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Common misconceptions about popular/famous stories

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No. "Necro" and "Icon" are both Greek, but "Nom" only refers to name or names in Latin - in Greek, it would be law or laws - and since Necronomicon the title of the Greek version, it wouldn't have Latin mashed in. So it could be "Book of the Laws of the Dead" (which is how Chaosium translates it) - though I suppose you could read it as "Book of Dead Laws," which sounds quite cool.
So I plugged "book of the names of the dead" into Google Translate English to Greek, and got:

βιβλίο νεκρών ονομάτων

vivlío nekrón onomáton

Is this approaching good Greek? Does it seem reasonable for Necronomicon to be a later corruption of Nekrón Onomáton?


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Well, this is horrible on paper liquistics, but Nekrón Onomáton mashed together is NekrónOnomáton. If the first O in Onomáton dissapeared, it might make sense from a euphony/lazy-tongue POV.
Then you would have Nekrónnomáton which sounds close to Necronomicon lose the accents and the the T becomes an C by the same lazy tongue process of amn't[OG contraction of "am not"] becoming ain't{which is a word despite the popular saying to the contrary}.

EDIT: I am NOT saying any of the above DID happen, just that I could see it happening. Maybe it didn't and Necronomicon is just a neologism make up buy Mr Bacon or someone close to him.
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