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When you stop trolling (by ignoring my posts with actual arguments).
I'm sorry if you feel that way but I refuse to be drawn into an arguement (as opposed to a discussion). If you feel I have been ignoring your posts it is because all I see is you stating your opinion, which you have every right to do. I happen to disagree with some of your thoughts and agree with others, as I have stated before. I'm not looking to change your opinons, hence I'm not responding to your posts.

What I do have issue with is you tone in your post to CodexArcanum, which I felt was unnecessary.

I'll not post anymore here for fear of derailing the thread. If you do wish to discuss this further please feel free to PM me.


I haven't looked that deeply into the bits you've asked about, but give me a while and I'll see what I can dig up for you. Sorry for the delay.
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I've looked at the site a couple of times now, but didn't want to take the risk of pre-ordering the book from across the Atlantic. I think I'll have an order to place come Oct from what everyone here is saying though.


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But that system sounds bland and boring. 2d10 roll under? So it's d20 in reverse with an extra die then? I mean, percentiles systems might use the exact same two dice, but from what I've seen so far, I get a lot more fiddliness and amusement out of Unknown Armies than this system seems to promise.
Not exactly, d20 is stat + skill + die roll vs. target, roll over. This is stat + skill vs. die roll. I'm not sure I'd call that d20 in reverse.

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In my mind I was comparing Neuromancer with GitS and trying to point out I think the Coporation RPG is a bit more on the Neuromancer side. I have no doubt the system can handle GitS, just that it might not enforce the feel of the movies.
I think people will look at things with their own biases. Because I see the stuff talked about in this thread and think it might be the system that can handle GitS:SAC. (Not at all interested in the movies.) But then I'd probably say, why would you even want to emulate Neuromancer even if you could, it's a very dated book. See my biases. ;)

I'm think the GM and player choices will point the need towards Neuromamncer or GitS rather than the rules themselves which seem to support both.


PS: And the art just seems all over the place. Really hard to get a feel for the game (read: book).


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I personally find nothing either remarkable or objectionable about the artwork; it's average. My bigger question is: what are the mechanics, fluff, and editing like?
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