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🎨 Creative [Comicbook Draft] Marvel Earth 78 - As one Infinity closes another Awesome begins

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I was about to suggest Fallon Grey as a substitute for the reality-changed-around-her Donna Troy, but it seems that you're good to go.

Just as well, as I'm not 100% sure she's a valid option.
Picking unpublished character would, edgecase I'd prefer not to judge on.
Back when way back in Hybrid 73.. 72 (I can;t remeber) I kind of used Donn as Rachel Summers expy (whos continuity is almost as convoluted. Especially since she was in relationship witch Frnaklin Richards in at least two timeline, producing continuity sigularity that is the Summers/Richards family tree).
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I fought the law and the law won

I stepped out of the cab onto Centre Street dressed in skirted suit, sensible shoes, briefcase, and a pair of big, clunky headphones. Dressed to impress, but also to say, “Do not disturb.” Which was how I liked it.

It was always looking for an excuse to get out. It stayed tame in court; law and order kept it leashed. And it was calm at home. But in between...

I needed money 'cause I had none
I fought the law and the law won

I figured it was safe to take my headphones off as I started going up the courthouse steps. I didn’t think a purse-snatcher would be dumb enough to pursue his trade right out on the street.

One clichéd shout of “Stop! Thief” was all it took. It rose up, like it always did after the damned gamma-contract test. I should never have gotten involved with military law research, let alone with the Fair Folk. Thanks, cousin…

Gasps and shouts broke out all through the crowd as I grew taller and broader, my skin turning emerald-green, ram’s horns curling from my temples. Wildflowers sprouted from cracks in the sidewalk.

I left my baby and it feels so bad
Guess my race is run
She's the best girl that I ever had
I fought the law and the law won

The poor bastard was too shocked to run. I hardly had to do anything at all, which was for the best. Being a lawyer and a superhero is a tricky business, and something of a conflict of interest. But you play the hand you’re dealt.

Within moments, I’d turned the purse-snatcher over to the police, and was back to myself again. Today’s cases needed to be handled by assistant district attorney Jennifer Walters, not by the sensational Sidhe-Hulk.

OOC: When not practicing law, Jennifer Walters is the sensational Sidhe-Hulk.


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Not gonna have time for the fic yet (will get it up today), but my pick is Maya Lopez as Redbird


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That pun is killing me.

Also, the Frog-draft is weird and cool and I feel like there's an allusion going on that I haven't pegged yet.

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The Cheez-Puffin fled across the surreal dreamscape and the woman in red-white-and-blue followed.

"I have you now, my little ball of salt, starch, and umami! You and all your cheezy, puffy little friends!" She cried as she pounced, landing on the critter in a great puff of orange cheez. Her mouth yawned open to accommodate the lacto-avine delight when...

"Ms. Lee? Ms. Lee? It's morning. You've got to wake oop." It was one of her students... Who was it? He had one of those weird post-millennial names... Keegan or Leiden or Logger or something...

"Mmrrblll... Wha... Why... Why are you waking me up, Tiguan? And WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BEDROOM?"

"We're... We're not in your bedroom, Ma'am. You passed owt on the cowch in the cawmmon arrea a-gain. And it's Logan, Ma'am."

She opened a bleary eye. Right, the short, little runt. Oddly hairy for his age... Some kind of... animal totem? "I passed out on the couch? Jeeze Louise. At least tell me I'm wearing pants this time..."

"Pants? Ah... By your usual standards, uh-huh. You got pants on."

"Well thank heaven for small miracles. So what can I do you for... I mean, not... Why'd you wake me up, dammit."

"Ow, sorry to have bothered you, Ms. Lee. It's just... I didn't think it would be seemly for the rest of the class to come in here and see you slumped on the cowch with your bum in the air, begging your pardon. And your snoring was keeping me up."

"My... snoring? I was... snoring? In the common room?"

"Not very loudly, ma'am. I don't think the others could here, bout..."

"Oh, right, you've got super-hearing. Because you're the, uh... Stoat? Ferret? Otter?"

"Wolverine, Ma'am. I'm a wolverine-totemed mutant."

"Yeah, it's weird. You're size, you'd think you were the Least Weasel or something... But I guess they're all small by human standards..."

"Least Weasel, Ma'am?"

"It's a thing. Tiny little weasels... You've got to learn your mustelids, cuz, like you're probably going to be getting your enemies and rivals and sidekicks from them. It's part of how mutant powers work. Mythic resonance. You'll be up against, like, the Mink, and the Sable, and the Skunk..."

"Ow. I see. I'm also a cyborg, ma'am. Because the government of my country abducted me and did strange experiments on me when they found out I was a mutant. Coated my bones with metal and stuff. Is that also going to... mythic resonate?"

"The Canadian government kidnapped a child for evil experiments!?"

"Oh, yah. There's some real no-goodies oup in what you would call our deep state or such, eh. Don't your remember, ma'am? We had a whole adventure aboot it a few months ago, yah? Went up to an abandoned secret base in the North and all..."

"Right, right... You have as many adventures as I have and they all just sort of smush together, you know... Get rolled up together like a carpet, you might say..."

"I don't think that's quite how carpets work, Ma'am?"


OOC: TLDR: Logan Howlett is Young Pup Wolverine

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