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Chuubo's Thread 5: "Glass-Maker's Dragon PDF Now on Sale!"


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Fortitude: by the Docks of Big Lake has a little bit about them in the Rat writeup (pg 93-94) and in the Far Roofs section (pg 213) and a few Mystery-based quests that have some more information on them. Jenna has also done write-ups of Goblin, Harpy, Unicorn I think? and Hedge the Fang, four more of Typhon's kin.

But it's all still scattered through a lot of places.


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I've got my copy of GMD, and it's utterly beautiful. Thanks Dr Moran!
I agree, and had been meaning to come in this thread and say that for a while. The book is so pretty that I almost cried when I opened the box and saw it in front of me for the first time. Thank you so much for making this thing exist, Jenna! :)


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Something I was wondering about, Jenna. Would there be Kickstarters for future books, to get art and stuff for them? Or is that something out of reach for the time being?


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I've proceeded through six chapters of my 'Glass-Maker's Dragon' CYOA, and I've now put up summaries of said chapters:


Memorable events thus far:

1. Chuubo wishing for Rinley's siblings to know what happened to their mother, causing them to also be kidnapped by giant birds.
2. Miramie attempting to unmake her need for sleep.
3. Leonardo building robots with lasers in an attempt to get rid of Billy Sovereign.
4. Jasper growing a tongue that can lick away parts of the Outside.
5. Seizhi rediscovering New York and trying to pull it free from the Outside.
6. Rinley riding to the Evil World with Chuubo on a flying bicycle.
7. Entropy locking Miramie in an oubliette after trying to trick information out of him.
8. Natalia throwing Typhon into the sun.


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And now my Chuubo's book has arrived! It is so pretty.

It showed up, ironically, just after my most recent campaign (School Professors Of Horizon) wrapped up. Highlights of that campaign included:

* A romance-based professor falling in love with a time machine
* A shapeshifter with divination becoming mentor to a young Protagonist from Earth.
* Setting up Impious and the Protagonist in question to become a couple.
* Setting up Lee Scathing and Billy Sovereign to become a couple.
* Setting up Jasmine Apocynum with the head of the school newspaper.
* Setting up Vice Principal Adikia, Goddess of Injustice, to fall in love with the collected nightmares that students have about one of the PCs.
* A PC marrying the Moon, becoming the sun, and leaving Bruce Wayne and Carl Sagan to teach all of his classes after making them real via time machine shenanigans.
* Another PC becoming Vice Principal more or less by mistake after he conspired to overthrow Adikia.

All in all, good times.


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So I'm reading up on Prophet to try and wrap my head around what it can do and I just hit this:

"Technically when an NPC uses Illumination on screen—when the PCs are there to interact with or witness the event—the HG should actually take the XP Action. That’s optional, though, and probably won’t work very well for on-screen NPC-NPC interactions. If an NPC uses Illumination off-screen then it is difficult to imagine a case where the XP Action would be worth taking. "

Can the HG take XP Actions and does doing so throw XP into the pool?
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