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[Comics] Batwoman's marriage called off


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DC's decided that they hate marriage, so Batwoman can't get married. Consequently, the writers have walked.
Here's their open letter explaining why they're walking

(It's "no marriage" rather than "eww gays", but it was an abrupt end of an ongoing, and approved storyline.)


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We do have 2 DC discussion threads on the front page of Other Media
One of which is + thread, the other of which is in its seventh iteration. Both make it a bit problematic for just hopping on in, particularly in this case.

Anyway, to the thread in general: I'll admit DC essentially destroyed my desire to even keep up with stories I was enjoying (Morrison's Batman, which I understand at least briefly lived past the reboot). So I'm not really savvy to what's been going on with Batwoman. However, hearing "marriage" for such a relatively short-lived character gives me flashbacks to Catwoman - who had a baby during the One Year Later thing, but who was promptly dropped and forgotten about later on. I read the blog post and have to say that changing the status quo isn't hard. It's keeping it changed that is.

Of course, DC's still asshats for pulling this move - particularly because that sort of change often won't stick, anyway, so who cares? Just let it happen.


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Does DC have many happily-married hetero couples, i.e. that have gotten married in the last few years?


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Well one is the bigotry of a bunch of unhappy nerds thinking that every superhero should be playing the field.
You know, for all the odd and terrible things I've seen comic book fans and/or trolls posting in comic book discussions say, this is one sentiment I've never heard expressed.


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I've tweeted the twits on the subject last I checked there was no more than a token response denying that the whole team working on the comic walking had anything to do with sexual orientation.
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