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[CLASSIC TRAVELLER] The minimum LBBs to play in the Imperium

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Gaming last night and one of the guys said they'd like to play a little sci-fi for a change of pace, which seemed popular. I have pretty much everything published for CT in storage but don't want to spend 6 weeks re-reading it all so I set myself a challenge to run it with the bare minimum of books, so I drew up my shortlist:

Books 1-3 (duh!)
Supplement 3 - The Spinward Marches (can't go wrong with a Marches campaign)
Supplement 4 - Citizens of the Imperium (civilians run away from Zhodani too!!)
Supplement 7 - Traders & Gunboats (for all those classic starships)
Supplement 8 - Library Data A-M (where the Third Imperium starts to come to life)
Supplement 11 - Library Date N-Z (see above)

And I think that's it!

Yeah the rest of the books give lots more options for PCs, but it emphasizes veterans and I think civvies are as much fun to play. Books like Animal Encounters or 76 Patrons make the Referee's job easier, but I love doing all the prep in Traveller, it's fun!

I'd probably haul out Twilights Peak for the adventure.

What would your essentials be?
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That would be about my basic list. Maybe High Guard and Supplement 9 - Fighting Ships if the Navy was going to be prominent. Not for the 'advanced career', but for the background.


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The Third Imperium of the Supplement 8/11 Library data is a bit different to the Third Imperium of the early adventures. I have a proto-Third Imperium setting based on the setting as described by Supplement: 3 Spinward Marches and Adventure:1 Kinunir through to Adventure: 3 Twilight's Peak and the TAS News items from the pre-Fifth Frontier War JTAS.
Here is my handout to new players:
The lmperium is a strong interstellar government possessed of great industrial and technological might, but unable, due to the sheer distances and travel times involved, to exert total control at all levels everywhere within its star-spanning realm. It encompasses 281 subsectors and approximately 11,000 worlds. Approximately 1100 years old, it is the third human empire to control this area, the oldest, and the strongest. Nevertheless, it is under strong pressure from its neighbouring interstellar governments, and does not have the strength nor the power which it once had.

On the frontiers the lmperium allows a large degree of autonomy to its subject worlds calling only for some respect for its overall policies, and for a united front against outside pressures. Extensive home rule provisions allow planetary populations to choose their own forms of government, raise and maintain armed forces for local security, pass and enforce laws governing local conduct, and regulate (within limits) commerce. To monitor the space lanes, the lmperium maintains a Navy. Because these forces can never be everywhere at once, local provinces (subsectors) also maintain navies, as do individual worlds.

Defence of the frontier is mostly provided by local indigenous forces, stiffened by scattered lmperial naval bases manned by small but extremely sophisticated forces.

Conflicting local interests often settle their differences by force of arms, with lmperial forces looking quietly the other way, unable to effectively intervene as a police force in any but the most wide-spread of conflicts without jeopardizing their primary mission of the defence of the realm. Only when local conflicts threaten either the security or the economy of the area do lmperial forces take an active hand, and then it is with speed and overwhelming force.

At the spinward edge, 120 parsecs from the original centre of the Imperium, the Marches represent one of the furthest extents of exploration and domination by Imperial forces. Lying adjacent to territory of the Zhodani Consulate and the Vargr Extents, this region is a site which has seen much conflict and intrigue.


The hub of new development in the Spinward Marches is the Regina subsector. Located at the very edge of the Imperium, it serves as a contact point with the Vargr to coreward and the Zhodani to spinward; the result is considerable trade activity through the starports of the region.

The lmperium has been suppressing political dissent in order to keep peace in the Regina subsector.

A reward has been offered by the subsector government for the location of a senator who has been missing since 1102.

A recent uprising at Feri (0405) has cut the Imperial communication jump route from Regina (0310) to Efate (0105).

The government of Roup (0407) has made a subsector-wide call for surplus starships to supplement its local forces. There has been no opposition from the subsector government.

The Forboldn Project is the primary colonization project within the Regina subsector. Originally conceived in 987 to utilize the resources of Forboldn (02081, the project began its execution phase in 1089, shortly after the Fourth Frontier War. Large numbers of colonists were recruited and shipped in cold sleep from the Imperial core, with arrival times set from 1110 to 1120. Simultaneously, preparations on Forboldn began, with detailed planetary surveys to pinpoint resources and initial building projects to prepare industry and quarters for the arrival of colonists.

Interdicted worlds are interdicted because the lmperium is trying to conceal its mistakes in social and political planning.
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