest Triggers (5 XP)
  • School authorities attempt to exorcise you, with disastrous results.
  • You discuss the reasons that Principal Entropy was created with him.

You may claim each of these Quest triggers once, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP when one of the following happens:
  • You accidentally express the goals of a Student Council member as your own.
  • You fight a member of School administration.
  • You discuss the Principal with another Main Character.
  • You temporarily manifest in the real world.
  • You try to lay out your plans after you return, and get flustered.

In the end, you’re going to be able to make the final choice of whose Voice you are going to be. By fighting you, and throwing you off your game, Principal Entropy is also giving you the chance to actually think about the Student Council and the nature of evil. The truth is, you aren’t the original Lord Entropy, and you don’t have to be.

Your decision will ultimately be whether to merge with a member of the Council, whether to merge with the Principal, or whether to abandon your goals and let Evil become a voice in the dark, a whisper in the back of each person’s mind. The actual merger will not happen until the finale, if there is one, and should probably be discussed with the other players out of character.

Completing this quest also give you a miraculous power which, once per chapter, lets you reverse your Formless Affliction to “I Am Made Manifest”, both manifesting you physically and miraculously revoking attempts to banish you. This lasts for the scene. You can use this to help the other players finish their quests and advance to the finale.

All Players - The Finale

The finale will begin once everyone’s final quest is complete. By this point, you should know which PCs, if any, are intent on becoming the new Lord of Evil, and which players hope for them to succeed. As long as the players agree, the outcome of the finale is simply a conclusion to the quests that have unfolded - the chosen ones come together, and the agreed-upon choice takes up the mantle of Lord Entropy. If the Voice hasn’t been dissuaded, this probably destroys them, or it destroys the Voice, or both.

If, on the other hand, every PC has decided not to become Evil, the finale probably involves the position formally dissolving. It is possible that the PCs are all agreed on backing a particular NPC to a tragic end, and serving them going forward, but it’s just as likely that evil will dissolve into the universe as a whole.

The real difficulty is what happens if multiple players want their characters to become the new Evil, and aren’t able to come to an agreement on who is most narratively fitting. In that case, liberal use of miracles will likely decide the outcome. We encourage the HG to do their best to give everyone what they want, but that’s not always possible.

Based on the quests here, it is generally assumed that one of the Student Council will have a disastrous, tragic end as they become Evil itself, and the others will learn from this and become better people. But the end of the campaign is, of course, up to you all!

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Thanks for posting the final two updates. Also I really appreciate the finale update on how to tie everything together at the end. I also like the potential for the voice of evil to just fade into the universe and for Principal Entropy to 'win'.
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