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🎨 Creative [Chuubo's] Monster Mash!


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I actually started an everyone is an alternate version of Chuubo game... but immediately ran entirely out of steam so I never got anywhere with it.


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...okay my mind seized up when I tried to slot Leonardo into that phrase. :eek::D
I did the Leonardo Project, back in the day! It was twenty-four (maybe actually only twenty-three?) Leonardos, one for each Arc. I never updated it for the revised Arcs, though, and it did not include specific quests or ideas. It was just "Leonardo throws the switch on the Nightmare Engine and twenty-three more Leonardos appear, this must be everyone's nightmare come to life."

And my current update - I got sick. My creativity is in the absolute pits. Might still get our Octopus Singer up some time over the weekend, but who knows.


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Many apologies for the delays, everyone. A chain of family illness, personal illness, and work explosions has kept me pretty busy. One might even say that I've had to be responsible instead of reaching for artist and glory. Which brings us to...

The Octopus Singer
Akkoro Kawaguchi

Role In the Band: The Roadie
Other Hobbies: Fishing, TV Watching
Age: 16
Favorite Style: New Wave
Transformation: Flock of Seagulls

Step 1: Who Are You?

You’re no one important, really. You’re just one of the octopus singers of Fortitude (well, an apprentice, technically, but you’re basically ready to work alone.) You know the octopus singers, right? They’ve learned the songs that call small octopuses up from Big Lake, for the fishermen to gather. Octopus singing isn’t done very often, because if you over-fish them the Octopus spirits get pretty upset, but it’s generally considered to be the best way to fish for octopus because it keeps the little ones happy and calm until you can fish them, and is more in tune with the spiritual world. Also because if an octopus spirit shows up and is annoyed, you can sing it calm and then get out without harvesting the octopuses.

So, it’s an important job, even if it’s one you only do a few times a year. People respect it. It puts food on the table, sometimes literally, and it earns you a small share of the octopus ink that is so in demand up in Horizon. It’s quiet, it’s not that hard (mostly a lot of private rehearsal and practice for the ceremonies,) and your family is proud of you.

It’s just… it’s not actually a cool job. You get teased at school sometimes because you’ve got ink on your clothes, the ceremonies are long and keep happening when there’s a concert or cool festival event that you would honestly rather be at. But… you were picked to be an octopus singer. It’s an honour. You can’t just walk away from it.

… does that sound right?

  • Yes!
  • Mostly, but my name is actually Yakushi, and I’m a girl.
  • Close, but I actually work as a shrine priest at the Kichi pools, and my fingers are stained with Outside dust.
  • Almost… I’m the son of the harbour master, and I sing the winds calm when it’s time for boats to come to harbour in a storm.
  • ... something else?

Step 2: Why Do You Want To Be An Idol?

Idols are just so cool.

You’ve dreamed of being on stage, doing something flashy and wild and fun. Something more exciting than boring old summoning octopuses through song, and more popular. Something that will really make everyone stand up and take note of you.

You want to be cool! You want to be adventurous, and fancy, and you want to have a cool teenage romance, and to have everyone cheering and clapping for you. You want all of it! You have a notebook with possible band outfits in it, and you practice modern singing in your room when you are really supposed to be practicing octopus singing. You even have an old walkman with a lot of old tapes you listen to when you’re out walking around.

Being in an idol band would essentially be the coolest thing ever.

Step 3: What Stands In Your Way?

You are not cool.

Technically, you are not even a member of an idol band now, because you chickened out at the last moment and offered to help out with whatever projects the band needed. So… now you’re the official roadie for Heart Attack, which is… not actually what you were hoping for. You wanted to be on stage, not behind it.

But also whenever you think about actually going on stage, or actually asking Rinley if you can go on stage, you start to hyperventilate. You’re a quiet, practical sort of person, not a cool band member. Even being around all these incredible people is a little bit overwhelming. How can you manage to stand up next to them and be seen by everyone? What if you screw it up? Because you’re pretty sure that you’ll screw it up. You’ll be out on stage and it’ll be time to sing and you’ll sing the wrong note and everyone will be staring and whispering, and then Mr. Duriel will say that your services are no longer required and Rinley will look sad and disappointed in you…

This is the sort of thing that goes through your mind when you’re trying to sleep these days. You’re worrying about everything. What if you mess up your octopus singing duties by accidentally singing a Heart Attack song? What if you miss an important concert because you need to be octopus singing? What if the kids at school find out that you’re a roadie and make fun of you for it? What if the band realizes you’re not special and hires a better roadie?

It’s a lot. It’s all just… a lot.

Step 4: Who Do You Care For?

You may be a bit of a mess, but you’re a bit of a mess with friends! Sort of. Not a lot of good friends, really. But at the start of the campaign, you have the following Connections:
  • Mr. Hamasaki (2). This is your mentor, the octopus singer who trained you.
  • The Kaiju Hunter (2). You are very fascinated by the dramatic lives of the Fortitude Rats, and to your surprise they’re interested in you, too!
You could start the game with Level 1 Connections to other PCs, and they could start with those Connections to you. Honestly, though, you probably shouldn’t have a Connection to more than one other PC, including your Connection to the Kaiju Hunter. You’re a little isolated from the rest of the band for now.

Step 5: How Do You Spend Your Time?

Most of your day-to-day life is quiet. You don’t grab centre stage, and you don’t jump into the frame. But you do have interests. Pick three or four of the following activities, and note them down. If you have trouble knowing how to enter a scene, choose one of them and go for it! Day to day, are you…
  • Sitting quietly, listening to your Walkman?
  • Hanging out near the back of a crowd of students, listening but not talking?
  • Practicing your octopus singing, because you can never practice too much?
  • Helping someone out by doing a chore with them?
  • Helping someone out by doing a chore for them?
  • Looking for another PC because there’s a band-related decision you don’t feel capable of making?
  • Practicing a Heart Attack song just in case, but casually enough you can pretend that you were just enjoying the music if you’re caught?
  • Feeding some birds or stray animals?
  • Reading a book alone at a cafe or restaurant?
  • Out shopping?
  • ...doing something else?

Step 6: What’s Next?

You are in a bit of a bind, honestly. Most of the time, you are doing your best to seem cool and collected and quietly competent, while secretly having a panic attack or freak-out. It’s important to you that no one figure this out! Pretend to be under control!

But things aren’t all doom and gloom! You’ve got this neat new idol band to work for, and one of its members is particularly interesting to you. You kind of want to pattern your life after them, even if you do not understand them at all. It’s worth getting to know what they’re about, at least.

Your main thing, though? The big thing, the one that is everything to you right now? It’s just working for the band itself. Figuring out how to be a roadie, how to do the work, and most importantly… figuring out how to get on stage, and whether you actually want this, or whether it’s something that you just want to dream about. You need to decide if being in a band is in your future, or if it’s just a silly dream.


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Well, I'm hoping to make up for it by updating three times a week for the rest of March. I'm also hoping to have an announcement to make Friday. Let's see how that goes!

In the mean time, here's our good roadie's character sheet.

The Roadie
Akkoro or Yakushi Kawaguchi

Arcs: Child of the Ash 2, Reality Syndrome 1
Emotion XP: Awww

  • Connected 2 - You can draw on favours from a lot of people around Town.
  • Fishing 2 - You know the ways of the lake.
  • Listening 2 - You are an active listener.
  • Patient 2 - You’re a pretty patient person.

  • Miraculous Ability: Octopus Singer. This miracle is identical to the one listed on Page 106 of Chuubo’s. It lets you call octopuses, ideally little ones from Big Lake but with enough MP any size from anything water-like.
  • Bond: I can be relied on (2). You are always able to help, and often get involved in helping. This is not always good for you, but you can work yourself to exhaustion and still be alive, so that’s nice.
  • Connection: The Kaiju Hunter (2). They’re cool and interested in you!
  • Connection: Mr. Hamasaki (2). He’s a mentor to you.
Miraculous Powers: The Octopus Singer
Spoiler: Show
You are a fixture of your community, a practical and simple person with very impractical and extravagant desires. This contradiction is a constant dilemma for you. Your Element is the Rusted Storm that blows into Town from the Outside, and your Mood is “Practicality.” You also have an Experience - “My sense of self-worth”, and a Hack - Octopus Singing. Finally, you are always stretched thin. As long as you are on the Reality Syndrome Arc, you are Sickly.

Let’s Think About Things (Imperial): Over the course of several minutes, you can create an aura around you of practically and grounded problem-solving. You create the Region Property, “Things become more and more practical”, which makes people pause and think about how to actually do the things they want to do. Note that practical does not always mean reasonable, which could become important if your Mood starts to mingle with those of other PCs.

By spending 1 MP, you can instead focus practicality on a single person. Over the next several minutes, that person feels a moment of being practical and logical, which may affect them strongly, in the right situation, or only weakly if it is opposed to their nature. This effect fades at the end of the scene, unless you spend your time between scenes maintaining the effect in the same location.

Invoking “Let’s Think About Things” instantly costs you 4 MP.

Practical Magic (Imperial): Once per book, you may spend 2 MP to invoke a miraculous expression of practicality, which calls down the power of practicality in the form of a wish, “I wish we could deal with things in a practical manner.” The HG has broad leeway for how that wish resolves, but it will solve the situation.

You can use this power a second or future time in a book, but it is hard on you. Doing so costs you 4 MP and inflicts a Deadly Wound on you, which you cannot heal this Book.

Flights of Fancy (Cthonic): Sometimes your dreams get the better of you. Sometimes, you shake out your hair and unbutton the top button of your shirt, and let yourself believe in wonder. This inverts your Mood to Magical, which changes the effects of both “Let’s Think About Things” and “Practical Magic” to express magic and dream-like solutions and ideas.

The Flock (Imperial): When everything just gets too much, and you can’t keep the panic in anymore, you explode. We mean that almost literally. Your body shreds itself apart in a howling wind, and hundreds of screaming rust-tinted seagulls explode from your clothes in all directions, forming a terrible flock of Outside-tinted screeching. This generally takes a few minutes, during which time you shudder and let off birds one at a time while people around you stare.

In your flock form, you take up a massive cloud of space, and can generally take the sort of actions that a giant flock of angry and suspiciously durable magic folk-story seagulls could manage. You can talk, because folk animals, obviously, although individual words tend to come from tiny pockets of seagulls in a weird way. You can’t send any given bird too far from the flock without it vanishing in a puff of Outside dust.

You can also turn into The Flock instantly, but this normally costs 4 MP. In the middle of a campaign-appropriate ritual, this can happen free of cost.

Mortal Form: Between chapters, you can turn back into a normal human. All of the seagulls that make you up fall down into your discarded clothes, each one dissolving into dust that restores itself, eventually, into you. This can be blocked; if someone steals or traps some of your gulls, you might lose a piece of yourself until you can recover them, or be unable to reform at all.

You can speed up your return, but not easily. Switching back over the course of a few hours costs you 1 MP. Doing it over several minutes costs 2 MP. Doing it instantly requires 4 MP, or the end of a ritual you took advantage of to transform in the first place.

Rust or Feathers: As the Flock, you are both birds, and a literal Outside storm that follows the logic of stories and magic. Once or twice per scene, you can change how much you are magic, and how much you are birds. This allows you to ignore up to Obstacle 2 worth of difficulties that magic birds might evade, or allows you to slip through the sort of magic that would normally block the Outside, but not both at once - the more magical you are, the more vulnerable you are to banishment or warding, and the more bird you are, the more you are a dumb flock of seagulls with poor problem-solving skills. Using this power more than twice per scene costs 1 MP. Spending 2 MP lets you do it as often as you like, and spending 4 MP lets you start the scene flickering through states of being.

Shield of Rust (Cthonic, Imperial): When your Flock takes a Wound, you can choose to develop a defensive feature in place of a wound. This takes a Wound slot as usual, but replaces the usual wound effects with a wish that protects you against the sort of attack that caused this wound, in the form of a magical transformation through your Outside dust that changes the nature of your birds.

Elemental Connection (Cthonic): You have a Connection to creatures of the Outside and creations of Outside dust. When you meet them, you gain a +1 Tool bonus on social or Connection actions with them, and 2 Edge against competing actions by outside parties. The being you commune with also gets these benefits against you. Note that this combines with your ability to communicate with anything extremely well.

Let’s Talk (Cthonic): It might be your voice, or your attitude, but everything talks to you. If communication is possible, you can do it. On top of that, you’re just kind of a pleasant and reliable person; there is an inherent Obstacle 2 to decide to take hostile action against you. Once someone takes hostile action, they can stay hostile for the whole story without further Obstacle.

Solipsistic Self-Worth (Imperial): The world sees you as you see yourself. Up to twice per book, you can spend a few minutes interacting with people to create the Region Property, “You share the Octopus Singer’s experience of their worth and capability.” When you’re confident or quietly certain, this makes everyone feel sure about you. When you’re panicking, people start thinking you can’t manage the situation. You can spend 4 MP to use this power more than twice in a Book.

We’re All In It Together (Imperial): Once per Book, you can expand your current mood to surround everyone in your presence. This causes everyone around you to start thinking of themselves in the way that you are currently thinking of yourself, and puts an Obstacle 2 in the way of their behaving according to their own sense of self-worth or capability. Using this ability more than once per Book costs you 2 MP, and doing it more than once per chapter costs 4 MP.

The Secret (Cthonic, Unreal): Your thoughts become reality, in small ways. When you activate "We're All In This Together", you can also manifest a small object or piece of information that supports your current belief in yourself. If you trust yourself, you can manifest information or equipment that you need to accomplish a task, whereas if you're panicking you can manifest a minor threat or piece of bad news.

Anything you create tends to not be very powerful. dangerous, or dramatically important. You can't learn secrets that a Main Character wants to keep away from you, or gain objects that are inherently magical or potent.

Using this power more than once during a single application of "We're All In This Together" costs 1 MP per created object or fact.

The Songs of the Octopus: You are an Octopus Singer. This expresses itself in your miraculous Perk, but it also does… stranger things. You can ask octopuses to bring you things, as long as they’re things octopuses could carry. You can ask octopuses to open locks or look for things. You can send octopuses away if they’re causing trouble.

That’s about it, really. But “bring me a thing, go get a thing, come here, and leave” are all pretty useful as a miraculous power with no cost or limit!

Quest Miracles
Spoiler: Show
Your quest miracles are pretty powerful. You can listen to the power of the Rusted Storms and harness them to your will. These are usually Lurid any-time quests that line up with your Mood switches between “Practical Worker” and “Magical Dreamer.”

By having dreams and waiting on the beaches, you can learn facts about when storms will come into Town and what kaiju or other forces they will bring with them. You can twist storms against themselves to protect people and places from the Outside, or use the power of Outside dust to repair spiritual wounds and strengthen people’s dreams.

You can also train with someone, usually in the form of an Over The Top quest about you getting carried away with someone else’s exciting life and abilities. Completing these quests gives you a Level 2 Superior Skill related to the skills you’ve learned, for as long as you maintain the quest.

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While I hope you can pull it off if you can't you can't. Life does seem to come before hobbies after all. I kind of wonder what the Roadies Octopus Singer hack would like as a System. Grant wishes that an Octopus can reasonably pull off safely and everything else is like ice cream for Chuubo? Inquiring minds like to know!


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When everything just gets too much, and you can’t keep the panic in anymore, you explode. We mean that almost literally. Your body shreds itself apart in a howling wind, and hundreds of screaming rust-tinted seagulls explode from your clothes in all directions,
So when you panicked, you ran.

You ran so far away?
You just ran?
You ran all night and day?
You couldn't get away?

Somebody had to say it?


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So when you panicked, you ran.

You ran so far away?
You just ran?
You ran all night and day?
You couldn't get away?

Somebody had to say it?
Yesssss someone noticed!

I was just literally saying that I was slightly sad that I posted that a character's favorite genre was New Wave and their transformation was a Flock of Seagulls and no one noticed the joke, and minutes later you posted and made my day. :D

I kind of wonder what the Roadies Octopus Singer hack would like as a System. Grant wishes that an Octopus can reasonably pull off safely and everything else is like ice cream for Chuubo? Inquiring minds like to know!
Short version, because I haven't worked out the long one, I think that would be about accurate, but scaling ludicrously.

Probably, the Hack would define some facts about Octopuses, and those facts determine what singing them up will do for you. You can then spend Recharge Tokens to add new facts about octopuses to make them do more for you.

Maybe your starting facts are as follows.
  • Sweep the floor of the seas for treasures.
  • Are very good at breaking and entering.
  • Emit strange and magical inks.
  • Are watched over by friendly and intelligent spirits.

And wishes that line up with those four facts usually work out well, whereas wishes that are opposed to those facts go very badly. But maybe then you spend a Recharge Token that says that octopuses...
  • Like to fight predators.
And now you can wish your octopuses to attack enemies!


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Just a note: if somebody says that the Roadie is stuck in the desert miles from the nearest octopus habitat so they can't use their powers, just point out that octopi* can be hiding right next to you and you will never notice until they give you whatever they've been holding.

There are more impressive videos out there, but since this is only 8 seconds long it's worth watching.


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Okay! It is Friday at lunch, which means that it is officially announcement time. There is a reason that I wanted to do three updates a week for the rest of March, and that reason is that I want to get this campaign wrapped in time for my next big thing.

My next big thing is that I'm starting a Patreon Account!

The account is going to be putting up both Chuubo's material and some general mini-RPGs, hacks to systems, and systemless settings. I'm hoping to use it to make a little bit of side money for these things that I do anyway, and to keep me on point. If you've enjoyed all my Chuubo's campaigns so far, please consider going over and joining the community to help me decide what I'm going to start with in April.

In the mean time, though, I'm launching right into quests for this campaign! And our first quest set belongs to Rinley...

The Power of Song
The Rising Star’s Arc

This is the story about someone who starts doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons, and the ways that everything gets out of hand.

Your story is about the kaiju in a some ways, but primarily it’s about what it means to be a Rinley, and what it means to be a Yatskaya, and the many drawbacks with trying to find a shortcut to feeling good about yourself. You’ve gotten this idea into your head that if you get a bunch of people together and make music, and save Town from some monsters and also save some monsters from Town, it’ll all work out in the end.

It’s going to be a harder road than that. You’ll probably be okay in the end. You’re a good person at heart. But there’s some rough patches in the road ahead...

Basic Quest: Inspiration

Bands need cool songs, and cool songs should spring from reality! When you see something that’s particularly cool, or lyrical, or touching, you can shout (or whisper) “Inspiration!” and quickly jot down notes for a future song. You should probably include a couple of notes about what the song will be about. Once per scene, doing this will gain you 1 XP towards this quest. When this quest is completed, you gain a Recharge Token.

Side Quest: Family Matters
35-XP Emptiness Quest

You would like to be throwing yourself full-tilt into your new band, but you’ve still got family duties to take care of. They’re a pain, and you aren’t very good at them, and honestly as a Yatskaya (probably) they are more weird than in-depth.

You keep finding yourself messing things up. You get lectures from your father. He doesn’t really understand why this kaiju-fighting is family-appropriate, so he wants you to do cat-herding and dream-tending and all the other stuff, too.

It’s just… a lot of work.

Major XP Triggers:

When you complete one of the following triggers, you may claim 5 XP:
  • You hold a concert at a family event to solve two problems at once.
  • Your neglect of family duties puts someone else in big trouble.
  • You get into a roaring fight with a sibling or cousin about your responsibilities.
You may claim each of these triggers once, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavour:

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP towards this quest when one of the following occurs:
  • You get lost in someone’s dreams.
  • You almost drown.
  • You get scratched by a cat.
  • You get into a fight with a spirit.
  • You stagger into band practice and promptly fall over onto something or someone.
  • You tell someone stories about the Yatskaya family.
  • Note: If you are not a Yatskaya, most of these quest triggers will probably have to be changed.
When you finish this quest, you’ll find yourself a little bit more in tune with your family’s responsibilities and powers. Choose whichever aspect of the Yatskaya responsibilities most resonated with you, and take a Power Up Perk that adds +1 to that Skill.

Arc Quest 1: Unfocused Adventures
25-XP Knight 1 Quest

You have a new band! And once you have songs, and a venue, and fans, and some concert times it is going to be really successful, and you know that kaiju will be lining up to be comforted and helped out.

But the thing is… that is a lot of work. Your friends are helping out, and you’re dealing with kaiju when they arrive, but the work… it’s just so much work… and there are video games, and snail warriors, and rogue umbrellas, and just so many interesting things that you could be doing instead of actually being a band leader.

You’ve got to focus. You’ve got to make this dream real, and impress everyone with how responsible you are. You just know that it is not going to be easy.

Major XP Triggers:

When you complete one of the following triggers, you may claim 5 XP:
  • You get someone to give your band a concert date!
  • A kaiju attacks, and you are nowhere to be found.
You may claim each of these triggers, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour:

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP towards this quest when one of the following occurs:
  • You miss a band meeting.
  • You struggle with music rehearsal.
  • Someone compliments your singing.
  • You get involved in an adventure not related to any other PC or to the band or to a kaiju.
  • You derail a rehearsal by dragging other PCs on an adventure.
When you finish this quest, you’ve got your focus together. The band is the most important thing going on! This gives you the Bond, “Band Leader (1)”, which helps you keep that focus intact.

Arc Quest 2: Battle of the Bands
35-XP Knight 2 Quest

Things are looking up. You’ve gotten some shows in, had a few cool kaiju fights, and Heart Attack is poised to be the name on everyone’s lips, except… what’s this? Someone has stolen your idea.

Several someones, in fact!

There are other teen pop idol bands popping up in Fortitude, and they are also in control of or seeking to defeat the kaiju! They’re taking all the credit! They’re making fun of you! THIS WILL NOT STAND. You are the person who thought of this cool idea, and you are going to make sure that everyone else knows it!!

Major XP Triggers:

When you complete one of the following triggers, you may claim 5 XP:
  • You absolutely trash the reputation of another band.
  • Your band and another band get into a fight over a recently-arrived kaiju.
  • You recruit a member of a rival band into your band without checking with the rest of the band first.
You may claim each of these triggers, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavour:

Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP towards this quest when one of the following occurs:
  • You get in a musical duel with another band.
  • You turn into a kaiju to sabotage someone’s concert.
  • You stop a rampaging kaiju entirely with the power of your music.
  • You organize a concert with a former rival.
Finishing this quest makes sure that everyone knows that you’re the one who had the idea first, and kind of… goes to your head. But it also makes you hard to stop. You gain the Perk, “Cool (1).”

Arc Quest 3: All About Rinley
25-XP Knight 3 Quest

Things are getting rough. Everyone in the band is dealing with huge problems, and the kaiju just keep coming. But you are convinced that things are on track. You’re certain that you are going to be recognized as the best Yatskaya sibling. You are brimming with confidence and gusto.

You are wrong. Your friends are getting hurt as you drag them further and further into danger. Your family is not impressed with you, they’re worried. The kaiju aren’t going away, at least not because of you.

It’s all turning out sour, but you’re sure that if you just stay the course, it’ll be okay.

Major XP Triggers:

When you complete one of the following triggers, you may claim 5 XP:
  • Another PC needs you, and you aren’t there because you’re busy with band things.
  • You try to do something important alone, and other people come to help you.
You may claim each of these triggers, for a total of 10 XP.

Quest Flavour:
Once per chapter, you may claim 1 XP towards this quest when one of the following occurs:
  • You don’t listen to someone’s problems.
  • You take credit for something another PC did.
  • You make a band decision without checking with anyone.
  • You sit alone in the dark and cry.
  • You get in a fight with a sibling or parent.
  • You struggle with too many tasks at once.

At the end of this quest you’re going to realize that you do need the rest of the band, and that they are your family, too. You will probably make a big gesture of turning critical band decisions over to the others, and apologize profusely. This changes your Band Leader Perk; when you have the Trust Issue, it increases to a rating of (Trust).

There is a chance that instead you’ll quit the band and give up on your dream, but this probably ends with you making amends. In that case, you will probably need to have your Band Leader Perk be tied to Sickness or Vice.

Ending this quest also completes your Arc and advances your “Become Somebody” Arc to 2, providing you with new miracles. Now it’s time to actually help any of your friends whose stories aren’t done, and prepare for the next Arc (if there is one!)
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