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🎨 Creative [Comic book drafts] DC-78 Alternate Earth: New Nu You Universe


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State of the draft:

Block #2

Fallen Angels (DeafnotDumb)
Villain pick: Lex Luthor

Forgotten Heroes (NoOneImportant)


Block #4


The Challengers of the Unknown (Airk)


Block #3

Daz Florp Lebam

Eric the .5b

Coyote's Own

Block #1

The Justice League (American Char Mk III)



Block #5


Stormwatch (Twiggly the Gnome)

The Just-Six Experience (Peers)

Block #6



Old Toby

What round is it: Seventh going down
Who's up: Block #3 Daz Florp Lebam Daz Florp Lebam , Coyote's Own Coyote's Own , Eric the .5b Eric the .5b (till 4:00 GMT)
Who has picks open: Myth (2), Dogr_Dollarsson (4), Totenblume (5), Airk, Daz Florp Lebam (3), KingNeon777 (3), Quendalon (3)
I took Neron, the Rhyming Demon as my villain pick.

American Char Mk. III

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As for my pick:

Harvey Dent is many things.
A Meta-Human Activist, a philanthropist, Livewire's mentor, one of the most powerful Psychic alive, would-be world conquerer.
He is also my villain pick
And now I'm wondering how he and Superman have been dealing with each other's existences. World class psychics with hidden agenda tend to come into conflict, after all.

Coyote's Own

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And now I'm wondering how he and Superman have been dealing with each other's existences. World class psychics with hidden agenda tend to come into conflict, after all.
Probably hated the guts of each other in private (since their one of the few people the other can't read), while smiling for the camera's in public.
All the while trying to find blackmail material on the other to keep them from revealing their secret.

But the problem is, as with most of my picks that I don't know enough about Toyo Harda to really say.

Eric the .5b

It's all so esoteric
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I've run out of brain-juice for the night, though the stomach bug has eased. I'll see about finishing catch-up fic tomorrow.

In the meantime, this interstitial and reaction-piece I'd prepared earlier:

Shikari Lonestar looked away from the map of the world and stared at the bowl of thick, gingery stew the Doctor had given her.

"If it helps, the, uh, moderns think Doggerland sank slowly, over generations," Cal said. "There aren't stories of the whole thing sinking at once, like Atlantis."

Spoiler: Show

Shikari Lonestar looked away from the map of the world and stared at the bowl of thick, gingery stew the Doctor had given her.

"If it helps, the, uh, moderns think Doggerland sank slowly, over generations," Cal said. "There aren't stories of the whole thing sinking at once, like Atlantis."

She nodded. "It's...just a very strong reminder that this was a one-way trip. Everything's in the past. Even the Other Ones I guarded against, as far as any know."

Cal shrugged after a moment. "Everything we had that we didn't bring. Now we have...this world."

"So what's in this world?"

"More than three times the people, for one," Cal said. "Weird technology that looks primitive, but half the time works in ways we never used."

"You've got to see how they power vehicles," Alika said, grinning. "Engines that drink hydrocarbons and roar in use."

"Not one for vehicles. Is their magic different?" Shikari asked. "The ley lines are deeper, but I feel much more power from them."

Cal shrugged. "I don't know. It's not something they seem to publically do. Not much. There's this 'Jinx' out of San-fran-so-kyo, some performers in Las-vay-gas, and beyond that, just stories. Stories for entertainment or stories people claim are true, but which everyone says are made up or confused."

"Like?" Shikari said.

"Um...deals made at midnight at crossroads for power," Cal said, consulting his augmented memory and tapping at the laptop's keyboard.

"Who with?" she said, leaning forward.

"Sometimes the Fallen Emperor—...Uh, the Constant Man? Sorry, my language helper just hates some of these names. An immortal who appears everywhere and tempts people toward evil. And, uh, a world alongside our own. Scat-air..." Cal said, frowning.

"Skataris. Not known among laymen even in our day. Arcane in the literal sense." She hrmmed, waving her hand over the screen, then read the Doggerland runes that appeared. "They know about crossroads and Skataris, but they otherwise think magic is...myth. This is a strange new world."

"There are also people with unusual powers, madam, though the nature of these is always described as scientific." the Doctor said from beside Cal, turning toward Shikari.

Shikari looked at her, her eyes dropping down to the woven iron band around the young Atlantean woman's throat for a moment. "Shikari or Blackbriar, if formal, please. There are no slaves in Doggerland."

Cal made a helpless gesture behind the Doctor, who still insisted on calling him sir.

"Very well, Blackbriar," she said. Behind her, Cal blinked.

"So who are these unusual people?"

"The Just-Six experience, in Sanfransokyo," the Doctor said, "a rather large number in Metropolis, mostly lead or supported by 'Super Man', who lost his powers. The rest seem scattered around the world, as best as I can tell, Blackbriar."

"Very strange," Shikari muttered.

The white-haired man, Mxyzptlk, laughed aloud. "No offense, you all, but this conversation is the strangest way I can think of talking about the whole world. 'Internal combustion engines, not much magic, and superheroes.'"

Alika snorted. "Sorry, Ben. There are also computers, criminals, and rough bars," she said with a grin.

Cal chuckled. "And markets with wide selections of mediocre-to-good produce." He thought another moment. "And very few radioactive cities. Have to give the future that."

"And after the fifth member makes it to us, how much of it can we see?" Shikari asked. "Do we just put the radio cage back up and hide?"

"Well, now that you've told us about the structure of the mission that they didn't share with us peons," Alika said, "And with Cal having your torc to take apart and figure out how to jailbreak our implants, we won't need the cage. I think we get that fifth member of the team working with us, then we jump the—leader, was it?"

"That's the word for it in Doggerlander. They didn't like my Atlantean and wouldn't brief me in it. But yes, the leader has the beacon."

Mxyzptlk scratched his chin. "And that's the tachyon thing for sending messages back, right? Right. And it's electronic..."

Cal grimaced. "Probably too secure to suborn."

The old man grinned. "Wasn't thinking of hacking ancient Atlantean systems. But let's talk about that later."

* * *

Later, Shikari woke from muddled dreams, put on her robes, and walked out by the lakeshore. The crescent moon lit the shore up like day to her changeling's eyes. She watched bats and a few leaping fish hunt insects flying low over the water.

"May I join you, Blackbriar?" The Doctor managed to sound quiet and abashed even when calling out to her.

"Yes. Did I wake you?" She hadn't thought anyone was awake.

"No, Blackbriar," the Doctor said quickly. Shikari's tone must have been too forceful. "My sleep requirements are low, and I was reading."

"I was glad you had your own place to sleep," Shikari said, immediately regretting having blurted that out. She'd never been the most circumspect, as the roof of the cabin had learned. But knowing the Doctor would do anything she or the other two ordered gnawed at her, no matter what careful phrases Alika and Cal told her to use. She was sworn to keep people from being exploited, not have a slave at her disposal.

That earned her a sidelong glace from the creche-girl, then pursed lips. "Cal will not ask for that. Alika wouldn't ask for that even if she were interested," she said with more firmness than she'd heard the Atlantean speak with.


The Doctor didn't immediately answer, even as she met Shikari's eyes. There was something odd and tense about her, suddenly, as she stood silently. Then, she let out a breath, relaxing. "I know the difference between asking and commanding, but they're the same to me."

Shikari swallowed, understanding. "That was as long as you couldn't answer me."

The Doctor nodded. "Just to illustrate. I...don't mind your questions. Back in our time, I never met anyone with the concerns the rest of you have for me. "

"Do you like this time better?" Shikari said, trying not to sound as if she were questioning a witness.

The Doctor tilted her head. "It's not unlike our time in every way, Blackbriar. There is servitude. But that is seen as shameful, not the order of things. I am not a thing, here," she said, her lips spreading into a smile for a moment.

Shikari abstractly knew that when Atlantis fell, innocent people would suffer and die. Something resembling the world as she knew it would collapse, maybe the day after she left, maybe centuries later. But she'd grown up a Doggerlander, one of a people proud of having broken the last slave's chains and shackles when those were simple pieces of metal, not mental conditioning and symbolic neckwear. And she had even less love for Atlantis than most Doggerlanders.

So, with just six words and a smile, she lost any misgivings about what would happen to the long-dead past.

Previously on DC-78:
Spoiler: Show
OOC: * Alika Zoom, sometimes called Silverhand, landed gracefully and had a bit of a brawl.
* Cal L., dubbed Farmer Boy, landed badly, but snuck away unseen.
* Girl 13, soon renamed the Doctor, landed awkwardkly, but soon made good use of her skills.
* Their host asked some questions. The answers were harder than he expected.
* Ben Mxyzptlk, aka Mr. Mind, an old would-be cyberpunk, offered his help.
* Shikari Lonestar, a Blackbriar Thorn didn't land at all, but got off on the wrong foot.

Spoiler: Show
OOC: They have a plan to prevent the destruction of the last twelve thousand or so years of history. It's very broad-strokes, and there's at least one more arrival they need to get on-board. Shikari is on board, though.

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So, I'm up, right?

Full writeup to come, but for now

Spoiler: Show

Querl Dox advises the present from 1,000 years in the future using a Skeets remote drone.
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