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(creative) June Painting Thread


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Another month, another thread. Prior thread here

Opening the show with some Aggressors that didn't quite get done in time to make it into last month.

Three proper Aggressors from a kit; with some kitbashing on the sergeant that probably won't fly in a tourney, but I never tourney, so. More images here.


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Bits finished last month

More of my chaos renegades

Ad the force so far - I'll probably paint something more exotic than line infantry next, probably the greater possessed

And I am still working my way through the Stormcast from the Soul Wars boxes I bought/traded for. Some Evocators. Who doesn;t like heavy infantry wizard units with insane damage output?

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Repainting my 'Nids with colour-shifting paint. Though my old Trygon looked dope so wanted to show him.

He will be rebased at a later date

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Wow, you guys don't waste any time! Still looking great!👍👍
I have 2 questions:
1.) Been having trouble with my imgur since the uprade, is there any other place that is good for publishing pics here?

2.) Can anyone give me sound advice on painting scheme's for zombies?
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