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🎨 Creative [Cortex Prime] All That's Left of Star Country


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I had this thought about a sort of post-apocalypse town building kind of deal, except in one of the adorably surrealist video game worlds. Kirby in specific, and it's kind of lodged into my head. So I picture a sort of town building meets video game adventure kind of deal.

The broad strokes of the setting are that an ersatz Kirby-style eldritch monster thoroughly ruined Star Country before being driven off and then the protagonists ran off to finish the job. Only that was years ago and you have to put the pieces of Star Country back together.

So, here's some quick thoughts I sketched together over the night.

I think my core traits are:
  • Stage: The Stage or Country you originally called home
  • Gift: Sort of the Copy Ability that you utilize
  • A Personality, Talent, or Quirk
Values/Motives/Drives (Haven't settled on a name)
Relationships with the other townsfolk
Hats: Broad jobs that PCs perform, mostly reskinned Signature Assets.
Resources that you draw on. I kind of want them tagged to Drives and Gifts.

Drives Include (Better monosyllabic words required):
  • Aid: You like to help people.
  • Build: Self-explanatory
  • Grow: Advancement, the improvement of your relative position or defending it from others. It's also supposed to include self-centered motives ala Kirby's occasional cake chasing.
  • Live: Trying to make it to tomorrow however you can. All the advancement and building mean little if you're not there to enjoy it.
  • Seek: Discovery and Adventure.
A Sample Character: Tacki, Wild Greens Drifter

Spoiler: Show

Sort of a self-centered type who makes a living hunting dangerous creatures or finding strange resources.
  • Stage: Wild Greens Drifter
  • Gift: Headband Bearer (The Bandana Dee Trait)
  • Personality: Shady Character
Motives: Aid d6, Build d4, Grow d8, Live d10, Seek d8
Relationships: 1 PC d10, 2 PCs d8, Other Townsfolk d6
Hats: Hunter d8, Miner d6 (2 points to buy Hats, 1 point for Hunter d8)
Resources: The Hunting Board (Live, Seek) 3d6 (1 point to buy a resource, 1 point to add a die)

Still need to put together SFX.

I think I would like to try the Shaken and Stricken mod for Drives and Milestones for character and town advancement purposes.

Part of me wants the GM to utilize the Doom Pool to represent the perils of navigating a stage/level. Stage Pool, I guess.


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I'm going to place a repository of things I want to cover.

Stages are the various locations of Star Country where townsfolk venture into for one reason or another. I want a few default ones, but leave it open for GMs to make others. Most townfolk have had one stage that they once called home and serve as a Distinction. Stages also have various milestones called Stage Clearings that PCs can choose to complete.
  • Star Country
    • Wild Greens
    • Swirly Sea
    • Dusty Digs: Ancient Star Country ruins and deserts
    • Shake Mountain
    • Stardust Way: The stars and night sky
  • Shine Country: A country infected by the ersatz horror. Once a place of light
  • Mesmer Country: The original country of the ersatz horror, tentatively named Dark Mesmer.
Gifts are a sort of Copy Ability stand in, represented by a Distinction and appropriate SFX. They also have a few default ones, but others exist that GMs can utilize. Elements that I want covered:
  • Main Gifts
    • Fire
    • Ice
    • Stone
    • Cutter or Sword
    • Headband: Denotes a standout ala Badana Dee pre-Spear
    • Wing
    • Swim, perhaps
  • Gifts of the Refugees of Shine and Mesmer Country
    • Shine
    • Curse

The Benj

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I haven't played any of the Kirby games. What's the headband business about?


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One of the generic mook opponents, Waddle Dee, has a single stand out member as a quasi regular character named Bandana Dee. Up until recent games where they gave him a spear power, B. Dee was at best slightly tougher and just stood out.

So I wanted to capture some of that but with headbands to denote 'specialness', and the gift makes you all-around stronger and grants social boons.


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I would like to come back to this, but Distinctions and suitable NPC and milestones are a lot more work than I expected (and I should respect that more).

I need to figure out what I expect the various niches of Stage and Gift distinctions to fulfill. Not helped that I'd like there to be two Distinctions per Stage or Country
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