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Compleat Star Wars : Heroquest conversion for review


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I have been hard at work converting Star Wars to the Heroquest system and thought I would share what I've done so far. It's more or less finished, I just have to stat up the Imperials and general bad guys. The campaign will be broadly set in the Rebellion era, for all the difference that makes.

Now, this is a first draft - I would really appreciate any feedback!!! I'm particularly concerned that the Trademark keywords might not be too balanced against each other.

I've drawn a lot of useful information from the official star wars site at http://www.starwars.com and blatantly lifted some keywords from Bruce Ferrie at http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/bferrie/index.htm

I'm using the basic heroquest rules, with the following exceptions:

Followers cost 3 hero points rather than 1 (I want a small band of rebels rather than a crowd of assorted retainers).

Sidekicks are a keyword rather than a buyable option (but I may allow buying them for extra hero points later on).

Instead of improving your abilities by 20 points, you get a best ability at 5m and two second best abilities at 1m (the way it works in Hero Wars)

Scaling: if hit by something bigger, you lose an additional 'damage level' for each scale of difference. The scales are roughly:

womp rat : human : vehicles/fighters : freighters/AT-ATs : capital ships : death star.

Advanced weaponry: the weapons in star wars are deadly. If you are hit by one, you lose an extra 'damage level'.

OK, Part 1 - Homeworlds - coming up!



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Part 1 - Homeworlds / Alien Races

Citizens of the Galactic Empire

All characters, whatever their homeworld or race, are a part of the Galactic Empire (formerly known as the Old Republic). This implies a certain general understanding of technology, the galaxy, and common shared languages. All characters therefore automatically have the following skills at 17:

Common Skills: Basic Tech, Drive Vehicle, Education, Operate Computer, Read/Write Aurabesh, Speak Basic.

Alderaan was a sophisticated and peaceful planet, known across the spaceways as 'the bright centre of the universe'. It consisted of small seas and vast temperate grasslands, inhabited by grazers, nerfs, and other wildlife. Its people lived in gleaming white cities of gently curved design, and the famously free-thinking University of Aldera, located in Crevasse City, was renowned across the galaxy as a seat of learning. After the devastation of the Clone Wars, Alderaan outlawed all violence and weapons and began an unprecedented era of peace. As passionate about exploration as they were about their culture, vessels from Alderaan plied many trade routes and settled many colonies on scattered worlds. One of the Core Worlds, Alderaan was hugely influential in galactic politics and was one of the earliest supporters of the Alliance and a staunch opponent of the Empire. Tragically, the planet of Alderaan is no more. Billions of innocent people died at the hands of the Empire when the newly operational Death Star was used against them. None survived. All that now remains of this once great planet is the desolate asteroid field known as 'The Graveyard of Alderaan'.

Skills: Agriculture, Alderaan High Culture, Find a Peaceful Solution, Galactic Politics, Know Alderaan Colonies, Resist the Imperials.
Common Personality Traits: Grief-stricken, Hate the Empire, Pacifist, Sophisticated.
Example Relationships: to surviving family, to colonists, to exiled politician, to the Rebel Alliance.

A gas giant in a little-visited sector of the galaxy, Bespin contains a narrow band of habitable atmosphere (known as the Life Zone) among its endless clouds. Here floating mining complexes extract valuable gases such as Tibanna from deeper within the planets core. The most famous of these settlements, Cloud City, is currently ruled by the Baron-Administrator, Lando Calrissian (a former smuggler and ne'er do well). The only life forms native to Bespin are the thrantas, flying creatures that pose an occasional hazard to ships in a storm, and various floating plants and amoebas. Many kinds of people come to Bespin, some to prospect for gas, others to hide from enemies or the prying eyes of the authorities. As long as you do not cause trouble or attract undue attention, and as long as you keep a close eye on your credits, the visitor will find Bespin a civilised and comfortable haven.

Skills: Avoid Attention of Authorities, Bespin Geography, Gambling, Gas Mining, Sense Opportunity, Stay Neutral.
Common Personality Traits: Enterprising, Greedy, No Love for the Empire, Ruthless.
Example Relationships: to business partners, to family, to Mining Guild, to moneylenders.

The Corellians are a proud and independent people, for the most part choosing to remain outside wider political disputes and taking no sides in the conflict between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. In an effort to limit the urbanisation of their temperate planet, the Corellians long ago moved their renowned shipbuilding industry off-planet. The great orbiting shipyards of the Corellian Engineering Corporation and its competitors are a magnificent sight, and produce such famous vessels as the Corellian CR90 Corvette and the YT-series freighters. The administrative capital of the whole sector, Corellia also has a reputation for the many pirate raids that seem to take place along its local trade routes. Nearby lie the Double Worlds of Tralus and Talus, between which floats the immense and ancient artifact known as Centrepoint Station, believed to be a legacy of some long-dead alien race. Wealthy enough to support its own fleets and security forces (The Corellian Security Force, or CorSec for short), Corellia has nonetheless suffered under the yoke of the Empire. The shipyards have largely been commandeered to produce Imperial cruisers and TIE-fighters, while a planet-wide military draft ensures there are enough troops to crew them. However, many on Corellia sympathise with the Imperial Doctrine, and have become concerned that aliens and the Rebel Alliance do indeed pose a threat to their own unique culture.

Skills: Corellian Traditions, Find a Shortcut, Fly Starship, Identify Ship, Look Out for Number One, Repair Ship.
Common Personality Traits: Arrogant, Courageous, Proud, Selfish.
Example Relationships: to corporations, to Engineering Guild, to family, to Imperial Army.

Formerly the heart of the Old Republic, Coruscant (now officially called Imperial Centre) is the capital of the great Empire and the home of the Emperor himself. Thousands of years of civilisation and expansion have resulted in such urban sprawl that the whole planet is now one immense city. The glimmering peaks of vast skyscrapers tower above the clouds as flashing neon and endless repulsorlift traffic light up the night sky. The Jedi Temple (now destroyed) and the Galactic Senate (now permanently dissolved) were once a part of Coruscant's impressive skyline; only the corporations and commerce guilds now maintain any kind of presence on Coruscant, subservient as they are to the Empire. The Emperor's eyes are everywhere here, and insubordination will not be tolerated. Despite Coruscant's vast wealth there are many no-go places for most civilians, due to gang activity and general urban decay; it is said that the nearer you travel to ground level in Galactic City, the nearer you travel to your grave. Since the coming of the Empire and their xenophobic policies, many aliens have found themselves persecuted and driven down into the depths of the Undercity.

Skills: Coruscant Geography, Feign Loyalty to Empire, Keep a Low Profile, Know Imperial Procedures, Obey Orders, Urban Survival
Common Personality Traits: Cosmopolitan, Cynical, Paranoid, Suspicious of Aliens.
Example Relationships: to corporation, to family, to Imperials, to underworld.

Dionysius is an overcrowded and impoverished urbanised world united by one thing - religion. The Church of the Messiah plays a central role in Dionysius's world government, and is a major part of everyone's life. It dictates the codes of public morality, sets the law, and punishes those who do not obey. Religious fervour is seen as proof of holiness and morality, so Dionysians tend toward extravagant public worship and sacrifice. Worshippers believe that one day a messiah will come, a Man born not of Man, who will lead them against their enemies in a holy crusade of extermination. After the recent Declaration of Godliness by their world goverment, many Dionysians now believe that that day has come and the Emperor himself is the supreme being. Those who express dismay at this development are soon silenced, taken by the authorities in the middle of the night or publically lynched as a blasphemer by their neighbours. A garrison of troops and ships from the holy Empire is now permanently stationed on Dionysius, at the request of the world government, and the holy war has already begun. The Dionysians have made a series of savage, merciless attacks on the Sark'Saron, lizardman raiders of a neighbouring desert world, but this is just the beginning. The church talks openly of galactic extermination, a genocidal onslaught on the heathen alien scum one species at a time until the whole universe belongs to humanity.

Skills: Castigate Sinner, Dionysian Geography, Kill Alien Scum, Know Church Doctrines, Preach to the Converted, Worship Loudly.
Common Personality Traits: Fanatical, Stern, Unreasoning, Xenophobic.
Example Relationships: to congregation, to family, to Imperial 'saviours', to priest.

The Epsilon Nebula
The many small colonies of the Epsilon Nebula are scattered but constantly at war with each other, competing over the rich mineral resources of the many moons and asteroids in the system. Alliances are constantly switching, and betrayal is a fact of life - it is a well known fact that you cannot trust anyone from the other Epsilon worlds, so why not betray them before they betray you? Each colony patrols its own territories and raids its rivals territories in their high-tech Comet-Screamer fighters. Ancient codes of conduct limiting civilian casualties and restricting the involvement of outsiders are strictly adhered to. A kind of equillibrium persists between the colonies, as fortunes change so quickly that no one side has been able to get an advantage and keep it for very long. Recently the Empire has started to take an interest in the Epsilon Nebula, and is believed to be considering making an alliance with one or more colonies. In the Empire's mind this would stabilise the region and allow them to exploit the considerable wealth to be had. Whichever colony is approached faces a dilemma: can the Empire be trusted, and if so is victory worth more than honour?

Skills: Asteroid Mining, Betray Ally, Epsilon Traditions, Fight Honourably, Move in Zero Gravity, Pilot Starfighter.
Common Personality Traits: Competitive, Hot-headed, Loyal to Comrades, Reckless.
Example Relationships: to colony, to family, to Mining Guild, to rival colonists.

Hoth is a remote and unsettled world of ice and snow, and its bitterly cold nights prove easily fatal to any unprepared humans. In addition, it suffers from periodic meteor strikes from the many asteroid fields that exist nearby. Not all of Hoth is icy plains, however; several mountain chains penetrate the ice shelves, and there is a great tempestuous sea to the south of the planet where various huge and strange beasts swim silently. Along Hoth's equator there are said to be deep fissures in the ground where exotic fungi grow in the darkness, may miles below the surface. The few indigenous life forms of Hoth, such as Taun-tauns or the ferocious Wampa beasts, face a daily struggle for survival in such harsh conditions. For all that, there are still some that choose to settle on Hoth. The extreme temperatures and isolation can prove to be an advantage for those with something to hide or nothing to lose, and it is rumoured that there are a few small bases and settlements scattered across Hoth's arctic surface. Most do not last more than a year, one way or another, but some are more permanent. Some of Hoth's 'hidden inhabitants' are exiles or criminals, some operate mining installations, and some work in secret military or scientific research bases. Unknown to most, Hoth is also home to Echo Base, the current centre of the Rebel Alliance while they plan and regroup after their victory at the Death Star. Careful to the last, they are ready to pack up and flee on a moment's notice if the Imperials should track them down.

Skills: Anticipate Weather, Arctic Survival, Endure Cold, Hoth Geography, Ride Taun-taun, Stay Hidden.
Common Personality Traits: Determined, Quiet, Loner, Patient.
Example Relationships: to colleagues, to family, to Rebellion, to Taun-taun.

Little more than a big lump of barren rock floating in the Outer Rim, Kessel is famous for its valuable ores and exotic spices. An oxygen mask is a necessity on Kessel, despite the many air factories and atmosphere generators, as the air is simply too thin and polluted to breathe for long periods without harm. Kessel's spices vary from ordinary stimulants and psychotropics to the legendary Glitterstim, a very rare and expensive drug said to temporarily enhance the user's Force sensitivity and allow limited telepathy. Extremely sensitive to light, this spice can only be harvested in absolute darkness by the miners who toil in the extensive tunnels that riddle Kessel. Spice Mining is an extremely dangerous business; if faulty breathing masks, malfunctioning heating equipment, cave-ins or poor safety regulations don't kill you, the energy spiders might. Voraciously hungry and about the size of a horse, these vampiric monsters produce the spice as a byproduct of their webs but have proved impossible to control. Since the Imperials arrived and drove away the underworld gangs who used to control the miners, political prisoners and simple convicts have been drafted in as forced labour to increase production. The Imperials rule Kessel with an iron fist, but the spice is too valuable to deter smugglers and criminals for long, whatever the risks. Even despite Imperial patrols, asteroid fields, and the cluster of black holes known as The Maw, pirate raids and corrupt officials ensure that spice cargoes still 'disappear' on a regular basis.

Skills: Bribe Official, Heavy Labour, Move Quietly, See in the Dark, Spice Mining, Underground Survival.
Common Personality Traits: Addicted to Spice, Brave, Fear Movement in the Shadows, Stay Calm Under Pressure.
Example Relationships: to corrupt official, to family back home, to miners, to smugglers.

Kursk is an urbanised, industrial world that strongly resisted the Empire and rose up in open rebellion after the destruction of Alderaan. In an effort to stop a system wide uprising, and to provide an example to everyone else, the Imperial army responded with deadly force. Mass drivers and orbiting Star Destroyers were used to knock out the planetary defence systems and then target the main population centres, before Storm Troopers were sent in to take control on the ground. The population of Kursk, always a fierce and rebellious people, have been forced into a corner and are fighting for their lives. The Imperial Occupying Forces are not interested in securing resources or restoring order; they are interested in subjugating the planet and extinguishing all dissent. The leaders of the resistance feel betrayed by the Rebel Alliance for their distinct lack of intervention, perhaps because of Kursk's distant location or its relative poverty. However, the people of Kursk are used to standing on their own. Despite the Imperial decree of 'ten dead Kurskans for every dead Imperial', the scattered forces have been radicalised and wage a savage war of terror against their oppressors.

Skills: Espouse Revolutionary Ideals, Fight Back, Guerilla Tactics, Kurskan Geography, Remember Kurskan Traditions, Stand Alone.
Common Personality Traits: Demoralised, Hate the Empire, Passionate, Vengeful
Example Relationships: to black market traders, to family, to resistance, to wider Rebellion.

Medusa is a volcanic world of impressive mountains and vast dusty plateaus, settled by Corellian scientists many generations ago. Medusa is home to gigantic automated production facilities that forever churn out computer parts, weapons, and most especially robots for the Imperial war effort and anyone else with the credits to pay for them. The undisputed centre of robot design and production across the galaxy, Medusa is home to many innovative thinkers and technicians. Although officially part of the Empire, many Medusan scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about the Empire's intentions. Advanced weapons research has been quietly slowed down, and the results of some more experimental studies have been hidden or even sabotaged to prevent them getting into the wrong hands. However, under the watchful gaze of the Empire and their own impassive robot servants, they have been unable to provide any significant aid to the Rebellion. The people of Medusa are only too aware that even their most advanced technologies will not save them if the Empire comes to see them as anything less than a sympathetic ally.

Skills: Appease Imperials, Command Droid, Identify Droid, Medusan Geography, Think Laterally, Understand Advanced Technology.
Common Personality Traits: Creative, Do the Right Thing, Nervous, Scientific.
Example Relationships: to droid assistant, to family, to Imperial overseer, to technician.

Naboo is a serene and peaceful planet most famous for its conflicts with the Trade Federation in the golden age of the Republic, before the Clone Wars and the dark years that came after. Naboo is a beautiful planet of classical architecture and tranquil grasslands, ruled by an elected monarch based in the Royal Palace of Theed, Naboo's capital city. Out in the swamplands live the amphibious Gungans, once seen as little more than primitives by the Naboo but now treated as firm friends since the battles with the Trade Federation a few years ago. The Naboo themselves are prosperous but few in number, and share a love of art and philosophy with an appreciation for outre couture and general extravagance. Their advanced technologies pose an odd contrast to their classical architecture and humble natures. Now reliant on outside trade to support their growing economy, Naboo has reluctantly begun to allow outsiders access to their once quiet world.

Skills: Arts and Philosophy, Formal Etiquette, Know Our Gungan Allies, Naboo Geography, Speak Cryptically, Stylish Dresser
Common Personality Traits: Humble, Peaceful, Provincial, Sophisticated
Example Relationships: to family, to Gungans, to servants, to ruling class.

Nocturnis, sometimes called the Black Planet, is a barren wasteland covered in dusty chemical waste and choked with pollution so bad that very little natural light breaks through the smog clouds. These 'dead lands' are dominated by the thirteen Hub Cities and the network of monorail lines that connect them like a steel web. Nocturnis is an industrial planet, devoted largely to manufacture and mining, and all its citizens live within these vast domed Hub Cities. It is a spartan, claustrophobic existence, and depression and suicide are common. Crime has reached epidemic levels, and the Cities are under constant siege by the degenerate humans and mutants that are forced to live out in the wastes. Given these problems, the rulers of Nocturnis embraced the coming of the Empire with open arms. Now under Imperial protection, Nocturnis's entire defence budget has been turned inward, and a brutal policing program is underway to crush all lawbreakers, rebels, and subhuman raiders. The purging of Nocturnis has begun.

Skills: Cause Trouble, Endure Pollution, Listen for Enemies, Nocturnis Geography, Operate Industrial Machinery, Wasteland Survival.
Common Personality Traits: Depressed, Lawless, Self-reliant, Tenacious.
Example Relationships: to family, to gang, to scavengers, to Workers Guild.

Almost entirely landless, the corporate colonies of Oceania are based on man-made islands, rigs, and floating cities in the calmer waters of the World Sea. Oceania is very strictly heirarchical, and the corporations play a central role in every citizen's life. Every adult citizen is an employee, working in the fields of administration, pharmaceutical research, and investment banking. All aspects of life on Oceania are strictly controlled by the corporations in the name of efficiency and uniformity; there is no room for dissent. The corporation is your friend. Children are raised in communal academies, where the best and brightest are identified and selected for preferential treatment right from the start. As adults, citizens of Oceania wake up to the corporate motivational song, eat the corporate cereal for breakfast, and go to work at the corporation offices in their corporate uniforms every day of their lives. Those who cannot or will not fit in with this regime are exiled from the artificial cities, to seek their fortune in the wider galaxy if they can afford passage on a ship, or to die alone and adrift in the World Sea if they cannot.

Skills: Assess Social Standing, Command Social Inferiors, Corporate Culture, Navigate the World Sea, Swim, Tolerate Dull Work.
Common Personality Traits: Conformist, Disciplined, Methodical, Obedient.
Example Relationships: to corporation, to underlings, to family, to supervisor.

Ord Mantell
There is nothing that cannot be bought or sold on Ord Mantell. Drugs, weapons, forbidden technologies, slaves, government officials, human life; everything is for sale. Originally one of the Republic's military bases and ordnance depots, the expected funding and population boom never quite materialised. Located in the Bright Jewel cluster, and in close proximity to several hyperspace trade routes, Ord Mantell adopted tourism and trading as its principal industries. This has proved to be extraordinarily successful, and the planet is now one of the busiest and most prosperous ports in the galaxy. A smuggler's haven, Ord Mantell's thriving black market trades in every imaginable commodity to anyone with a good line of credit. Inside its chrome cities the only real rules are the law of the gun and the laws of supply and demand. Away from the prosperous cities, Ord Mantell is a primal and beautiful wilderness occupied by simple farmers and the vast fields of solar panels that supply the planet's energy requirements. Paying lip service (and a substantial tithe) to the Empire, Ord Mantell has so far been tolerated and left largely to its own devices by the Imperial War Machine.

Skills: Evaluate Goods, Fool Outsider, Make a Profit, Ord Mantell Geography, Think Quickly, Understand Outsider.
Common Personality Traits: Ambitious, Friendly, Mercenary, Untrustworthy.
Example Relationships: to family, to moneylenders, to smugglers, to traders.

Raxus Prime
Raxus Prime is an example of a Human Occupied Landfill, a once prosperous world that has been stripped of all useful resources and forever poisoned by industry. The corporations, having found new worlds to plunder, have moved on and use Raxus Prime as a dumping ground for the planetfuls of rubbish created by galactic capitalist consumption. The surface of Raxus Prime is an industrial wasteland covered with refuse, piled up over countless generations into a mountainous landscape of trash and spare parts. Pools of toxic sludge, waste chemicals, and a steady downpour of acid rain make Raxus Prime a hot and uncomfortable place to live. Still, many people do live on Raxus, scratching a living together by salvaging junk and obsolete machinery, hoping to get enough money together to buy a ticket to somewhere better. Several alien species also make Raxus Prime their home; as well as the peaceful Meeknu clan of Jawas, there are predatory Rakghouls, Diagnosa garbage squids, and worse to be found amongst the towering ruins.

Skills: Climb, Endure Pollution, Find Something Useful, Go Without Food, Raxus Prime Geography, Wasteland Survival.
Common Personality Traits: Cunning, Pitiful, Thrifty, Wary.
Example Relationships: to family, to Jawas, to scavengers, to traders.

The Shurin Armada
The Shurin Armada is an advanced and enigmatic nomadic culture that roams the spaceways looking for new planets to explore. Possessing advanced terraforming technologies, the Shurin create liveable environments in the most inhospitable worlds, strip them of all available resources, and then depart again as suddenly as they arrived. They have been this way for many hundreds of years, since some unnamed disaster destroyed their original home planet. They are for the most part a peaceful culture and tend to avoid settling on occupied planets, but they are capable of ruthless ferocity if attacked. The Shurin philosophy is a deeply spiritual one; they believe that life itself is a journey, and that complete self awareness can only be achieved by renouncing the temptations of material wealth. The Shurin philosophy is a very open one, and many wanderers and travellers of various species join the Armada in their journeys, at least for a time. They are an impressive sight as they move from planet to planet, a great flotilla of ragtag ships steadily moving across the galaxy towards their next home and (perhaps) enlightenment.

Skills: Astronavigation, Give Enigmatic Answer, See Deeper Meaning, Shurin Philosophy, Slash & Burn Agriculture, Strip Mining.
Common Personality Traits: Ascetic, Free Spirited, Shy, Wise.
Example Relationships: to ancestors, to family, to traders, to wise elders.

'If there's a bright centre to the universe, this is the planet it's farthest from', say those who make the barren deserts of Tatooine their home. Far out in the Outer Rim, Tatooine bakes and chokes under the intense heat of its twin yellow suns as its inhabitants eke out a living from its main industries of moisture farming, slavery, and crime. The vast expanses of the Dune Sea are broken by rocky mesas and badlands such as the Jundland Wastes, where the nomadic and savage Sand People (also known as Tusken Raiders) make their camps. Human settlements such as Anchorhead and the twin spaceports of Mos Espa and Mos Eisley are relatively lawless, being largely controlled by Hutt gangsters despite the presence of a small Imperial Garrison. Tatooine is home to a large variety of life forms, from womp rats and the diminutive scavengers known as Jawas to huge Banthas, Dewback lizards and Krayt Dragons. Despite the heat and poverty, Tatooine is located on a major trade route and remains a popular stopping place for smugglers, desperadoes, and low-lives of all kinds.

Skills: Desert Survival, Endure Heat, Keen-sighted, Moisture Farming, Ride Eeopie, Tatooine Geography.
Common Personality Traits: Hard-working, Hate Sandpeople, Idealistic, Unsophisticated.
Example Relationships: to family, to moisture farmers, to Hutt gangsters, to slavers.



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Part 3 - Alien races

Aliens in SW are basically humans in funny costumes, so they just replace your normal homeworld keyword. If you want your race to be more important you can select the 'racial paragon' keyword later on

The Bith species of humanoid, also known as Craniopods, are characterized by their large craniums, huge round, lidless eyes, and tiny mouths under their fleshy face folds. The Bith are so evolved that their ancestral predecessors are impossible to determine. They have become totally dependent on technology, having long since lost all their animalistic traits and instincts. Bith have atrophied senses of aggression, concentrating their energies into art, music and technology. Many years ago, however, internal conflicts on Clak'dor VII escalated into biological warfare and led to the extermination of the majority of the Bith. Their once tranquil world became a wasteland, and the survivors were forced to hermetically seal their cities and rely on outside trade to support their crippled economy. Some younger Bith find their homeworld boring and restrictive, and so for a brief time they travel the wider galaxy in search of adventure and new experiences.

Skills: Acute Senses, Bith Culture, Clak'dor Geography, Don't Need Sleep, Know Trivia, Play Musical Instrument, Think Like A Machine
Common Personality Traits: Intuitive, Overanalytical, Passive, Sophisticated.
Alien Flaw: Helpless Without Technology
Example Relationships: to family, to employer, to band

Gungans are a tall and lanky amphibious species native to the planet Naboo. They are hatched from eggs in water cradles, and are born as tadpoles. They quickly grow limbs and are able to walk on land within a standard month of hatching. Their skeletal structure is extremely flexible, being made of cartilaginous material rather than hard bone. This makes their faces rather expressive, and makes their bodies more resistant to damage. Gungans have strong leg muscles for swimming, and are aided by their long fin-like ears. Gungan arms end in four-fingered hands, and their feet have three stubby toes each. The long Gungan face has a tough yet flexible bill for burrowing and rooting out food. They also have long muscular tongues with which they scoop molluscs and lesser amphibians from the Naboo swamps. The Gungans have mastered energy field technology for a number of uses. Their underwater citites employ hydrostatic fields to create large bubbles of atmosphere within which they dwell. Similarly, Gungan ground troops carry portable frames which generate a protective energy field capable of deflecting blaster fire. In large-scale combat, giant Gungan shield generators can create an immense umbrella of protective shield energy that can stop laser bolts and physical objects with great kinetic energy. Despite mastering this bizarre technology, Gungans still employ beasts of burden for transportation, from the wingless reptilian avian Kaadu to the hulking Fambaa lizards. Since the war with the Trade Federation, the Gungans have become firm allies of the Naboo, moved on from their past isolationism, and begun to explore the wider galaxy.

Skills: Breathe Underwater, Flexible, Gungan Culture, Pilot Submarine, Prehensile Tongue, Ride Kaadu, Swim, Use Energy Shield.
Common Personality Traits: Curious, Friendly, Unsophisticated, Well-meaning
Alien Flaws: Annoying, Clumsy
Example Relationships: to family, to Nubian humans, to Kaadu mount

The Ithorians are tall, gentle herbivores more commonly known as "Hammerheads" throughout the galaxy because of their most prominent feature: a long, curving neck ending in a t-shaped dome of a head. Ithorians have a mouth on each side of their curling necks, which creates a disconcerting stereo effect when they speak. They are curious and gregarious, devoting much time to contemplating their ecology, and respect all living things. Ithorians worship the "Mother Jungle," a spiritual entity of Ithor embodying the lush, tropical ecology of their world. Most Ithorians never set foot on their own planet, instead they lived in floating cities above their world. Only three of their continents had been developed, the other two never having been touched by Ithorian hands. Their floating "herd" cities also have space-worthy counterparts, traveling the space-lanes like huge caravans. Each Ithorian herd-ship has a complex life-support system that replicates the environment of Ithor, complete with jungles, wildlife, and even weather patterns. Once every Ithorian season (about five standard years), the herds gather for "the Meet." A grand site above the surface of their green world, the herd ships would join each other in a festival and regal ceremony. So far in the war the Ithorians have maintained a neutral stance despite the presence of several Imperial garrisons on Ithor, which monitor all trading activities and patrol the borders.

Skills: Agriculture, Ithorian Culture, Make Peace, Trading, Understand Advanced Technology, Ventriloquism, Worship Mother Jungle
Common Personality Traits: Curious, Gregarious, Peaceful, Reverent
Alien Flaw: Hideously Ugly
Example Relationships: to spiritual leaders, to family, to trading associates

Mon Calamari
The Mon Calamari people are humanoid aliens with salmon-colored skin, webbed hands, big fishy heads, and large, goggle-like eyes. Theyi are shore-dwellers, land beings with an affinity for water, and hail from the ocean world of the same name, which they share with the squid-headed Quarren. Mon Calamari and Quarren are very different in their outlook on life, as the Mon Calamari tend to be idealists and dreamers while the Quarren are pragmatic and realists. After centuries of being raided by their less advanced neighbours, the Mon Calamari acted. In a bold and controversial social experiment, they captured nearly one million Quarren and attempted to 'civilise' them. The young were forcibly removed from their parents and given the full benefits of a Mon Cal education. The experiment worked. The younger generation of Quarren made peace with the Mon Calamari, and a new era of peace and co-operation was born. It did not last long. When the Empire came to power, it began seizing property on the Mon Calamari homeworld, and the peaceful aquatic species countered with passive resistance. The Empire would stand no defiance, and destroyed three floating Mon Calamari cities, allegedly with help from Quarren insurgents. Nonetheless, the two species managed to co-operate enough to drive the Empire away in a fierce war of resistance that lasted several years. Now, the Mon Calamari are said to be the heart and soul of the Rebel Alliance, supplying badly needed warships to the outnumbered Alliance fleet and departing from their own world to fight the Empire and explore the islands in the stars.

Skills: Breathe Underwater, Mon Calamari Culture, Oceanography, Pilot Starship, Resist the Empire, Subjugate Quarren, Swim.
Common Personality Traits: Authoritative, Idealistic, Peaceful, Sense of Superiority
Alien Flaw: Fish-headed
Example Relationships: to family, to Quarren, to Rebellion

Quarren, or "Squid Heads" as they are sometimes rudely called, are an alien species characterized by the four tentacles that protrude from their jaws. They have deep turquoise eyes, and each hand is capped with finned or suction-cup tipped fingers. The Quarren live beneath the waters of the ocean world they share with the Mon Calamari. After centuries of raiding their more technologically advanced neighbours, the Quarren had been driven nearly to extinction. In a bold and controversial social experiment, the Mon Calamari captured nearly one million Quarren and attempted to 'civilise' them. The young were forcibly removed from their parents and given the full benefits of a Mon Cal education. The experiment worked. The younger generation came to reject their parents as unthinking savages, while the parents thought of their children as brainwashed traitors. Within 15 years the younger Quarren had won the generational struggle, taking control of their people amd making peace with their neighbours. When the Empire attempted to subjugate Mon Calamari, many Quarren joined their world-mates to throw off the invasion. Afterwards, however, most Quarren wanted nothing to do with Rebellion. Many fled the world, searching for other ventures and avoiding the Imperial reprisal that was sure to come.

Skills: Breathe Underwater, Change Skin Colour, Face Tentacles, Oceanography, Quarren Culture, Swim, Withstand Depth Pressure
Common Personality Traits: Conservative, Distrust Other Generation, Pragmatic, Resent Mon Calamari
Alien Flaw: Uncivilised [or] Brainwashed
Example Relationships: to older generation, to younger generation, to Mon Calamari benefactors / oppressors

Rodians are a species of green-skinned humanoids found throughout the galaxy. They have large, black eyes, tapir-like snouts, long flexible fingers terminating in suction cups, twin saucer-like sensory organs atop their heads, and a ridge of spines cresting their skulls. The Rodians evolved as hunters, killing much of the wildlife and predacious species on their planet to extinction. The Rodians grew restless with nothing to hunt, and turned to hunting each other in gladiatorial combat. One of the greatest of the Rodian Grand Protectors called an end to this self-slaughter around the time that Republic ships made contact with the species. The Grand Protector saw the expansion into the galaxy as an opportunity for the Rodians to hunt new species and targets. Now the Rodians are spread across the galaxy, for the most part making their living as criminals, bounty hunters, assassins, and low-lifes of all kinds.

Skills: Appreciate Rodian Theatre, Be The Best, Fire Blaster, Hunt Foe, Rodian Geography, See All Around, Suction-Cup Fingers.
Common Personality Traits: Mercenary, Restless, Show-off, Violent.
Alien Flaw: Regarded as Low-life
Example Relationships: to bounty hunters guild, to family, to underworld

Sullustans are jowled, mouse-eared humanoids with large, round eyes, who live in vast subterranean caverns beneath the surface of their homeworld. Sullust is a volcanic planet, with a harsh atmosphere. The underground caverns teem with small life-forms that the Sullustans hunt for sources of food and clothing. The few predators that wander the planet's surface rarely venture underground. Sullustans speak a chattering language and are known throughout the galaxy as capable pilots and navigators. They have perfect direction sense and memory, allowing them to remember the paths they have traveled, and maps they may have seen; this sense is a necessity in the labyrinthine caves of Sullust. Having recently declared loyalty to the Rebellion, the Sullustan homeworld has since been taken over by the pro-Empire corporation SoruSuub. They have disbanded the Sullustan Ruling Council and effectively rule the planet, enforcing curfews and loyalty among the populace, and thrusting the Sullustans into a largely cheerless existence.

Skills: Excellent Hearing, Location Sense, Move Silently, Natural Pilot, See in the Dark, Sulllustan Culture, Underground Survival
Common Personality Traits: Easily Amused, Crafty, Possessive, Talkative
Alien Flaw: Dazzled in Bright Light
Example Relationships: to family, to Rebellion, to SoroSuub corporation

Twi'leks are tall, thin humanoids with skin pigment that spans a rainbow of colours. Their most distinctive feature is a pair of shapely prehensile tentacles that grow from the base of their skulls. The Twi'leks use their head-tails, or lekku, when they speak their native tongue of Twi'leki. The language is a combination of physical and linguistic communication, with spoken word being supplemented by subtle twitches and moves from the lekku. The Twi'leks have only an industrial-level technology, with windmills and turbines providing power to their homes and industries carved into the mountains. Each city complex is autonomous, and governed by a head-clan. Having no native space-faring technology, the Twi'leks instead rely upon neighboring systems, pirates, smugglers, and merchants for their contact with the galaxy. The planet Ryloth provides the galaxy with ryll, a powerfully addictive recreational substance and mineral. Twi'leks have adapted to the criminal attention brought to their world by selling their own people into slavery. This way, the Twi'leks have something to give the criminals, and still retain control of the ryll mines. Unfortunately many Twi'leks, mostly female, bear the brunt of this despicable trade-off. During the Galactic Civil War, the Twi'leks have so far remained neutral, not wanting to become involved in the struggle. They view the Rebel Alliance and the Empire as two heat storms that will eventually dissipate. After the storm has cleared, the opportunist Twi'Lek will emerge and prosper.

Skills: Administer Poison, Ryloth Geography, Negotiate with Low-life, Speak Twi'leki, Subtle, Twi'Lek Culture
Females Only: Graceful, Highly Desirable.
Males Only: Dagger Fighting.
Common Personality Traits: Adaptable, Corrupt, Devious, Patient.
Alien Flaw: Widely Distrusted
Example Relationships: to family, to slaves or slavemaster, to criminals

Weequays are a humanoid species with coarse, leathery skin and bald heads. Hailing from the arid world of Sriluur on the remote Sisar Run, they are a laconic people deeply rooted in ancient traditions. Much of their culture is structured around the reverence of a pantheon of gods, one of the foremost being Quay, the God of the Moon. The Weequays keep a wide array of trinkets and totems to facilitate communication with their gods. Swindling off-worlder entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this cultural trait, and infested Sriluur with countless useless baubles said to divine the intentions of the dieties. Weequay society is clan based, and a Weequay's identity defers to a clan. Often, individuality is so secondary that Weequays do not take proper names, unless leaving Sriluur or dealing with off-worlders. Weequays do not need names to identify one another, as their pheromonic methods of communication can convey a great deal of information without words. Though some may view their ways as quaint and primitive, Weequays have built large cities on Sriluur, such as Dnalvec. These cities enjoy much trade from the busy Sisar Run. Most Weequay cities are built around a thal, a religious shrine to which devoted followers leave offerings of foods or valuables. The close proximity of Sriluur to Hutt Space means that many Weequays are employed or enslaved by Hutt crime lords as bodyguards or enforcers. Such underworld careers have led to Weequays being found throughout the galaxy. Weequay expatriates are easily identified by their topknots. Custom dictates that a Weequay grows a braid for each Sriluurian year off-planet. Upon returning to Sriluur, a Weequay shaves off the braids in a ritual of spiritual purification.

Skills: Close Combat*, Desert Survival, Endure Heat, Honour Obligations, Know Weequay Pantheon, Make Sacrifice, Tough.
Common Personality Traits: Enigmatic, Gullible, Loyal, Quiet.
Alien Flaw: Profoundly Superstitious
Example Relationships: to family, to clan, to underworld boss, to priest

Shaggy giants from the arboreal world of Kashyyk, Wookies stand about two metres tall and often live for several centuries. Despite their fearsome and savage countenance, Wookiees are intelligent, sophisticated, loyal and trusting. Loyalty and bravery are near-sacred tenets in Wookiee society. When peaceful, Wookiees are tender and gentle. Their tempers, however, are short; when angered, Wookiees can fly into a berserker rage and will not stop until the object of their distemper is sufficiently destroyed. Despite their primitive appearance, Wookies are comfortable with advanced technology, being able to repair and maintain most modern starships and weaponry. They live in cities built in the upper canopies of Kashyyk's tall and dense forests; nearer to the forest floor Kashyyk is a primeval, unforgiving environment where only the strongest survive. Though Wookiees can understand Basic, and other galactic languages, their limited vocal apparatus can only produce their native tongues. The most common Wookiee language is Shyriiwook, a dialect of barks, growls, howls and roars. Wookiee language is very complex and liquid. Wookiees greatly value morality, courage, compassion and loyalty. A sacred and ancient Wookiee tradition is that of the honor family. An honor family comprises a Wookiee's closest friends and companions. These family members pledge a commitment to lay down their lives for one another, as well as members of any honor families these individuals may have. Like the similarly sacred Wookiee life debt, Wookiees often extend this tradition to members outside their species. Despite their proven intelligence and sophistication the Wookies have been treated as little more than primitives by the Empire since it blockaded their homeworld and sold them into slavery. The reptilian Trandoshans, long the Wookie's bitterest rivals, have particularly profited from this turn of events. A free Wookie is now a very rare sight in the galaxy indeed.

Skills: Climb Trees, Fire Bowcaster, Fix Things, Speak Shyrilwook, Strong, Tough, Woodland Survival, Wookie Culture
Common Personality Traits: Hates Captivity, Intimidating, Loyal, Noble.
Alien Flaws: Cannot Speak Basic, Gets Angry
Example Relationships: to wookie family, to honour family, to life debtor


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Skills: Close Combat*, Conceal Weapons, Disguise, Evaluate Security Measures, Fire Blaster, Flee the Scene, Hide in Shadows, Move Quietly, Set Ambush, Use Explosives.
Common Personality Traits: Emotionless, Professional, Ruthless, Sociopath
Example Relationships: to clients, to suppliers, to agent, to fellow assassins.
Standard of Living: Prosperous (17)
Starting Equipment: fine clothing, hidden knife, forged identity papers

Skills: Close Combat*, Defend the Target, Evade Pursuit, Fire Blaster, Follow Instructions, Frisk Suspect, Identify Threat, Intimidate, Perform Security Check, Tough.
Common Personality Traits: Brutal, Dull-witted, Menacing, Obedient.
Example Relationships: to colleagues, to agent, to employer, to former employer's relatives.
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: ill-fitting suit, shades, knuckledusters

Bounty Hunter
Skills: Break In, Close Combat*, Fire Blaster, Follow Prey, Identify Target, Intimidate, Quick Draw, Set Ambush, Streetwise, Take Him Alive.
Common Personality Traits: Callous, Fearless, Inventive, Mercenary.
Example Relationships: to employer, to bounty hunter's guild, to contacts, to underworld.
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: warrant papers, durable clothing, knife, restraints, net

Skills: Calm the Situation, Curry Favour, Emphatic Gesture, Fast Talk, Know the Proper Etiquette, Negotiate Compromise, Recognise Lie, Sense Motive, Sound Reasonable, Win Confidence
Common Personality Traits: Cultured, Friendly, Pragmatic, Snobbish
Example Relationships: to high society, to colleagues, to assistants, to employer
Standard of Living: Prosperous (17)
Starting Equipment: finest clothing, identity papers, diplomatic immunity card

Skills: Attract Attention, Charismatic Presence, Compose*, Distract, Entertain*, Find Employment, Good Memory, Perfect Timing, Spot Trouble, Unfazed by Hostility.
Common Personality Traits: Emotional, Outgoing, Vain, Wanderlust
Example Relationships: to fans, to employer/patron, to assistants
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: props, musical instrument, books, fancy clothing

Fighter Pilot
Skills: Astronavigation, Dogfighting Tactics, Fire Ship's Weapons, Go Faster, Know Ship's Capabilities, Perform Risky Maneuver, Pilot Starfighter, Read Sensors, Starfighter Maintenance, Think Quickly.
Common Personality Traits: Boastful, Daredevil, Elitist, Reckless.
Example Relationships: to other pilots, to support staff, to commanding officer, to old squadron.
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: G-suit, signal flares, dress uniform, pilot's license

Skills: Anticipate Move, Avoid Repercussions, Bluff, Calculate the Odds, Cheat, Fast Talk, Palm Cards, Play Sabacc, Spot Cheating, Spot Sucker.
Common Personality Traits: Deceitful, Dreamer, Greedy, Lucky [or] Unlucky.
Example Relationships: to other gamblers, to moneylenders, to establishment, to assistants.
Standard of Living: Common (13). Option: Flip a coin; win = Prosperous (17), loss = Minimal (6).
Starting Equipment: cards, marked cards, loaded dice, lucky charm, fine clothes

Skills: Carry Heavy Load, Combat Engineering, Follow Orders, Fire Blaster, Fire Heavy Weapon, Give Covering Fire, Take Cover, Throw Grenade, Use Explosives, Weapons Maintenance.
Common Personality Traits: Brave, Loyal, Obedient, Stoic.
Example Relationships: to commander, to old colleagues, to unit.
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: dress uniform, medals, discharge papers, simple tools

Skills: Crack Security, Cryptography, Go Undetected, Override Programming, Program Computer, Search Database, Spout Technical Jargon, Understand Programming Language, Work All Night, Wreck System.
Common Personality Traits: Hate Stupid People, Logical, Methodical, Unreliable
Example Relationships: to clients, to fellow hackers, to suppliers
Standard of Living: Prosperous (17)
Starting Equipment: laptop computer, palm sized computer, assorted programs and data chips

Hotshot Racer
Skills: Bail Out, Customise Vehicle, Dodge & Weave, Drive Faster, Find the Quickest Route, Perform Risky Maneuver, Shake Off Pursuer, Think Quickly, Vehicle Combat, Vehicle Maintenance.
Common Personality Traits: Boastful, Impetuous, Reckless, Show-off
Example Relationships: to mechanic, to sponsors, to agent, to other racers
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: simple tools, vehicle (swoop/pod/speeder/bike)

Infantry Soldier
Skills: Carry Heavy Load, Climb, Close Combat*, Fire Blaster, Follow Orders, Give Covering Fire, Take Cover, Throw Grenade, Walk Long Distance, Weapons Maintenance.
Common Personality Traits: Brave, Long Suffering, Loyal, Obedient.
Example Relationships: to commander, to old comrades, to unit.
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: dress uniform, medals, discharge papers, knife

Jedi Padawan
Skills: Acrobatics, Construct Lightsabre, History of the Jedi Order, Jedi Philosophy, Lightsabre Combat, Listen, Meditation, Offer Enigmatic Advice, Resist the Lure of the Dark Side, Unarmed Combat.
Common Personality Traits: Calm, Idealistic, Inscrutable, Patient
Example Relationships: to apprentice, to master, member of Jedi Order
Standard of Living: Minimal (6)
Starting Equipment: simple robes.
NOTE: A Jedi Padawan must select Jedi Training as his Trademark keyword.

Skills: Climb, Escape Unscathed, Look Innocent, Perceptive, Pester Grown-up, Quick Learner, Run Away, Shout, Sneak Around, Squeeze through Gap.
Common Personality Traits: Adventurous, Curious, High-spirited, Imaginative, Naive
Example Relationships: to other kids, to parents, to sympathetic adult, to pet
Standard of Living: Minimal (6)
Starting Equipment: found items, toys, sweets.

Skills: Adapt Technology, Carry Heavy Loads, Identify Fault, Improve Performance, Jury Rig, Repair Anything, Take Out Frustration on Object, Understand Function, Use Tools, Vehicle Maintenance.
Common Personality Traits: Inspired, Methodical, Patient, Tinkerer
Example Relationships: to employer, to customers, to supplier
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: assorted tools, arc welder, welding mask, oily rag, overalls

Skills: Administer Drugs, Assess Patient, Calm Patient, Carry Wounded, First Aid, Resuscitate Dying, Treat Disease, Treat Injury, Treat Poison, Xenobiology.
Common Personality Traits: Caring, Driven, Merciful, Stressed.
Example Relationships: to colleagues, to employers, to patients,
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: medical supplies, oxygen mask, pain relief drugs, surgical mask

Skills: Climb, Close Combat*, Fight Dirty, Fire Blaster, Give Covering Fire, Look for Trouble, Swear Profusely, Take Cover, Throw Grenade, Weapons Maintenance.
Common Personality Traits: Brave, Cynical, Macho, Sadistic
Example Relationships: to employer, to commander, to colleagues
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: durable clothing, knife, chewing tobacco, bottle of cheap spirit

Mobile Infantry
Skills: Close Combat *, Combat Driving, Disembark Quickly, Fire Blaster, Follow Orders, Give Covering Fire, Operate Vehicle-Mounted Weapon, Throw Grenade, Vehicle Maintenance, Weapons Maintenance.
Common Personality Traits: Brave, Impatient, Loyal, Obedient.
Example Relationships: to commander, to unit, to old comrades.
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: medals, dress uniform, discharge papers, simple tools

Skills: Astronavigation, Close Combat*, Fire Blaster, Fly Starship, Follow Orders, Move in Zero Gravity, Operate Ships Weaponry, Read Sensors, Repel Boarders, Stave Off Boredom.
Common Personality Traits: Brave, Elitist, Loyal, Obedient.
Example Relationships: to commander, to unit, to old comrades
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: G-suit, medals, dress uniform, discharge papers, pilot's license

Skills: Astronavigation, Find the Quickest Route, Fire Ship's Weapons, Fly Starship, Know Capabilities of Ship, Know Something About System, Read Sensors, Ship to Ship Tactics, Starship Maintenance, Stay Awake
Common Personality Traits: Dreamer, Free Spirited, Reliable, Well-travelled
Example Relationships: to mechanic, to co-pilot, to crew, to employer
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: G-suit, simple tools, commercial pilot's license

Skills: Accept Bribe, Aura of Authority, Debate, Fast Talk, Find Weakness in Argument, Know Galactic Politics, Lie Convincingly, Reach Compromise, Talk for Hours, Twist Meaning of Words.
Common Personality Traits: Amoral, Devious, Self Serving, Toadying
Example Relationships: to colleagues, to constituents, to leader, to special interests
Standard of Living: Prosperous (17)
Starting Equipment: Finely tailored clothes, important looking documents, briefcase.

Skills: Beg, Be Unobtrusive, Cannibalise Technology, Endure Bad Weather, Fight in Self Defence, Find Something Useful, Go Without Food, Run For It, Spot Soft Touch, Streetwise.
Common Personality Traits: Bitter, Patient, Pitiful, Resourceful, Stoic
Example Relationships: to other scavengers, to pet on a string, to rivals, to traders
Standard of Living: Minimal (6)
Starting Equipment: Several layers of grubby clothes, bits of scrap metal, broken gadgets, knife.

Skills: Argue for Pet Theory, Design Experiment, Mathematics, Notice Pattern, Research, Remember Details, Scientific Knowledge, Scientific Speciality*, Use Advanced Technology, Write up Results.
Common Personality Traits: Absent Minded, Curious, Logical, Obsessive.
Example Relationships: to assistants, to colleagues, to sponsors
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: Scientific instruments, labcoat, pocket full of pens, palm sized computer, reference books

Skills: Close Combat*, Fire Blaster, Make a Deal, Never Tell Me The Odds, Quick Draw, Roguish Charm, Run For It, Sneak Attack, Stay Cool Under Pressure, Stealthy.
Common Personality Traits: Cynical, Daredevil, Mercenary, Selfish.
Example Relationships: to cohorts, to employer, to debtors
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: shades, stylish clothing, hidden knife

Skills: Climb, Close Combat*, Fire Blaster, Give Covering Fire, Hit and Run, Move Through Rough Terrain, Scan for Danger, Stealthy, Throw Grenade, Weapons Maintenance.
Common Personality Traits: Brave, Loner, Loyal, Wily.
Example Relationships: to commander, to unit, to old colleagues.
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: light clothing, survival gear, knife

Security Guard
Skills: Chase Suspect, Fill Out Paperwork, Find Help, Fire Blaster, Interrogate Suspect, Look Busy, Notice Something is Wrong, Patrol Area, Stay At Your Post, Use Baton
Common Personality Traits: Conservative, Honest, Steadfast, Suspicious
Example Relationships: to colleagues, to criminals (as adversaries or contacts), to employers
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: flashlight, restraints, uniform

Shock Trooper
Skills: Climb, Close Combat*, Esprit de Corps, Fire Blaster, Follow Orders, Give Covering Fire, Point Blank Shot, Storm the Breach, Throw Grenade, Weapons Maintenance.
Common Personality Traits: Fearless, Headstrong, Macho, Loyal.
Example Relationships: to commander, to old colleagues, to unit.
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: dress uniform, medals, discharge papers, knife

Skills: Assemble Rifle, Climb, Escape Unnoticed, Find Vantage Point, Fire Rifle, Hide, Plan Ambush, Shoot to Kill, Stay Still for Hours, Trick Shot.
Common Personality Traits: Cold Fish, Meticulous, Patient, Solitary.
Example Relationships: to technical suppliers, to agent, to employer
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: small tools, polishing cloth, rifle case

Skills: Avoid Detection, Break In, Counterintelligence, Disguise, Eavesdrop on Conversation, Fade Into Background, Keen Observer, Know Secrets, Piece Together Clues, Remember Details.
Common Personality Traits: Curious, Deceptive, Inscrutable, Patient.
Example Relationships: to employer, to real employer, to contact, to man on the inside.
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: miniature camera, anonymous clothing, false documents, codebook

Skills: Avoid Blow, Close Combat*, Duel Honourably, Dramatic Entrance, Fight Against Many, Fire Blaster, Flashy Move, Inspire Others, Jump, Witty Repartee.
Common Personality Traits: Adventurous, Gallant, Idealistic, Reckless
Example Relationships: to victims of oppression, to followers, to fans, to enemies
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: memorable clothing, cape or mysterious facemask, trademark phrase

Skills: Bypass Security Measures, Case the Joint, Climb, Evaluate Victim, Hide in the Shadows, Move Quietly, Run Away, Sleight of Hand, Streetwise, Value Goods
Common Personality Traits: Cunning, Greedy, Perceptive, Selfish
Example Relationships: to gang, to fence, to victims, to underworld boss.
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: lockpicks, small knife, crowbar, dark clothes, hood or face mask

Skills: Camouflage, Climb, Fire Blaster, Know Something About Creature, Listen, Move Quietly, Move through Rough Terrain, Sense Ambush, Tracking, Wilderness Survival.
Common Personality Traits: Adventurous, Respectful of Nature, Solitary, Uncivilised
Example Relationships: to colleagues, to employers, to natives
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: machete, sleeping bag, weather-stained clothes, survival gear

Skills: Convince Buyer, Convince Seller, Estimate Value, Fast Talk, Know Customers, Make a Profit, Pidgin Communication, Recognise Opportunity, Spot Sucker, Stop Thief
Common Personality Traits: Entrepeneurial, Greedy, Persuasive, Shrewd
Example Relationships: to customers, to suppliers, to assistants, to trade guild
Standard of Living: Rich (5m)
Starting Equipment: fine clothes, business cards, sample goods, calculator

Skills: Calm the Situation, Communicate Meaning, Fast Talk, Identify Alien Species, Interpret Spoken Language, Know Alien Cultures, Multilingual, Recognise Dialect, Translate Document, Understand Protocol.
Common Personality Traits: Eloquent, Friendly, Unassertive, Understanding.
Example Relationships: to employer, to tutor, to past clients
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: smart clothes, identity papers, references, palm sized computer, dictionary

Underworld Thug
Skills: Close Combat*, Extort Money, Fire Blaster, Hide in Shadows, Improvise Weapon, Look Cool, Obey Orders, Sneak Attack, Stare Down Foe, Streetwise.
Common Personality Traits: Bloodthirsty, Loyal to Leader, Sadistic, Treacherous.
Example Relationships: to gang, to underworld boss, to neighbourhood victims
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: knife, gang colours, initiation scars

Skills: Evaluate Relics, Excavate, Identify Origin, Operate Alien Technology, Pack Specimens Safely, Research, Read / Write Alien Languages, Reconstruct from Parts, Understand Function, Write Up Results
Common Personality Traits: Inquisitive, Obsessive, Patient, Well-travelled
Example Relationships: to assistants, to colleagues, to sponsors
Standard of Living: Common (13)
Starting Equipment: digging equipment, fine brushes, hiking gear, packing materials, palm sized computer


Elvish Lore

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Trademark Keywords

These are the equivalent of magic keywords / abilities. I offer no promises about game balance!


Select a Bionic Affinity at 5w and 3 Feats. You can improvise feats at -10. You have the flaw 'More Machine than Man' at 15.

Characters may replace one Feat with a built-in weapon (pop-up blaster, retractable vibro-claws, one-shot iris laser, etc).

Bionic Arm
Armour Plated, Crushing Grip, EMP Shielding, Lift Heavy Objects, Lockable Grip, Powerful Punch, Throw Far

Bionic Leg
Armour Plated, EMP Shielding, Grip Any Surface, Impressive Jump, Keep Balanced, Powerful Kick, Run Quickly

Boosted Reflexes
Act First, Catch Object, Do Two Things At Once, Dodge Blow, Leap Aside, Run Quickly, Think Quickly

Edit Sound, Hear Clearly, Hear Far, Intercept Transmission, Record Sound, Scramble Transmission, Track Signal

Aim Well, Edit Image, Record Images, See Clearly, See Far, See in Infra-red, See in Low-light, See Microscopically

Cyber-Enhanced Brain
Delete Memory, Edit Feelings, Interface with Computer, Know the Basics, Learn Quickly, Multi-Task, Save in Memory, Send Signal

Life Support System
Breathe Independently, Feel No Pain, Heal Injury, Recover Quickly, Resist Disease, Resist Toxin, Self Diagnose, Stay Alive

Defining Trait

The character's 'best ability' has a rating of 5w2

Force Sensitive

Your character has an innate but untrained sensitivity to the Force. The character does not have any real control over his gift, and he is probably too old to receive proper Jedi training now. Still, the character's unusual aptitude gives him an edge in many situations, and the character sometimes has sudden flashes of insight or unexplained aptitudes that come to the fore in crisis situations.

You have all 3 Force Affinities at 17 and the Flaw 'Tempted by the Dark Side' at 15. You improvise feats at -10 but can't learn any. You might improvise feats involuntarily in stressful situations.

Burst of Speed, Force Resistance, Heal Quickly, Hibernation Trance, Ignore Pain, Impossible Leap, Lightning Reflexes, Perfect Focus, Suppress Own Emotions, Walk Unseen

Anticipate Danger, Magnify Senses, Read Surface Emotions, Read Surface Thoughts, See Without Sight, Sense Life-forms, Sense Disturbance in the Force, Vision of the Future, Vision of the Past, Vision of the Present

Catch Weapon, Cloud Foe's Memory, Deflect Energy Blast, Force Push, Force Suggestion, Heal Others, Lift Object, Send Telepathic Message, Stun Foe, Throw Object

Immune to the Force

Your character is completely immune to the Force. He cannot be directly affected by it, or sensed by it, in any way. This might be because of some genetic quirk, a kind of inverted Force sensitivity, possession of a strange item, or sheer willpower. Whatever the source, this immunity is always active, and cannot be 'turned off' for any reason.

Jedi Training

Only a Jedi Padawan can select this keyword. You have each Force affinity at 17 and know 3 feats. You can improvise other feats at -10. You have Tempted by the Dark Side at 15.

A Jedi Padawan with 5w in each Force Affinity can test to become a Jedi Knight, while a Jedi Knight with ratings of 5w2 can test to become a Jedi Master.

Burst of Speed, Force Resistance, Heal Quickly, Hibernation Trance, Ignore Pain, Impossible Leap, Lightning Reflexes, Perfect Focus, Suppress Own Emotions, Walk Unseen

Anticipate Danger, Magnify Senses, Read Surface Emotions, Read Surface Thoughts, See Without Sight, Sense Life-forms, Sense Disturbance in the Force, Vision of the Future, Vision of the Past, Vision of the Present

Catch Weapon, Cloud Foe's Memory, Deflect Energy Blast, Force Push, Force Suggestion, Heal Others, Lift Object, Send Telepathic Message, Stun Foe, Throw Object

Mysterious Past

Your character has had a long and varied history, picking up many different skills and abilities along the way.

Select an additional ability at 1w and 5 abilities at 13.


Your character is very skilled at his occupation and would be considered a seasoned veteran by his peers. You can select your Occupation keyword to be your best ability (ie 5w)

Racial Paragon

Your character's species is a central part of who he is and what he does. Only alien characters can select this option. In many ways he represents all of that race's best and worst qualities. This is likely to bring him a great deal of respect and admiration from other members of his race, but may get him into even more trouble with outsiders. You can select your Alien Race keyword to be your best ability (ie 5w)

Rebel Leader

Your character has achieved a position of some importance within the Rebel Alliance and either leads his own cell of resistance fighters (i.e. the other heroes!) or is some kind of semi-autonomous agent acting with Alliance support.

The character has the Rebel Leader occupation keyword at 15

Rebel Leader
Skills: Command Rebels, Gather Information, Inspire Loyalty, Know Rebel Organisation, Make a Plan, Recruit Sympathiser, Request Resources, Resist Interrogation, See the Big Picture, Speak with Authority.
Common Personality Traits: Bossy [or] Democratic, Idealistic [or] Pragmatic.
Standard of Living: raised by one level.
Starting Equipment: maps, plans, rank insignia

Second Profession

Select any other Occupation keyword at a rating of 15

Ship's Captain

Your character owns a starship of some kind.

Select a Starship keyword at 15. You have Captain of (Ship) at 17. Select 3 additional abilities at 15, and a Flaw at 15. Add +10 to one ability and +5 to two others.

All starships have basic comm systems, autopilot, life support systems, artificial gravity, quarters for up to 6 people, and either a cargo hold or a launch bay that can hold a single starfighter. All other qualities, including weapons, must be represented as separate abilities. Choose a Starship keyword from below or build your own.

Corellian Corvette (Tantive IV)
Armoured Hull, Blockade Runner, Hyperdrive Engine, Life Pod, Navicomp, Sensor Array, Stabilising Solar Fin, Sublight Engines, Turbolaser Turret.
Common Flaw: Weak Point in Armour

Firespray-class Interceptor (Slave 1)
Concealed Concussion Missile Tubes, Hidden Sensors, Hyperdrive Engine, Navicomp, Repulsorlift Maneuver Wings, Stealth Mode, Sublight Engines, Tracking Scanner, Twin Laser Cannons.
Common Flaw: Obsolete

H-Type Nubian Yacht (Padme's Diplomatic Vessel)
Chrome Finish, Deflector Shields, Escape Capsule, Fast, Hyperdrive Engine, Scanners, Luxury Quarters, Maneuverable, Navicomp, Sublight Engines.
Common Flaw: Expensive to Maintain

Thunderous-Roar (Epsilon Mining Ship)
Armoured Hull, Directional Scanner, Expanded Cargo Hold, Hyperdrive Engine, Navicomp, Rail Gun, Repulsor Field, Sublight Engines, Tractor Beam.
Common Flaw: Sluggish

YT-1300 Light Freighter (Millenium Falcon)
Cargo-Gripping Mandibles, Deflector Shields, Fast, Hidden Cargo Hold, Hyperdrive Engine, Navicomp, Quad Laser Cannon, Reinforced Armour, Sensor Rectenna, Smuggler's Cache, Sublight Engines.
Common Flaw: Unreliable


You have a sidekick. Your sidekick has a homeworld/race keyword at 15 and an occupation keyword at 15. Select 3 other abilities at 13. Add +10 to one ability and +5 to two others. You gain a relationship to the sidekick at 15.

Wing Commander

Your character owns a starfighter of some kind.

Select a Starfighter keyword at 15. You have Captain of (Ship) at 17. Select 3 additional abilities at 15, and a Flaw at 15. Add +10 to one ability and +5 to two others.

All starfighters have basic comm systems and a rudimentary autopilot. All other qualities, including weapons and life support, must be represented as separate abilities. Choose a Starfighter keyword below or build your own.

Comet-Screamer (Epsilon fighter-raider)
Chaff Launcher, Collision Detection, Ejector Seat, Fast, Navicomp, Quick Turn, Sensor Array, Sublight Engines, Turbo Boost, Twin Thermic Lances.
Common Flaw: Fragile

Delta 7 Aethersprite (Old Republic Jedi fighter)
Agile, Astromech Droid Socket, Fast, Navicomp, Stabiliser Foils, Stealth Mode, Sublight Engines, Tracking Scanner, Twin Laser Cannons, Vectored Thrusters.
Common Flaw: Small

Incom T-65 X-Wing (Rebel fighter)
Astromech Droid Socket, Combat Maneuver Wings, Deflector Shields, Hyperdrive Engine, Navicomp, Proton Torpedoes, Quad Laser Cannon, Sensor Array, Sublight Engines, Targetting Computer.
Common Flaw: Blind Spot at Rear of Belly

Koensayr Y-Wing (Rebel fighter-bomber)
Astromech Droid Socket [or] Tailgunner Cockpit, Deflector Shields, Hyperdrive Engine, Navicomp, Proton Torpedoes, Reinforced Armour, Sensor Array, Sublight Engines, Turret-Mounted Ion Cannon, Twin Forward-Firing Laser Cannons.
Common Flaw: Sluggish

N-1 Nubian Starfighter (Naboo fighter)
AI Autopilot, Astromech Droid Socket, Concussion Missiles, Deflector Shields, Fast, Hyperdrive Engine, Navicomp, Spin Out of Trouble, Sublight Engines, Twin Laser Cannon.
Common Flaw: Prone to Uncontrollable Spins

Whew! That was a lot of cutting and pasting. I think I'll post droids and weapons / vehicles a bit later.




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This is pure gold. Consider it plagiarised. I might use this this very weekend.

I'm not sure about a separate keyword for each homeworld, though - I think I would use the 'Galactic Citizen' keyword only. Otherwise it's too much and it pins the characters down too much to their homeworld, and makes it a bit less swashbuckly.

But, again - pure gold.


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Thanks for the comments. OK, final bit for now: droids and general 'stuff'

Droid keywords

Droid retainers are available as followers. Droid retainers must select a Droid Type keyword. Note that all legal Droids are programmed not to harm living beings in any way. Droids do not begin with personality traits but may develop them later.

Astromech Droid
Astronavigation, Communicate in Beeps and Whistles, Computer Interface Link, Follow Programming, Grasping Arm, Holo-projector, Obey Orders, Retractable Third Tread, Scanner Antenna, Ship Maintenance

Hovering Probe Droid
Follow Programming, Follow Target, Hover in Place, Obey Orders, Record Images, Relay Transmission, Repulsorlift Thruster, Sensor Array, Silent Running, Stay Out of Sight.

Medical Droid
Administer Drugs, Computer Interface Link, Diagnose Patient, First Aid, Follow Programming, Obey Orders, Pre-programmed Bedside Manner, Resuscitate Dying, Speak Basic, Treat Injury

Mining Droid
Armoured Shell, Carry Heavy Loads, Dig Through Anything, Durable, Follow Programming, Head-Mounted Spotlight, Obey Orders, Operate Machinery, Strong, Work for Hours

Pit Droid
Climb Up, Fix Thing*, Follow Programming, Get Out of the Way, Jump Up, Look Busy, Obey Orders, Protective Headplate, Scurry Around, Work Quickly

Protocol Droid
Chromium Shell, Follow Programming, Interpret Spoken Language, Look Harmless, Multilingual, Obey Orders, Sound Reasonable, Speak Basic,Talk for Hours, Understand Protocol

Security Droid
Call for Help, Capture Intruder, Fire Stun Blaster, Follow Programming, Notice Something is Wrong, Obey Orders, Patrol Area, Pursue Suspect, Scan for Weapons, Speak Basic

Servant Droid
Anticipate Request, Basic Maintenance, Chromium Shell, Come When Summoned, Drive Vehicle, Follow Programming, Obey Orders, Perform Domestic Chores, Speak Basic, Stay in the Background

Unipod Droid
Carry Heavy Load, Communicate in Beeps and Whistles, Drive-Wheel, Fast, Fetch Something, Follow Programming, Grasping Claws, Gyro-balancer, Location Transmitter, Obey Orders,

Other Stuff

Light Armour 13 (eg. Leather jerkin, synthetic armourweave fabric, furs, heavy robes)
Medium Armour 17 (eg. Flak jacket, rigid leather plates, plasteel) breastplate, optional helmet)
Heavy Armour 5w (eg. Full suit of enclosed plasteel armour plates and helmet)

Blaster Pistol (Set to Stun 15, Short-ranged 15, Small 15)
Blaster (Set to Stun 15)
Blaster Rifle (Bulky 15, Long-ranged 15, Set to Stun 15)
Heavy Repeating Blaster (Bulky 5w, Full Auto 5w)

Ion Weapons
Ion Pistol (EMP Pulse 5w, Short-ranged 15, Small 15)
Ion Blaster (EMP Pulse 5w)
Ion Rifle (Bulky 15, EMP Pulse 5w, Long-ranged 15)

Other Weapons
Bowcaster (Heavy 5w, Powerful 5w, Slow Loading 15)
Explosives* (Area Effect 15, Destroy Anything 10w, Must Be Set 15)
Flamethrower (Incendiary 15, Limited Fuel 15, Spray Immediate Area 5w)
Grenades** (Area Effect 15, Short-ranged 15, Variable Effect**)
Grenade Launcher (Bulky 15, Slow Loading 15, Variable Ammunition**)
Projectile Rifle (Bulky 15, Long-ranged 5w, Slow Loading 15)
Thermal Detonator (Area Effect 10, Intense Heat 5w, Short-ranged 5w)

Melee Weapons
Battleglove (Smash Object 15)
Lightsabre*** (Deflect Energy Blast 10, Parry 15, Quick 10)
Monoknife (Brittle 15, Quick 15, Ultra-sharp 15)
Monokatana (Brittle 15, Parry 15, Ultra-sharp 15)
Neural Mace (Disrupt Nervous System 15)
Vibroknife (Quick 15)
Vibrosword (Parry 15)
Vibropike (Long 20)

Heavy Weapons****
Concussion Missile (Area Effect 15, Concussive Blast 20)
Gatling Blaster (Strafe Area 5)
Ion Cannon (EMP Pulse 5)
Laser Cannon (Long-ranged 15, Powerful 15)
Rail Gun (Powerful 15, Smash Through Shields 15)
Thermic Lance (Intense Heat 5w, Melt Armour 15, Short-ranged 15)
Proton Torpedo (Area Effect 10, Powerful 5w, Short-ranged 10)
Turbolaser (Rapid Fire 15, Shoot Down Fighters 15)

* Multiple 'units' of Explosives augment each other in both the Destroy Anything and Must Be Set abilities.
** Grenades have a variety of different types and effects: Anti-plant, EMP Pulse, Frag, Incendiary, Smoke, Stun, etc.
*** Lightsabres can only be used by Jedi characters.
**** Heavy weapons must be mounted on a vehicle, ship, or artillery placement of some kind.

Airspeeder (Fast 15, Fly High 15, Maneuverable 15)
Cloud Car (Fast 15, Fly High 20, Maneuverable 10)
Combat Speeder (Armoured 15, Fast 10, Fly High 10, Laser Cannon)
Landspeeder (Fast 15, Maneuverable 15, Sturdy 15)
Podracer (Fast 5w, Fragile 5w, Turbo Booster 5w)
Skyhopper (Fast 20, Fly High 10, Maneuverable 10)
Speeder Bike (Fast 20, Maneuverable 20)
Swoop Bike (Fast 5w, Fragile 5w, Maneuverable 5w)




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screen_monkey said:
This is pure gold. Consider it plagiarised. I might use this this very weekend.
What he said, this has come on a long way since the thread I sigged.

Rest assured I will be stealing a good deal of this. Personally I'll be merging Homeland and Species, being of an EU bent, aliens are more than just funny costumes.

I'll have to play with Jedi a little, since mine is going to be prequels-era or earlier, but you've saved me a good deal of work!

In your conversion, is the Force like any of the HQ magic systems? Need to do some more reading, but I thought of doing it with Theistic magic (and Animism for Sith sorcery).

Gold. :)

EDIT: oh and what did the * next to Close Combat mean? You have to choose a type?
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The Force is just Theism, really. You get affinities and feats, improvise feats at -10, default magic resistance of 14 for things like Impossible Leap, etc.

At 5w in each affinity you can test to become a Jedi Knight. If you make it, you learn a new feat of your own creation.

At 5w2 in each affinity you can test to become a Jedi Master. If you make it, you learn a Secret. (I figure there are quite a few Secrets for the jedi 'religion').

Dark Side will either be its own affinity or an extra 3 or so feats on each affinity.

Something I missed out btw was that for 3 points you can upgrade an item into a special item - add 3 abilities at 13 and then add +10 to one and +5 to two others (ie the item is a follower). This lets you have custom speeders, boba fett armour, your fathers lightsabre, etc.

And yeah, the * means you need to pick a more specific version of that skill.

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