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OOC Clover Town Stories [Golden Sky Stories]


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I guess this is dead. Thanks for the game folks.

Getsuya, I hope that whatever's going on gets better. Thanks for trying to run the game!


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I'm really sorry. I can't imagine how frustrating this experience has been for you all. Things tend to work out this way a lot for me: I have big ideas and want to run things, but I don't have the kind of organization or time management skills to actually keep something going. I think it'd be best for me to take a break from DMing stuff for the foreseeable future and stick to being a player instead.

That said, we're literally 2 scenes from reaching the ending of this particular story. I'm not going to lie and say that I'll speed things up with a last push or anything because I can't guarantee that, and I wouldn't be surprised or upset if folks just wanted to walk away and move on right now, but if you're up for it at least we can try to finish out this bit.

Again I just want to apologize because you folks have been awesome players and you deserve a DM that can actually keep things moving.

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Yeah, I think a big epilogue post would be good to help close things out. That said I did enjoy playing this game with all of you, I had been wanting to try out GSS for a while and am happy I finally got the chance to with some great players. Looking back I probably should have established Human Kage as a character early on to avoid all those awkward situations where she knew something important, but couldn't say anything because CAT, and if she turned human no one would know who she was. Though it did make for some fun moments like the card game.
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I'm okay, and totally understand the position you can find yourself in when DMing runs up against other elements (given I just had to end my other game due to my more-or-less executive dysfunction). I would love to see an epilogue, and feel that Nene did her very best throughout to be who she was, even if she was kind of an oddly sincere tanuki.
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