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Could someone help me verify if a find is real?

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We seem to have come across what appear to be a bunch of sheets of paper in a box that claims to be the playtest edition of Gamma World-- that is, the original Gamma World, pre-release.

Is there a good way to verify if this is the real deal?


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Verifying old documents is a pretty detailed area of expertise and study, so there's likely little that can be done for you remotely. You'd probably have to do a bunch of comparative textual analysis, some background digging on the physical history and source of the document, some cross-referencing with the known history of the author(s), tracking down oral histories of the playtesting process used at the time, and other things that I can't think of off the top of my head.

Probably your best bet is to ask around for someone who has experience doing this kind of analysis and research, and see if they can advise from experience. If nobody pops up here, the Dragonsfoot forum is probably a good place to ask around too.


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If you post pics over at acaeum.com, there may be someone who can answer, or at least point you in the right direction. These are the experts on early TSR material.


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You can either email/PM Craig_in_Act (Craig was one of the key people for Metamorphosis Alpha 4th edition) or email Joe Goodman (as he is the reason for the 1e reprint).

And may I ask where you found this goldmine?
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