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🎨 Creative [Comic book drafts] DC-78 Alternate Earth: New Nu You Universe

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Now for a bit of levity...

G'nort Gneeshmacher of G'newt, you have the ability to keep it mellow, welcome to the Indigo Tribe.

G'nort is Indigo-420

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In recent weeks, a new figure has appeared stalking the rooftops of the Sapphire City. As beautiful and charming as she is wild and audacious, her antics have left Tim's little team enchanted, bewildered, and frustrated. She calls herself Talia. Little do they realize, she is actually Lian, daughter-heir to the very tyrant who destroyed Koriand'r's homeland...

...And now threatens to expand across the face of Skartaris without limit... On Earth, Jade Nguyen was born into a life of horrifying brutality and exploitation. In Skartaris, she found a place where the violence and rage in her heart could be turned to profit. Starting as a common mercenary and freebooter, she rose to rule an empire of blood and terror as its Emerald Empress.

(because mismatched gem names are a thing here, apparently...)

Old Toby
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She'd escaped from hell. Well, metaphorically, anyway. It was more properly referred to as the Kingdom of Aquon, in the realm of Skartaris. Here was Earth, the mundane world, where at least she wasn't beaten for daring to be a member of the royal family without having powerful sorcery to enforce her will.

Not that Kahndaq was much better. She could ride a horse, play three instruments, hold her own in courtly conversation, sew and embroider, and manage a feast, a ball, or an intrigue. None of those helped her survive on the streets. After a week and a half of freedom, Princess Mera had resorted to begging to survive, and she was failing.

It was then that the light found her, shining down from the night sky.

Mera of Aquon, a voice echoed in her head. You have been chosen to make a difference. Make this world a better place.

Floating in the air, clad in green, she could feel the magic all around her. Summoning a cool mist to refresh her, Andromeda set out into the night.


Felicity Smoak sat in their room, source and boundary of everything safe. Another twenty minutes of computer work and they would have their rent for the month. Tomorrow, they could start earning grocery money.

That was the plan, anyway. It was interrupted by a beam of white light, somehow coming down from above, through the ceiling of their studio apartment, and onto them where they sat in their office chair.

Felicity Smoak, a voice echoed in their head. You have been chosen to make a difference. Make the world a better place.

That was it. The intended message, and no more. Efficient. Disciplined. Frustrating.

They analyzed the words seven ways to no further avail, then they turned their attention up, toward the source of the light. There was... something there. Something that needed investigation.

In their moebius chair, source and boundary of everything safe, Metron teleported outside and began flying upward.


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"Shape of... A Tyrannosaurus Rex!"

Zan's twin sister Jayna can transform into a Menagerie of creatures from various worlds

But her and her brother have to touch to activate their powers.​

OOC: I was waffling between Gotham Girl and Changeling, but I had a last minute bit of inspiration and decided to go with "Menagerie" instead. I feel like I made a good decision.

"Menagerie" was the name Beast Boy went by in Kingdom Come, as well as the name of 2 characters involved with the Elite.

Spoiler: Show

Gotham and Gotham Girl
(obviously unused)

Zan as Tempest

Jayna as Gotham Girl/Changeling Menagerie

The Wonder Twins

And I tweaked their micros a little more...

Yeah, I didn't really change their looks too much.

(But I might if I think I can make it work...)
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[OOC=]After returning to Earth Jon Harelson tried to lay claim on land previously inhabited by his people.
This had brought him in conflict with Finland and more importantly the Russian Federation.
Dent took on actions aimed, apparently at solving the growing crisis, employing Warlord as a negotiator (since Vandar had befriended Jon before the prince was abducted by the Reach) at the same using his connection to used both Soldier and Kuno-1 to assassinate Arsenal.
When those failed he reach out to his former protege, which is when his true intentions were revealed: gaining control of Khanji Da.
The heroes united against the would world conquerer, along with Drakseid (send by Rama Kushna do presented the massive loss of life that conflict could bring about), forming a fragile alliance, ironically codenamed Unity[/OOC]

And that my draft:
I kind of wondered about Drafting Armstrong and Archer (probably Michael Jon Carter and Damian not-Wayne) and Rip as Ivar.
But since I'm going away let's leave at that.

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And here we go. The delayed writeup.

Mia Mizoguchi had no regrets.

Well, she had regrets. A lot of regrets. Most recently, that breakfast burrito from LexBurger that morning? Definite regret. But there were regrets, and there were regret regrets, and she didn’t have any of the second set.

A lot of mystery kids did, of course. That documentary on the Venture family alone was enough to dissuade a lot of parents from letting their kids run wild at school finding out why the janitor was sleepwalking(Draculas), or about the mysterious animal deaths around the campus (also Draculas), or who was stealing all the test answer sheets (still Draculas. That was a really Dracula heavy school year, looking back. Not as bad as the Skartaris week, but still...). But Mia kept at it, and from elementary school through high school, she had some of the best times of her life.

It was just awkward that they were almost the last times in her life. When investigating strange lights in the particle physics lab, she and her friends found out that something from another world was breaking through to consume humanity, after failing in the days of Atlantis.

(One of the things about being a mystery kid was that you learned to stop being surprised at things like a real Atlantis.)

Mia managed to save the day, thanks to quick thinking and a backpack full of ordinary fabric softener, but she also lost something. Like her legs, an arm, and some general purpose organs that turned out to be more important than she remembered in biology.

She lived, of course, it would be hard to tell the story if she hadn’t, but even with the school and the mad scientists in the engineering department providing beyond cutting edge prosthetics as a combination “thank you for saving the world” and “please don’t sue us”, it took years to be able to just walk normally again, let alone act like a superhero. In that time, the old mystery club fell apart, people drifted away, and someone who got her last headline as a Cyborg tried to get used to ordinary life again, despite people staring more, and her getting to investigate mysteries much less.

She’d gotten used to it. She lived a more exciting life than most people for years, so she’d live one with a less interesting one for the rest.

And then, Superman started recruiting people. The same Superman who’d teamed up with her mystery solving team back in junior high, when it turned out the werewolf was just an old banker in a mask trying to cover for his embezzling. (The scratchmarks on the wall turned out to just be a Dracula. Seriously, that year’s garlic bill was absurd.)

Well. It was a chance at adventure. And if Mia hadn’t had any major regrets yet, she didn’t want to start now.


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Side fiction, with thanks to DeafNotDumb:
Hartley sat on a rock by the old back-country crossroads. It was a chilly autumn night, with only a bit of light from a half moon sifting through the trees. He’d been tuning his guitar for a bit while waiting for midnight, but he’d returned it to its case and was checking the time on his phone instead.

Looking up, a tall, lean figure clad in a long coat was simply there in the crossroads, waiting. Hartley jumped to his feet and approached the figure, only to realize that this wasn’t who he’d been waiting for. The man’s coat and hair were pale instead of dark, and though the eyes glittered with a similar malevolence, instead of midnight-black, they were a brilliant blue.

The stranger flicked a dying cigarette butt to the ground and smiled brilliantly. “Here for another jam session with your crossroads demon, luv?”

“Who—” Hartley stopped short. “Who are you?”

Again, that terrible smile. “John Constantine.”

“Am I supposed to know who that is?”

“No, suppose not. You’re not a bad enough fellow to be in the loop.” Constantine sighed. “There’s only one reason someone sits at the crossroads this time of night. You looking to sell?”

Hartley swallowed. “I need to get to hell.” He said. “There’s someone there I have to save.”

Constantine’s eyebrows raised. “You can get a lot more for your soul than that,” he said. “Money, power —“

“I have to save him.” Hartley said. “I’ve had that stuff, all right? It’s not what I’m here for. So just shake my hand and bring him back home and we’ll be done with this.”

He stuck out his hand. Constantine watched it, and then laughed.

“Look. I’ll let you in on a little secret.” He said, winking. “Aside from this whole business of selling your soul twice — and who’d fall for that? — demons can’t really buy your soul in the first place. All they can do is get first option on it, right? So if you do go to hell, your crossroads demon gets you rather than some other duke of the Pit. But you can still go to the other place.”

Hartley paused. “That’s not what he said. That’s not what any of the stories say.”

“Because you can trust demons? That’s real sweet, mate. Real sweet.” Constantine paused to light a cigarette. “But the upside here is that you have something to offer your demon after all. You just need to make sure you go to hell. Promise him that you’ll murder a few innocents in cold blood, that sort of thing. Bound to be worth a little help in getting your side piece back out of Neron’s clutches.” He shrugged. “That’s your only bet; it’s not like you can just march into Hell and demand to talk to the manager, eh?”

“Neron? Who is that? Is that who —”

Constantine laughed. “I never said anything, luv. I don’t meddle like that, I’m just leaving you here with your crossroads and your vaunted free will — and if that bastard Neron gets taken down a few pegs, what’s it to do with me?” He winked. “Ta.”

Constantine took one last puff on his cigarette and blew a smoke ring; as it dispersed into the night air, so did he.

Hartley stared at the empty space, feeling despondent. And then the words sank in. I never sold my soul, he realized. It was all a con job. And that means I have something to offer that can get him back.

He sighed. “I can’t do it,” he said quietly to the trees and the dark. “But I’ll get him back anyway. Fuck you, John Constantine.” Shouldering his guitar case, he headed back to the car. “Time to go talk to the manager.”

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My apologies, but due to odd schedules the past couple/few weeks, and having teen-aged children, I haven't had the head-space for this. I think I had a cool idea, but not enough of it made it into written form, and now it's all been pushed out by other things. Jack Kirby's Planet of the Apes by way of Angel and the Ape something something computer Command codes something something "I hate every command, you see - from Command: A to Command: Z!" something something.

So, Angel and the Apes?

The moral of this story? Write stuff down!
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