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[Create-a Setting] Planetary Romance


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The men & women of Algol live in comfortable lives, cut off from Earth billions upon billions of miles away. None have never known the Earth, only the half mortal pilots who rescued their ancestors from grim, burning death would have known & they have been silent for centuries. But they know the Men of Earth put their infant ancestors in the care of the great Amchines, computers that think & reason & love. It was the Amchines that raised the first men of Algol , & taught them for glorious Earth. But it was the strange beings of the north that taught the men of Algol sorcery...

Let's make a science-fantasy setting, about embryonic colonists who crash-landed on an alien fantasy world.

Olof Jönsson

Tumto Lectis
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For it to be truly Planetary Romance, the original human settlers should be Incan Astronauts or Atlanteans or the likes, far back enough to explain why humans aren't millennia ahead of them technologically even if the humans come from your typical sci-fi society (like in Vance's Planet of Adventure).

So here's an idea (take it or leave it :D ): Ages ago, the Ancients of Axhlanxhi ruled an empire of superior, strange technology with hundreds of colonies on other worlds in distant stars. But something happened to the gateway network, something that caused every colony to lose much of their original knowledge and technology, and drove them into barbarism. In time, a few of the gateways have recovered somewhat, the one leading to Algol now being stable enough to send small groups of individuals at times...too bad the gateway is buried five miles beneath a small volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean.

...naturally, Axhlanxhi's name remained with humanity throughout the ages, though corrupted by linguistic drift into "Atlantis"...
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