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Could someone explain the Robotech to me?

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That's why I said fully transforming. It just has Gerwalk and robot modes. I've got Valkyries, a Cyclone and an Alpha, and I've seen Betas, but I've never seen a fully transforming Southern Cross tank.
I can't find any evidence that a model kit even exists for the non-Robotech version.

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Depending on where you are, it may be easier to find used DVDs of the ADV release. They are, IIRC, dual versions, with both the dubbed Robotech edit and the original unedited Japanese version with subtitles.
I have the ADV Mospeada box set, and it's just the subbed Mospeada episodes, no Robotech version included.


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Carl Macek and Harmony Gold brought over and stiched together 3 shows from Japan as Robotech. Unfortunately, one of the shows, Macross, had licensing issues (which is how Mechwarrior got some designs from the show, too). When the dust settled, Harmony Gold had the rights to Robotech, but little else. (Complicating things, there were legal battles in Japan, too. The guy who HG licensed Macross from mostly lost.)
Macross 2 (which is now considered noncanonical) and Macross Plus managed to be imported legally into the US, until HG started flexing their muscles over the rights to all things Macross. Nobody's sure if they have those rights, but people in the US who are interested in it don't have the money to fight them, and the Japanese don't care. (Macross has continued to be a big franchise in Japan with several follow up series, the latest being Macross Delta. Some of them are considered fictionalized retellings in universe, so you can have characters in a show watch "Macross, the Movie" onscreen.)
Palladium's had the RPG rights to Robotech since the late 80s, although apparently the lost them briefly in the aughts. Those rights will expire in March. Harmony Gold's license is set to expire in 2021, although they might be able to litigate some of them until 2022. It's unlikely that they will be able to re license Macross because they don't get along with the Japanese rights holders. (They got their rights from the loser of the Japanese court battle. It's complicated.) When that happens, expect someone else to grab the Macross license and go nuts.
While Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada (the other two shows that make up Robotech) were good shows, they didn't have the cultural impact or sequels that Macross did, so their licenses expiring isn't nearly as big of a deal.
I think that's about it.
As a quick addendum - the Japanese anime industry (Studio Nue, Big West, etc.) are starting to care more about fighting this. The thing is that Harmony Gold filed for - and received - the international Trademark for Macross, while the studios which made the original series only filed for the Japanese trademark. When the Anime Industry could do just fine with the domestic market, this was less of an issue. However, nowadays, the international market has become considerably harder to ignore, and the domestic market hasn't exactly contracted, but it's no longer covering costs the way they used to. However, Tatsunoko can't even take Macross over to Singapore without risking a lawsuit from Harmony Gold and, at present, Harmony Gold's primary output is lawsuits.

This is part of the reason why Harmony Gold had a recent lawsuit with Tatsunoko over their license to the three original series - with Harmony Gold trying to get the court to rule they could make derivative works for perpetuity (and in turn giving them ground to hold on to those trademarks for perpetuity). The court ruled that Harmony Gold's licenses expire in 2021 (as they were originally supposed to), and a little before that ruling, Big West filed for an International Trademark for Macross. Also Big West and Harmony Gold have competing trademark filings in the EU.

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The only Southern Cross model kits I've ever seen were for the personal armors of the main characters.

That said, if you search deep enough you can find things like this:

(It's a Frankenstein build made of several mecha kits.)
I suspect that the Spartas is simply not physically possible, much like the Legioss/Alpha. (I once had a Legioss model kit -- it and Yellow Dancer's Mospeada were for some reason licensed to Tonka and sold as, no kidding, Leader-1 and Cy-Kill -- and its legs just would not compress to the degree seen in the anime, leaving its fighter mode looking incredibly clunky. It was a large model, too.)

Edit: I've seen kits of the Zor bioroid mecha, but those are simple non-transforming humanoids.
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Let's hope this works. Here's my Alpha standing.

In vehicle mode

And with the original Jetfire (Super Valkyrie equivalent)

The Alpha's a bit longer, but I think that the cockpit's also a bit bigger, so they're different scales.


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The Takatoku Valkyrie is 1/55 scale and the Gakken Alpha is 1/35, for comparison.
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