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[Comic book drafts] DC-78 Alternate Earth Draft participation thread.

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Since evey draft is someone first draft here is a general picture:

1. Say Coyote what is this draft thing?
It a little game we like to play here on Other Media, where we get around make teams out a collective pool of character, more often than not a pool of character owned and created by big two superhero comic publishers (Marvel and DC). You pick your team member one at a time in the order dictated by a randomized list, and once you make you pick that character is yours. Other participants can use it if you allow them but you have creative control over that character.

2. Say Coyote what is this alternate Earth draft thing?
It special kind of craft when we put our own unique spin on existing elements of comic book universes. Perhaps in this universe, The Wizard granted a young farm boy from Kansas the powers of the Seven Virtue elevating him beyond ordinary man in some kind of Superman, or Dr Niles Caulder equipped a group of disabled heroes with prototype cyber prosthetics creating his Metal Men. Or perhaps the Poision Ivy legecy of Heroic Identities stretching back to the Italian Renaissance, starting with Lucrezia Borgia.
You take bits and pieces (name, characters, organizations) of the regular universe and put your own unique spin of them. They can be quite familiar or share little more with their regular counterparts then their name.
In case of Hybrid draft we're taking elements of both the Marvel and DC.
One caveat is that given element must have appeared in regualr comics. Elements from movies, animated series or comics that aren't part of the regular universe (like Preacher or V for Vendetta for example) can not be used.
(PSA: Due the recent events in the DCU this is the third year when the Watchman characters are offical valid picks.)
In the end the goal is create a new a unique setting out of familiar element, through collaboration

3. How does this whole draft thing work?

We randomize the list of participants. During the first round Then the drafter takes a turn to pick their characters according to list order. The first turn order goes for the first drafter to the last drafter.
However his time to stem the number of people how drop up due to missing picks we're trying something new.
Then from the second turn onward drafter are organized in blocks. Each blocks picking window last six hours (for 2 person block), ten hours (for a 3 person block), or fourteen hours (if Presence forbids, we end up with four drated block). The window end when the clock runs out, not sooner or later. Each block member can post their pick during their block's draft window).
Second turn starts with last block going up, Third turn starts with first block going down, etc.

That means that the first and last drafter effectively make double picks, draft the last character of one round and the first character of the next.

General Rules
The picking window for the first turn is 24 hours. The picking window for the following rounds is 6 hours, 10 or 14 hours as mentioned above. Missing you turn leaves you with an open slot. You can fill the slot by picking a character at anytime (but there a fair chance that your character you wanted to pick, will be snapped up by someone else). Please note if you posting out of turn. It makes it easier to keep track of the draft.
- Due to the drafting procedure this year I would strongly advise sending the other people in your block you pick. They can post them if you're not on-line, and if you gunning for the same pick, you can discuss alternative (you know like civilized drafters). The general rule is that the person with higher draft order (for turns which start with the first block) or the lower draft order (in turns that start with the last block) will get the first pick of character. However, I advise you to settle thing in an amicable manner rather than just using the drafting order as the final argument.
- To be transparent: The randomization will be conducted as follows:
I will make a list of containing all the poster in a given time. I will randomize each list separately then try to create draft block taking poster form different time zone in a single block.
The three or four drafters blocks are due what expect to be numerical superiority of US drafters.
If you have two slots open when your turn comes around, you will be skipped. Once you reduce your backlog to below two picks you window will open back up.
- Please, refrain from naming character that are not picks in your posts. No matter how obscure or minor a character is there is a chance someone else will want to use it, and it unfair to pick more than one character at a time. Allusions and hints are fine, and you can ask if anyone has plans for a character beforehand. If you're going to do some major changes to the setting (like making World War I and II being fought against Martian Invaders) ask beforehand so that it doesn't mess up other posters plans.
-Each participant gets 9 draft slots: 7 Hero slots, 1 Team Name and 1 Villain. These can be chosen at any time (E.g. You pick might a Villain, followed by 4 heroes, Team name and then the following remaining 3 heroes). You must choose a Villain and Team name (you don't need to pick all seven heroes). The final round is Wildcard round in which you choose five characters to fulfill any role you wish. Many of the drafters enjoy posting epilogues to their drafts however there is no official epilogue round.
- To avoid the "intimidating wall of text effect" please put any fiction above five-six setences in quote tab (this will allow other readers to see the beginning of your post). This includes Miscalenious/Nonpick/Omake fiction.
Also please post a synopsis of you pick (preferably no longer the five sentences) below you pick, as to give people who did not read fiction a general idea about your pick and it influance on the setting (like if you pick the first Kryptonian and decied what the nature and the state of Krypton is for this Universe). If you Miscalenious/Nonpick/Omake post includes some dramatic change to you picks or setting, please include a synopsis/notification as well.

As, usual we're looking for 20 poster maximum for the thread. If we reach the number opostersoster we will try to split in to two thread of 12 posters each.
Due to the way the Drafting order is created the participant list will several days before the draft starts. This will give the draft runner sometime to construct the list and prevent for the draft spliting two in the 11th hours.
Due to this the sign period will be longer te usual.
The planed start of the draft is the Monday of 22nd of July (through I can cut it shorter due to popular demand). The sign up on the 18th of July (Thursday)

If you want seen what you're getting in to, here are links to previous drafts:
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Marvel 76-A
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DC 76
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Marvel 77-A
Marvel 77-B

Please list your timezone (preferably with the time difference for GMT). This is needed to properly assemble the draft list.

Daz Florp Lebam

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I'm-a give this a shot. Only vague ideas right n- nope just got an idea...thaaaat probably won't actually work.

Okay then - probably something legacy-heavy. That's all I got. Time to pull out the old DC draft notes...

I'm GMT-5.


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I have an idea! So I'm probably doomed...

I'm in Norway, CET +1

American Char Mk. III

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Pacific Daylight Time for me. Like in Seattle. The city of attles by the Sea.

An attle killed my partner. I'm out for revenge.

...That is to say, yeah. I'm interested. No strong ideas, but plenty of time to come up with one.

Eric the .5b

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I have at least one weird and kooky idea that three people will share. I'm in. :D

(I'm in CDT, GMT-5, but I work evenings.)


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Yes for me. Eastern US Time, which is GMT-5 before Daylight Savings shenanigans.
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