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[CofD] Mage Demon Crossover

Aaron Mouritsen

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I am currently preparing a setting that I wanted to be an espionage/investigation style game. Originally I had planned on doing a demon game, but I have now decided to meld that with mage. Currently I am thinking of setting up a Guardians of the Veil Hierarch to mix and match with maybe a handful of demons in town. As I begin to brainstorm this, what kind of interesting ways do you think mage and demon metaphysics and the setting might mix? I imagine that some infrastructure likely also constitutes Mage Mysteries. Matters of conflicting reality would of course grab a mage's attention. Demons may also deal with infrastructure that relies on abyss entities or alternatively infrastructure that traps or blocks abyss entities. Give me your good ideas for crossover tension!


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Re: (COFD) Mage Demon Crossover

The God Machine is a huge mystery and Mages love a mystery.

In my game the God Machine acts like the Fallen World's auto-immune system. It is trying to enforce the status quo of the Fallen World, defeating or co-opting supernatural beings and imposing order by subverting free will and Mages are all about expressing their will, making them a direct threat to the God Machine.

A Mage discovers the God Machine and begins investigating it and tries to intervene in one of its machinations and confronts its angles, only to return home and find out his family and friends are being turned into stigmatics. The God Machine would be terrifying to the Awakened because it isn't something they can confront directly, it is a force of nature of which they have no understanding.

Also, in a Mage/Demon game, a paradox could often result in spawning Men in Black (angles) who try to eliminate the offending Mage.


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Re: (COFD) Mage Demon Crossover

To quote myself from an earlier thread:

I'd probably have the God Machine something of a mystery to even the Exarchs. It's a thing that's infiltrated the Fallen World and set about warping it to its own (obscure) designs. The idea is that for mages, everything is about meaning. Things are relevant because they are symbols, referents to a higher realm of ideals. in contrast, the God Machine doesn't do meaning; it's a reflection of a mechanistic, senseless cosmos devoid of any fundamental truths beyond the interplay of electrons and essence motes, where souis are just another form of energy to be exploited, free will is just a delusion in meat, and nothing actually means anything. Sort of an epistemological conflict.

Alternately, I quite like the idea that the God Machine and the Presence from Promethean are two halves of some transcendent force or entity, severed into two pieces by the Fall.

When it comes to actually gaming things, I'd probably have mages (Seer, Pentacle and independent) be largely in the dark about the God-Machine and its modes, and at the same time angels and demons wouldn't really know much about mages beyond the fact that they're obsessive mystery addicts (which means they can be manipulated) and they tap into forces the God-Machine can't fully comprehend (which means they're extremely risky to exploit). Infrastructure can definitely be a Mystery, as can the activities of an angel or even a demon.


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Re: (COFD) Mage Demon Crossover

I particularly like the idea that the Exarchs are laws of (occult) physics in which the GM works it's way.


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Re: (COFD) Mage Demon Crossover

In my current Gentry vs God Machine game, the local Pentacle is pretty dismissive of the God Machine. The Mysterium and Guardians of the Veil certainly know of the God Machine, but regard it as a by product of the Exarchs and their direct control of reality. It's of the Fallen World, and it's the software of the Fallen World. As such, the real enemies are the Fallen World's programmers - the Exarchs and their slaves in the Ministries.

The Free Council has a somewhat different view. They regard the God Machine as a creation of mankind, a nightmare and reaction to humanity's enslavement by the Exarchs and Ministries and agent of their will. Of course, no Demon would believe this, but the Free Council feels nothing but tragic sorrow for Demons. They regards getting involved with Demons a waste of time, when dealing with Seers is cutting straight to the source.

Seers see the God Machine as the Exarchs will made manifest and their almighty power manifest in the infrastructure of the God Machine. There are Pylons who study the bizarre workings of the God Machine as a strange sort of divination device, seeking the strange signals from their masters through this strange network of occult machinery. Generally, Seers leave the God Machine alone. They have power enough as it is, and the god machine is evidence of the Dominion of the Throne and their faith.

However, Mages love studying the God Machine, because the plans of the God Machine are ultimately the plans of the Exarchs. The God Machine also interfaces with the occult secrets of the world, and is intimately entwined with the world's occult geometry. Mages from any faction can learn many Mysteries by studying the God Machine. Free Councillors and other students of Techne find the thing nearly irrestistable, as do students of ley lines, occult configrations, and time travel.
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