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Compleat Star Wars : Heroquest conversion for review


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Aside from my Star Wars project, a friend of mine plans to use HQ2 to run pulp adventures in the Crimson Skies universe, from FASA.
We didn't play yet but he seems enthusiastic at the idea of running this with HQ2 rules.


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Sorry to necro this.

I can't find the document at the yahoo group files. Is there another source anywhere?


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I'm glad you all liked my HQ Star Wars stuff but I've asked the Tweaker to remove the links. Sorry guys! I would really appreciate it no-one put the files up for download anywhere else either. To be honest, most of the good stuff from my conversion has already been posted somewhere on this thread anyway.

The reason for the removal is basically that I'm going to be reworking a lot of that material for use in another project. That project is a space opera book for Other Worlds by the name of Starfighter. Start saving now! :)


Hi Soundchaser, please see above.

Starfighter is still coming BTW, just a lot later than planned! I've been working on it today in fact.
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