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🎨 Creative [Chuubo's] Monster Mash!


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To be fair, it's not just one human. But let's look at her sheet!

Arcs: Child of the Ash 2, Creature of Fable 1
Emotion XP: Shiver of Wonder

  • Superior Fortitude Rat 3
  • Superior Ninja 2
  • Alertness 1
  • Explorer 1
  • Inspire 1

  • Bond: I Love Human Culture (2). It’s just so neat! This Bond is tied to your “Child of the Ash” rating.
  • Power: Ninja Vanish! By spending 1 MP, you can throw a smoke bomb and vanish from the scene. If you do this, you can’t return automatically.
  • Connection: The Octopus Singer (2). You are both tied to your community, yet apart from it.
  • Connection: The Kovac Family (2). They don’t always get you, but you love them anyway.
  • Skill Perk: Superior Hunter 1. You are a skilled hunter. This power is attached to your Creature of Fable.

Miraculous Powers: The Kaiju Hunter
Spoiler: Show
You are a powerful hunter of spirits and world-beings, tracking them and removing them to keep the world safe. Your Element is The Long Twilight as the sun sets and darkness overcomes the world, and your Mood is Curiousity, as you fight through the night to defend the things you care about. Also, as a Creature of Fable your Strange Rules are that you are a Total Ninja. Finally, you get in trouble a lot. As long as you are a Creature of Fable, you are Frantic.

Paying Attention (Imperial): You believe that proper interest can uncover facts, and the world tends to agree with you! Over the course of several minutes, you can create the Region Property, “Everyone becomes more curious.” This helps people look into things, ask questions, and express interest!

By spending 1 MP, you can instead focus curiousity on a single person. Over the next several minutes, that person feels a moment of pure curiousity, which may affect them strongly, in the right situation, or only weakly if it is opposed to their nature. This effect fades at the end of the scene, unless you spend your time between scenes maintaining the effect in the same location.

Invoking “Paying Attention” instantly costs you 4 MP.

Interested Times (Imperial): Once per book, you may spend 2 MP to invoke curiousity as a vast wish to resolve a situation. This takes the form of a wish, i.e. “I wish curiousity could solve this problem!” and then… it does! The exact mechanics are up to the HG, and it might be a bit of a weird solution if there isn’t an obvious way that people’s curiousity could resolve a problem.

You can use this power a second or future time in a book, but it strains. Doing so costs you 4 MP and inflicts a Deadly Wound on you, which you cannot heal this Book even with Immortality.

Prepare For War (Imperial): There comes a time to stop being interested and start being a warrior. When you put one eyeshadow and mask up, your Mood inverts from “Curious” to “Zealous” and you’re ready to fight your enemies! This inverts both your “Paying Attention” and “Interested Times” powers, causing them to be fueled by zeal instead of curiousity.

The Hundred Shadows (Imperial): Over the course of several minutes, you Over the course of several minutes, you unleash a clan of shadow-ninjas out of yourself, and also turn into a human shadow-ninja yourself. The whole clan counts as a single kaiju, a creature of twilight and zeal. Note that turning into a ninja almost always involves masking up, although you can pull your ninja mask down to be curious again. You don’t actually get any extra combat skill for being dozens of ninja, but you can get some Edge for being in multiple places at once or fighting a lot of people at the same time.

You can throw a smoke bomb and unleash your entire ninja clan instantly, but this normally costs 4 MP. In the middle of a campaign-appropriate ritual, this can happen free of cost.

Mortal Form: Between chapters, you can turn back into a normal rat. Your clan disperses gradually, and you slink into the shadows to emerge once again as yourself. Note that this is not a miraculous miracle - if someone is forcing your ninja to stick around, you’re stuck!

You can speed up your return, but not easily. Switching back over the course of a few hours costs you 1 MP. Doing it over several minutes costs 2 MP. Doing it instantly requires 4 MP, or the end of a ritual you took advantage of to transform in the first place.

The Inverse Ninja Law: Once or twice per scene, you can change how many ninja make up your clan, ranging from just you all the way to a few hundred ninja! This does not give you any extra fighting ability, just like making the clan in the first place, but it does waive up to Obstacle 2 for being either too numerous or not numerous enough, and allows you to try things that would normally be impossible for a specific number of people, like fit in a van or cover an entire neighborhood and observe it all at once.

Using this power more than twice per scene costs 1 MP. Spending 2 MP lets you do it as often as you like, and spending 4 MP lets you start the scene already changing size.

Shadow Magic (Cthonic, Imperial): When your kaiju form is wounded, you can choose to develop a defensive feature in place of a wound. Usually, one of your ninja is killed by the attack, and the others unveil some shadow magic to protect themselves. This replaces the usual effects of a Wound with a miraculous power that protects you from the sort of thing that took some of your ninja down.

Elemental Connection (Cthonic): You can commune with spirits and people who are attuned to twilight and shadow, forging a bond with them. You gain a +1 Tool bonus on social or Connection actions with them, and 2 Edge against competing actions by outside parties. The being you commune with also gets these benefits against you.

Through the Shadows (Special): As a ninja, you are very good at getting around unseen, and at recovering small objects or food items. As long as you have the Something to Deal With Issue, you can declare between scenes that you’ve used your ninja powers to get somewhere or take something. This usually takes place as a quick ritual in which you montage your ninja activities.

In addition, if you complete a story without gaining that Issue, you can pick up a point of it to activate this power.

The Rules of Ninjitsu: You are very sure that you are a proper ninja, even though proper ninja may not technically exist. Whenever you use your Superior Ninja skill, it is protected by an Auctoritas 1, keeping many miracles from messing with it.

Superior Hunter: Ninja training is very applicable to the hunting life. You have the Perk “Superior Hunting” at a level equal to your Creature of Fable (1).

The Iconic Ninja (Imperial): Your ninja costume is pretty much a part of you. You don’t always wear it, but when you want to, nothing can stop you. Whenever it is vaguely reasonable, you can pull off your clothes to reveal a ninja costume underneath, or reach into a bush to pull out a ninja mask, or whatever. This is normally free, but costs 1 MP if you need to actually override reality (or a miracle) to do it; you just throw a smokebomb, and when the smoke clears, bam, ninja!

Soul-Binding Jutsu (Cthonic, Bleak): You have access to the most dangerous ninja power of all - when someone else uses their own magic, you can strike it with a series of quick gestures to bind it within them. This costs 1 MP the first time you use it in a book, 2 MP if you use it more than once a book, and 4 MP if you use it more than once per chapter.

This power can target any miracle or magical action. It not only stops the action, it totally removes it from the target’s character sheet for as long as you sustain this power. The target actually has to be doing something - you can’t cut someone’s coincidental immortality or Auctoritas - and if the target is using an Imperial miracle you will probably only stop the part of it that is affecting you, rather than entirely removing the power. Otherwise, this is pretty broad.

The effect lasts until you take a Serious or Deadly Wound, or use the Soul-Binding Jutsu on a new person or effect, or when you choose to release them.

Quest Miracles
Spoiler: Show
Your quest miracles tie you to the shadows of the setting sun, and the gathering darkness in the world. These are usually Lurid any-time quests that see you switching between “In The Thick Of Things” and “Hiding On The Edges”.

By lurking in the shadows, you can miraculously discover facts about what’s going on. Instead, you can use the night to protect people from the Outside or from spiritual harm, bringing them to a lovely sleep. You can even use shadow-magic to buff their souls as they sleep, protecting them from future spiritual harm.

Instead of doing that, you can develop quests that use your ninja powers to develop plot hooks! You can find ninja hideouts, discover ancient treasures, or use your abilities to get ninja-themed hints and stylized tricks to help you with your current problems. These are usually Melodramatic quests, in which you respond to situations with appropriately ninja-like behaviour.


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And speaking of our non-human members, let's get odd.

The Maggot Lord
Duriel (or Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish)

Role In the Band: Manager
Other Hobbies: Listening to Music, Contemplation, Boxing
Age: Ancient Beyond Meaning / Born Yesterday
Favorite Style: Baroque
Transformation: The Maggot Lord

Step 1: Who Are You?

That’s a complicated one.

You are a powerful god of evil, a devil spawned from the depths of Hell. You rose up as part of a plot to conquer a fantastical world, and you served your master well in casting down the armies of humanity. In the end, you did battle with a powerful paladin, who, with his dying breath, used his powers to show you the truth about the world, awakening your demonic soul to hope and harmony…

… which was the point at which you discovered that you, and your world, weren’t real.

None of it was. The hells, the history, your devotion to the harmony of suffering, even the heroes that opposed you - it was all a flimsy patchwork over the endless depths of the Outside. It wasn’t even a very convincing simulacrum of reality. It was a shadow of a shadow of a reflection, a tattered remnant seared into the endless storm by the Sun’s death. Somehow, in that moment of pure reflection, the power of truth awakened you, and suddenly you were… real.

So you left. You abandoned the shadow-play that was your world, and you wandered through the darkness of the Outside looking for something real. And eventually, you found your way to Town, where humans and spirits lived side by side. You crafted a human skin out of gossamer and Dust, and you found a place to live, while you study what it means to exist, and ponder the impossibilities of your ludicrous backstory and whether it was wrong to be evil.

Does that sound about right?
  • Pretty much, yes.
  • Close, but you are actually Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish. Similar backstory, though.
  • You are actually Zogth The Merciless, the monstrous captain of an intergalactic empire, but otherwise pretty spot-on.
  • You are actually Iquilloth the Unfurling Eye, the cosmic horror prophesied to watch the world’s ending, but basically correct.
  • ... something else?

Step 2: Why Do You Want To Work With Idols?
To understand the true nature of harmony.

See, part of the curse of seeing the world as it really is involved recognizing that the beautiful anthems of suffering that were part of your fabricated existence are not actually very good for the people who are actually suffering, as a rule. People have their own ideas about what promotes harmony and beauty, and those ideas rarely involve maggots and pain.

This was a real surprise to you! But you suppose it makes sense, on reflection. The important thing is, you need to figure out what humans find harmonious, and what better place to find harmony and good nature than a teenage idol band? This made sense to you, which proves that you are not very good at human nature yet.

Also you do not have any money, and apparently you need that to live in Town.

So when you saw an ad asking for a band manager, you jumped on it. You’ve organized entire armies, led campaigns against the heroes of a world, and generally demonstrated an exceptional ability to defeat opposition so that your dark masters could gain a foothold over the hearts and minds of a populace. It’s pretty much the same thing. You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the desires, and when you explained all of this in some detail to Rinley Yatskaya, you were invited into the band immediately, rather than having her scream and run and throw things the way people usually do when you admit to being a Lord of Hell.

So that worked!

Step 3: What Stands In Your Way?

Well… you are still a Lord of Hell.

You are on a path towards a new form of harmony, one that might result in you one day shedding some aspects of your demonic nature and becoming more of a god or spirit of human emotion, but you are not there yet. Suffering and pain are at the bedrock of your being, even though that kind of makes you uncomfortable now.

You told Souen Shonen that it must be really nice to be a human and not have to worry about all this inner strife and conflict all the time, and he laughed so hard that he fell off the countertop he was artfully posing on. You aren’t sure you understand why, but he assured you that you would some day.

Step 4: Who Do You Care For?

You are new to Town, and haven’t made many friends yet. But you do have the following Connections:
  • The Idol (2). He is a comforting presence to you, for some reason. Must be how human he is!
  • Mrs. Antimony (2). Your landlady takes an interest in your life, and is a nice person. You’re learning a lot about humanity from her.
You could also have a starting Connection to any of the band members. If so, you take a Connection 1 to them, and they take it to you.

Step 5: How Do You Spend Your Time?

You are pretty dedicated to this whole “learning what a human is” thing, and that affects your day to day life. Take a look at the list of options below, and pick three or four of them. When you’re really stuck at how to enter a scene, go ahead and choose one of those! Are you usually…
  • ...listening to the music of the wind and birds outside?
  • ...lurking in the shadows in your true form, just to stretch for a bit?
  • ...trying out an entirely new and exciting food item you’ve never tasted before?
  • ...doing a really mundane chore with intense concentration?
  • ...unleashing dark energies against local spirits who are harassing you?
  • ...getting unnecessarily worked up about a minor annoyance of everyday life?
  • ...organizing a band event with intense concentration?
  • ...looking for other members of the band who are missing a rehearsal or event?
  • ...practicing your best human conversation with uninterested passersby?
  • ...passing out flyers or selling merchandise for the band?
  • ...doing something else?

Step 6: What’s Next?

Day to day, you are impressed and surprised by the beauty of human life, and you get kind of carried away by how many neat new things you are getting involved in. You’ll go a little over the top in being impressed by something human.

You are also dealing with the band’s management problems. There is a lot to get done in a short time frame, and you’ve approached a sponsor to help get things off the ground. But the owner of Arcadia’s biggest record store may not be the helpful do-gooder that you imagined…

And then, there’s the problem of what it means to be real. You are feeling sort of tired and faded lately, and you’re a little worried that the power of the miracle that made you exist is starting to fade. There is a great harmony building around you, and you need to explore what it means.


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I know, right? And it works a lot better than who was going to go there originally. Go Duriel!

And speaking of...

The Maggot Lord
Child of the Ash 2, Primordial 1
Emotion XP: Speechlessness

  • Superior Demon 3 - You are a demonic being still.*
  • Ice Magic 2 - You can command frost magic with demonic power.
  • Suffer 2 - You would be a hypocrite if you didn’t find your own suffering both fun and productive.
  • Town Culture 1 - You’re getting the hang of it.
* - Obviously, if you are a Superior Alien Warlord or a Superior Cosmic Horror, swap that out here.

  • Bond: “I See What Is Real (2).” You can’t spot deliberate lies, but you can see the lies people tell themselves and distinguish people’s fictions and masks.
  • Affliction: “My ice is holy and perfect (1).” Your ice can be dispelled, or fade, but enemy magic or heat never really affects it and it can freeze those who are usually ice proof.
  • Connection: The Idol (2). There is something comforting about him.
  • Connection: Your Landlady (2). She’s nice!
Miraculous Powers: The Maggot Lord
Spoiler: Show
You are a demon of raw power and elemental fury. You are a creature of pain and suffering, which expresses itself through your element of Pain - you can command it and evoke it, often as an unnatural frost. Your Mood, however, is Harmony - you look for the ways in which people come together. Both your Child of the Ash and Primordial powers draw on your Element and your Mood, as well as your transformation between a human shell and a demonic lord. Finally, as long as you are a Primordial, you are Immortal - if slain or injured, you simply mystically revert to your original form some time later. Only by retroactively removing you from time, or by merging your essence with a similar but more powerful being, could you truly die.

The Harmony of the Spheres (Imperial):In your presence, disparate elements merge together into a perfected whole. Over the course of several minutes, you can evoke the region property, “Things Become More and More Harmonious”. This does not necessarily make things happy. It just makes everything sort of fit together and balance out well, whether it is a team making cookies or a duel to the death.

By spending 1 MP, you can instead focus harmony on a single person. Over the next several minutes, that person feels the inherent harmony of existence, which may affect them strongly, in the right situation, or only weakly if it is opposed to their nature. This effect fades at the end of the scene, unless you spend your time between scenes maintaining the effect in the same location.

Invoking “The Harmony of the Spheres” instantly costs you 4 MP.

Divine Harmony (Imperial): Once per book, you may spend 2 MP to render a scene entirely and perfectly harmonious, resolving a chaotic or uncertain situation as a wish. The HG has a lot of leeway into what exactly this means, but you can give them advice.

You can use this power a second or future time in a book, but it hurts. Doing so costs you 4 MP and inflicts a Deadly Wound on you, which you cannot heal this Book even with Immortality.

Hell’s Reach (Imperial): When you are feeling sick, and reality is fading away, you can stab yourself and smear blood on your face and unleash the pure suffering of Hell. This reverses the power of your “Harmony of the Spheres” and “Divine Harmony”, creating the Region Property “Things become more Agonizing”, and using Agony to resolve problems. You don’t do this often, as a rule. It’s not what other people want. But you can, if you need to.

The Maggot Lord (Imperial): Over the course of several minutes, you can wriggle out of your fake human skin and revert to your true demonic appearance. As the Maggot Lord, you are a ten-foot tall grey and red demon with bladed arms and a massive pulsating sac dragging behind you on dozens of tiny insect legs. Your aura of cold spreads out even further, leaving frost on everything within fifty feet and slowing anyone in its radius with pain and freezing muscles. You can shed your skin and become a kaiju instantly, but this normally costs 4 MP. In the middle of a campaign-appropriate ritual, this can happen free of cost.

Mortal Shell: Between chapters, you can disguise yourself as a normal human again. You weave a coccoon around yourself, which slowly collapses and liquifies, your bones shattering and reforming until you become a normal human being. The process is incredibly painful, but fortunately you find pain very fulfilling.

You can speed up your shell’s construction, but not easily. Switching back over the course of a few hours costs you 1 MP. Doing it over several minutes costs 2 MP. Doing it instantly requires 4 MP, or the end of a ritual you took advantage of to transform in the first place.

Unholy Frost: Once or twice per scene, you can change your frost aura’s size and intensity. You can pull it in tight until it is practically a solid layer of ice around your skin, or spread it out until it is a cool breeze across everything within a mile. Doing this lets you waive up to Obstacle 2 for using your ice magic for either scale or power, depending on which way you’re going, but applies Obstacle to the opposite. Using this power more than twice per scene costs 1 MP. Spending 2 MP lets you do it as often as you like, and spending 4 MP lets you start the scene already changing size.

Harmony of Agony (Cthonic, Imperial): Pain is nothing to one such as you. When you are injured, you can lean into the pain and develop a defensive demonic aura that overlays your normal ice. This takes a Wound slot as usual, but replaces the usual wound effects with a wish that protects you against the sort of attack that caused this wound.

Elemental Connection (Cthonic): Your newfound connection to Harmony is surprisingly powerful. When you meet creatures and spirits of harmony and music, you can commune with them. You gain a +1 Tool bonus on social or Connection actions with them, and 2 Edge against competing actions by outside parties. The being you commune with also gets these benefits against you.

Pain Is Beautiful (Cthonic): You see the beauty in suffering, even if others don’t, and this can oddly be helpful to those around you. You can express your emotions through the pain or discomfort that the people around you are feeling. People’s wounds throb in time to the music you are listening to, or their injuries seem to fade as you tire or grow with your anger. When you are emoting joy and hope, all the pain around you seems like a pleasant ache, a sign of healing and growth. When you are angry or fearful, it is a terrible thing to be injured in your presence. You can practice honing this power, until you can wield people’s pain against them directly, but you don’t have to.

Feel Your Burdens (Cthonic): By spending a few minutes concentrating, you can send a mote of your demonic essence through all the aches and pains of the people of Town to find someone or something that you are looking for. If they are feeling any pain, or causing any pain, or helping someone with their pain, you can find them - and the thing about humans is, they almost always feel some amount of pain somewhere. If their pain is severe, this is usually pretty fast. If it’s barely present, it can take a while. You can spend MP to speed this process up, at the HG’s discretion.

Digest (Imperial): You scoff at mundane notions of food (but not at food itself, that is pretty nice.) If you can figure out how to eat something, you can always digest it within 2-3 hours, and there’s nothing that you can’t notionally digest. If you can use magic to eat someone’s shadow, you’re set to digest it safely! At the HG’s option, digesting particularly weird or magical things could give you strange Wounds, or provide you with MP or even XP or a Perk.

Human Harmony (Cthonic): By speaking with people about what harmony and unity mean to them, you can spend 2 MP in order to attune yourself to their humanity and take an aspect of that for yourself. This can manifest in one of two ways:
  • You can gain a Level 2 Bond or Level 1 Superior Skill related to that person’s concept of harmony, which is stored in one of your Normal Health Levels, or
  • You can gain an Affliction, Level 2-3 Superior Skill, or miraculous ability you can use 1-2/x per scene, which is stored in your Tough Health Level.
These changes are not dramatic, but take the form of an almost-invisible aura that alters your human shell or provides human elements to your kaiju form. People just subconsciously feel that you exude person-ness in the way that your power exists (for example, if you gain Superior Listener from someone who believes that active listening is the key to harmony, people will look at you and say, “That Duriel is a good listener” even if you aren’t listening to them right now!)

Shared Witness (Imperial): While you hold someone’s harmony in your heart, you can hear them. When you activate this power, they can emote what they want you to know about their situation right now. You can also spend 1 MP to find their location and general status after a few minutes of looking, or 4 MP to find it instantly.

Quest Miracles
Spoiler: Show
Most of your quest miracles are a little dark, to be honest. They usually take the form of Lurid any-time quests, in which you flip between “Caring and Thoughtful” and “Fascinated by Suffering”, your old nature reasserting itself. You can use your own pain or the pain of others to divine facts, and develop miraculous insight into the pains of others. You can also turn someone else’s pain into protection, healing spiritual wounds and leaving only the scars or shielding them against further harm by turning their wounds into blessed sigils. You can even help someone suffering from a long-term illness or injury by changing their perception of their pain so that it doesn’t feel bad any more.

Alternately, you can attune yourself to harmony. This usually takes the form of a transcendent experience, in which you feel the harmony of the world touch you as a Symbolic quest. These quests give you inspiration and alterations to the nature of your connection to pain or harmony in a way that will help you solve problems. You might find a way to alter your Mood to bring Determination, or adjust your human skin to be an ogre or a long-necked person. These changes don’t usually last, unless you make them long enough to buy the changes as a Perk.

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Interesting how he has ice powers but ice is not part of his miraculous abilities. I always forget that I can do stuff like that.


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Yeah, Duriel's ice powers in the game are cool (pun intended), but they're not overwhelmingly powerful or narrative-altering. About the only narratively important fact about them is the fact that you can't dodge them with thawing potions or freeze immunity. Really, Duriel in the game probably wouldn't qualify as a miraculous character at all; he's got a couple of Afflictions, but he is a slave to the narrative, not its master.

Jeremy Kopczynski

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Interesting. Good to know. Of course this Duriel has been altered by Conversion to be realer than the game version. So miraculous makes sense now even if it didn't then.


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Well, I was doing well. My buffer ran out, and I'm sick, so slight delay until our next update. Hopefully in the next day or two.

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So all these everyone's-on-the-same-arc deals have struck a spark that I absolutely lack the chops for, so I offer it up to you or anyone else who likes the idea.

Flip it turn-ways, and you get "everyone is the same character on different arcs." Crisis on Infinite Towns. :ROFLMAO:

Everyone is a different version of Rinley, or Everyone is Jasmine, or Everyone is

...okay my mind seized up when I tried to slot Leonardo into that phrase. :eek::D
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