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🎨 Creative [Comic book drafts] DC-78 Alternate Earth: New Nu You Universe


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Okay, -now- it's my turn.

Who is the only person who can lead the Just-Six Experience? Who can fund OMAC's production, Dial-El's search for time travel, Jinx's love of magical artifacts, Swamp Thing's environmentalism, and Earth-Man's... well, okay, he doesn't need anything. But who can fund the headquarters, the vehicles, the publicity machine who can possibly put all this together?

How about someone with the superpower of being so rich, he can buy anything?

Heino Okata is The Most Excellent Super-Bat

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And the delayed writeup:

<This was never meant to happen>

Max waved away the buzzing by his head. The mass production Skeets drone wouldn’t stand out from the usual Lexcorp designs on the surface except for the shiny gold shell, but it wouldn’t do for people to notice the battery kept it hovering for days, not minutes.

“I know. Which is why I have to do it.”

<And I have to remind you that we have no idea what the consequences will be. The initial plan was to make subtle changes that…>

“The initial plan is in shambles. We have time travelers from Atlantis, in case you hadn’t heard. You came back for a Superman that didn’t exist. I’m providing the world heroes who do. And they might be enough to change the world for the better.”

<You almost sounded like Superman for the last part.>

Max shook his head.

“Hardly. You want Kent for actually believing it. I just realized there were limits to how low I could fall before I stopped being able to sleep at night. You showing up believing in Superman just made things a little more urgent.”

In his lab, 1,000 years away, Querl Dox leaned back and sighed.

“I said that there were legends of the Superman, that a number of people believed in. I never claimed to be one of them.”

Max Lord smiled from the screen.

“Well, here I am.”

“A fraud.”

“And one who’s making good anyway. Whatever you need, I’m your best chance. And all I’m asking in return is help you claim you’d provide anyway as part of your hero obligations.”

Max tried to keep his smile level. He’d dealt with people he couldn’t read before, and the teenager from the future wasn’t the most obviously sketchy of them. Really, neither of them had any room to complain.

But in a situation this complicated already, he hated adding variables.

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"I am Alika Zoom, and we? We are the Rogues of the New Earth," she said, confident and downright magnetic as she ran the impromptu press conference.

Low profiles are out, I suppose, Cal transmitted dryly to the others.

Ha-ha! Alika sent back. I'll start introductions with you, then.

Spoiler: Show

"I am Alika Zoom, and we? We are the Rogues of the New Earth," she said, confident and downright magnetic as she ran the impromptu press conference.

Low profiles are out, I suppose, Cal transmitted dryly to the others.

Ha-ha! Alika sent back. I'll start introductions with you, then.

Cal stiffened and fought the urge to bring his camouflage active, flickering for a moment. Too many people were looking at him already, and now she wanted this pack of sensor rig-carrying, question-barking journalists to turn their attention on him? Back home, it'd been a very long time since he'd seen or been seen by more than a handful of people at once. And now, he didn't even have his hood up.

Cal, sent the Doctor beside him, limiting the message to just him. I believe she means to make it as quick as possible for you by putting you first.

He still enjoyed the novelty of her calling him by name. She'd surprised him with that this morning, when she'd asked him if he would remove her iron neckband. After he'd taken a thorough look at that article and all its anti-removal measures—including not one, but two horrifically lethal mono-molecular loops embedded within filaments—she'd surprised him again. When he'd said he was confident he could remove it safely, if she wished to take the risk, she'd nodded and said she trusted him. She'd even smiled at him for a moment; she'd smiled for several seconds after the neckband was gone.

Cal kinda loved her smile. Truth be told...No, that wasn't a good path for his mind to wander down. The Doctor liked him, trusted him, and felt safe around him. He couldn't see any of that lasting if she picked up on his attraction to her, given her life and her vulnerability. "Fraught" was the word. At least he was good at hiding his feelings.

Yeah, maybe, he sent back to her. Oh, by the gods in the mountains, Alika was about to introduce him. His heart pounded in his ears, and it was taking all he could not to go active and dive into the rack of tunics hanging nearby. Not that he felt steady enough to make that move, right now. His blood pressure was crashing, his implants warned him, if the darkness around the edge of his vision wasn't enough sign.

Cal, please try to breathe slowly. Do you trust me? the Doctor asked, discreetly resting a hand on the back of his neck. Cool metal pressed there, too.

Alright, this much in the way of feeling, maybe he couldn't hide from someone augmented with a small hospital's worth of diagnostic equipment.

...Yes. Do as you see fit. Plea—

He didn't feel the injection, but he felt a sudden calm and a warm flush through parts of his body that had been lacking for blood. His vitals signs normalized even as everyone aimed their video and audio pick-ups at him.

"Hello," he said.

...and seemingly a heartbeat later, Alika moved everyone's attention along to the Doctor. Nothing felt better than all that attention turning away.

"But why do you wear a red ankh on your coat, 'Doctor'?" someone asked.

The four time-travelers stared at the questioner.

Oh! I don't even know if the moderns have an international medical symbol. Cal transmitted.

The Doctor dipped her head briefly. "It has something of a private meaning. Perhaps I may explain another time."

* * *

Safely out of the cameras' eyes, Ben Mxyzptlk watched the conference, shaking his head. At least Alika was playing it close to the chest with time travel, like he'd begged her to. Someone would guess that, of course, but hopefully that guess wouldn't get the Just-Six dropping by before they dealt with the beacon.

This was supposed to have been a late-evening run to a big-box store to pick up some cheap, inconspicuous clothes. Cloaks and robes and red leather suits stuck out too much. If anyone asked, the story was that they'd lost their luggage on the way to a sci-fi convention.

Man makes plans, but God doesn't even try to hide His grin.

Some National Guardsman had gotten unauthorized access to an experimental military battlesuit, earlier that evening. If he'd simply gone on a joyride with it, that wouldn't have involved any of them. Instead, of course, he'd decided to use something with the complexity and lethality of a helicopter gunship to try to make his ex-fiance "listen to him". He'd stormed into her workplace in this very store, of course, and almost immediately critically injured her just by grabbing her, not knowing how to control the suit's strength.

She was fine, thanks to the Doctor, who didn't even look up from emergency surgery on the store floor as Alika and Shikari fought the idiot through the Men's department. Cal and Ben had done what they could, overturning nearby tables of dress shirts and ties to put up a barrier around her as she worked. Mostly Cal; "Farmer Boy" was probably stronger than Ben had ever been at his age.

Shikari seemed a lot sharper than she had looked against Alika, Ben thought. She'd spent most of her time catching barrages of bullets, grenades, and little missiles that the idiot fired in midair, bibbity-bobbity-booing them away before they could kill someone. Or, probably, level the whole store, judging by the damage done to the roof by the one missile she'd missed. In any case, she kept everyone else alive while Alika went to town on the guy, finally pummeling him into a crater going down to the foundation of the building.

Ben would have to ask Alika how she could tear open a battlesuit and drag its wearer out one moment, then another moment jubilantly clap Shikari on the shoulder without doing anything more than knocking her off-balance.

He covertly looked over his shoulders. None of the police had taken any interest in a white-haired bystander, especially when he said he hadn't seen anything. That might get awkward if they checked the surveillance footage hard enough. He'd have to see what he and Cal could do about that before the morning.

Ben would be angrier about all of this if he hadn't agreed to it. No, they couldn't leave some bit of sparking and probably dangerous super-tech hardware and its hijacker lying around. And if they evaporated into the night, people would come looking for them.

He convinced them to let Cal and the Doctor meet the cops, though. The Doctor could pass for white, possibly Asian, and Cal might literally be a Caucasian (or one of their ancient relatives). Alika had patiently waited for the press to show up minutes later to retake control of the situation.

And retake it she had, announcing them as a super-hero team.

That name, though. He instantly understood it, but oof. It sounded like a band name.

He guessed that made him the manager. At that thought, he muttered to the air, "Cal, I'm getting the car. Pass it on." and made his way to the entrance.

Previous on D-78...
Spoiler: Show
OOC: * Alika Zoom, sometimes called Silverhand, landed gracefully and had a bit of a brawl.
* Cal L., dubbed Farmer Boy, landed badly, but snuck away unseen.
* Girl 13, soon renamed the Doctor, landed awkwardly, but soon made good use of her skills.
* Their host asked some questions. The answers were harder than he expected.
* Ben Mxyzptlk, aka Mr. Mind, an old would-be cyberpunk, offered his help.
* Shikari Lonestar, a Blackbriar Thorn didn't land at all, but got off on the wrong foot.
* The new arrival was filled in on the state of the world.

Spoiler: Show
OOC: After an incident ere they had to protect the people around them, Alika Zoom decided to take the team public as the Rogues of the New Earth. Ben, of course, is the renegade among them who keeps decidedly out of the public eye.
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Okay. I think the spreadsheet is caught up. Now to my picks.

Picks catching up later today.

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State of the draft:

Block #2

Fallen Angels (DeafnotDumb)
Villain pick: Lex Luthor

Forgotten Heroes (NoOneImportant)


Block #4


The Challengers of the Unknown (Airk)


Block #3

Daz Florp Lebam)

The Rogues of the New Earth (Eric the .5b)

Coyote's Own
Villian pick: Harvey Dent (the other one)

Block #1

The Justice League (American Char Mk III)



Block #5


Villian pick: Neron, The rhyming demon

Stormwatch (Twiggly the Gnome)

The Just-Six Experience (Peers)

Block #6



Old Toby

What round is it: Eight going up
Who's up: Block #5 Quendalon Quendalon , Twiggly the Gnome Twiggly the Gnome , Eric the .5b Eric the .5b (till 20:00 GMT) (Unless I scrwed things up)
Who has picks open: Myth (2) , Dogr_Dollarsson (4), Totenblume (5), Airk, Daz Florp Lebam (4), KingNeon777 (4), Quendalon (3), Egyptian (2), Old Toby (2)


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Meanwhile, in a strange lair hidden deep in Gotham's business district...
Spoiler: Show

They called the room the Star Chamber. Here the chosen elite could meet and run the city of Gotham without the prying eye of press or public, or the interference of law and order.

"Come forth from the shadows"

"I am here."

"We have a job for you. This Jarvis Poker fellow has revealed himself to be a menace. He's drawing undue attention to the carefully run criminal operations within our city. Further, this plan of his to rob the Gotham Gold Depository would prove very disruptive to the banks we control, our investments, and the economy of this country as a whole. As a precautionary measure you are to liquidate him immediately. No body, no witnesses. Are we understood?"

"You are understood. Jarvis Poker dies."

"Good. Now go forth, Talon. And remember Jim Gordon, if you fail us you will be replaced by the next one."

"I won't fail you."


As happens sometimes in Gotham City, an armoured car exploded.

The cargo was not money, radioactive materials, rare alien technology, or the latest high tech weapons. Rather, a young woman stumbled coughing from the burst rear hatch.

"No no, all wrong! Cut! CUT! I'm sorry, that's not it at all. You were supposed to jump out and do that cool fist to the ground pose like in the movies!"

She looked up in a daze, "Excuse me?". A short distance away Jarvis Poker sat in a director's chair. Around him were arrayed cameras, lights, a full setup for film. She blinked, "What is this?"

The Joker slapped his script, "We're on Scene 2. Raquel Ervin is rescued by her friends in the Joker gang while they're transporting her to Blackgate prison. You did read the script, didn't you?"

She glanced back into the wreck. A manila folder laid on the bench where she'd been sitting, "I..uh...I guess I didn't?"

"Well that's just great! Now the light's all wrong, and our film permit is about to expire. We'll have to come back and reshoot this part later. Chester? Pack up the gear. Harley? A wall of ice to cover our getaway? And Grayson?" Dick Grayson leaned against a nearby wall, glowering and repeatedly slamming his fist into his hand, "Yeah, that's perfect. Alright everyone, let's get going."

Raquel looked around in confusion, "Wait! What is all this?"

The Joker looked confused, "Didn't I explain it well enough? This is a breakout. I mean, if you don't want to join us in the crime of the century we can put you back in the van and go with an understudy. I hear Margaret Pye is still looking for work..."

"No no no! Freedom and a big job sounds really good right now. I was just a little surprised by all this. I mean, we've never even met."

The Joker took her hand, twirled her, and dipped her back, "Ah, but we HAVE met, once upon a dream." He let her plop to the concrete, and drifted off humming and half-dancing. Chester Runk walked up and offered an awkward smile, "Don't worry Rocket, you get used to this stuff."

"Do you?"

"No, not really."

Jim Gordon IS The Talon!

Raquel Ervin IS Rocket!

The stage is now set for the Crime of the Century!

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TTLJ news:
On Monday I'm heading out for a weeklong trip to Berlin.
As such, I'll be away from my PC with my tablet as my main internet access.
I'll also hopefully will be spending most of the time sightseeing.

I'm left with my team pick, which I will leave with others if I don't get chance to post it before leaving.
But I don't think I will be needed much.
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