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Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings

Shadow Walker

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If you like rank&file fantasy wargames then check this. They plan to release it at the end of June. First 2 armies (Spires, Hundred Kingdoms) then 2 (Dweghom, Nords) in November. Many more factions planned. Fluff and rules (by Alessio Cavatore) are free on website.
Map of the world https://www.para-bellum.com/
Gallery https://www.para-bellum.com/conquest-gallery
Videos (how to play, about background etc.) https://www.para-bellum.com/videos/
Short stories etc. https://www.para-bellum.com/what-is-new


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I played a demo of this at Adepticon 2018, and it was pretty cool. The miniatures they had look good and had a consistent style.


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The minis look good, so I have been following this one with interest, but just to get some minis for other games (like SAGA), not to play another set of rules.

Matthias W

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Much like the Prince of Nothing series, I appreciate the reference of calling your world Eä, but it does kind of mean that I'm going to have to refer to it as "the Para-Bellum Setting."


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It's a very pretty rule book anyhow. That's one thing Kings of War and Warlords of Erehwon lag on a bit though I love them both dearly, I must confess something closer to Warhammer Fantasy Battle would appeal to me.
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