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Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings

Shadow Walker

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If you check the screens from proto army builder here https://www.para-bellum.com/what-is-new/highlight-conquest-army-builder-preview/ then you can see names of new, never shown before, units for Spires and HK:
Avatara – medium brute
Bound Clones – medium infantry
Desolation Beast – heavy monster
Desolation Drones – medium infantry
Incarnate Sentinels – heavy brute
Leonine avatara – medium brute
Onslaught Drones – medium infantry
Prowlers – light cavalry
Pteraphons – no data
High Clone Executor – medium infantry character
Mounted Squires – light cavalry
Order of ST. Lazarus – medium infantry
Order of the Ashen Dawn – heavy cavalry
Order of the Crimson Tower – heavy cavalry
Order of the Sealed Temple – medium cavalry
Order of the Sword – medium infantry
Sicarii – medium infantry
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