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Columbo powers


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At the moment, I'm trying the blog out as an odds and ends repository for RPG-related ideas that don't seem to be deep enough to start a thread or connected to anything else.

I was recently flipping through the channels and came across an old Columbo. For those who don't know, it was a long-running mystery series where Peter Falk played Lt. Columbo, a brilliant but slovenly looking and working-class sounding police detective. What differentiated the show from most series were that 1) the audience saw the murder and knew who did it, so the question wasn't if Columbo would solve it but how. And that led to difference 2), in that Columbo seemed to intuitively identify the killer and basically annoyed him in the guise of being clueless and friendly.

Here are a couple of abilities I'd give him for an RPG (no system provided).

Just one more thing...
You have the ability to get on people's nerves in a way that they can't explain. As long as you take no hostile actions, and act as if you are their friend, all actions they try to take to directly harm you or impede your progress take a -2 penalty. All social interactions with other people take a -1 penalty as they try to figure out how to stop you from pestering them.

But something's bothering me...
When you're pursuing a problem (e.g., solving a mystery) and talking to someone, you instinctively know whether your target has told you all they know about the subject. The GM must inform you if they haven't revealed everything that's relevant to your investigation, but doesn't need to tell you any more details.
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