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[Comic book drafts] DC-78 Alternate Earth Draft participation thread.


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Okay, so there's more folks here than I thought.

1. Coyote's Own
2. Daz Florp Lebam (GMT-5)
3. Airk (GMT+2)
4. American Char Mk III (GMT-7)
5. Eric the .5b (GMT-5)
6. Myth (GMT-4)
7. Dogr_Dollarsson (GMT-5)
8. Peers (GMT-5)
9. NoOneImportant (GMT-4)
10. HNutz (GMT-5)
11. Twiggly the Gnome (GMT-5)
12. Egyptian (GMT-7)
13. Old Toby (GMT-4)
14. Quendalon (GMT-4)
15. Sabremane (GMT-6)

Can't wait to see who I'm drafting alongside... :)
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