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(creative) June Painting Thread


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For 3 hours work, that is stunning. And they are out of a case and table ready, exactly what GW were claiming since "50 Shelves of Grey".

The shot of the 40K Ork behind the epic ones instantly made be thing of the KrorK/Beast :)


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I had to keep at home (waiting for calls from the hospital), so I did some more tests with Contrasts (photos are kind of crap, thoug >_>):

First another GSC scheme (All contrast):
Spoiler: Show

Then an ork boy, because Gallowglatch's piqued my curiosity (Contrast plus metal):
Spoiler: Show

Then an Epic ork unit, because I was interested in seeing how it would work for those (Contrasts, except for the base):

Spoiler: Show

And this one for a size comparison:

And lastly, a test on batch painting... the whole 12 IGs were painted yesterday morning, in about three hours, with only Contrasts because I got lazy >_>:

Spoiler: Show

They had been rotting inside a case the better part of... 10-12 years now, so... they won't be winning me any painting contests, but they are painted for tabletop use. (I kinda got bored and rushed it halfway though -_-, so I'm pretty sure I could do a better job of stuff I actually wanted to paint ^^).

After this, IMHO there are some paints of the range that work exceedingly well (flesh paints, the yellows and reds, a fair amout of the browns, most of the purples), some that may work better or worse depending on use (black, greys, most yellows, some greens), and some that simply doesn't seem to work very well at all, particularly the darker hues, with maybe Dark Angels Green being the worst of the batch.

Those in particular seem to work better with generous doses of medium, and I'll be doing more tests.
Cool, thanks for showing us the results!

I do agree that the darker ones don't seem to work so well. The black over weapons especailly doesn't work for me.

Would be interested in seeing something like dark angels green over a lighter green rather than the white/grey/bone that GW suggest.

E.g.: base with something like deathworld forest then put a camo green constrast or the dark angels over the top, see if that gives a richer green colour with greener highlights


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Well, from what I can see right now I can tell you that chances are that the DA green will simply cover the lighter green completely unless you dilute it with medium.


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Some non-Contrast painting as I finish up my Marines.

First up are the 3 remaining models - the characters from Shadowspear:

Spoiler: Show

Next are some army shots. I started them in June 2017 when 8th ed. came out as a way to expand my painting skills (yellow is a difficult colour) and to use the contents of the starter box since I already had way more Dark Angels then I could conceivably fit on the table at once. Now they stand at 98 models and ~3750 points.

Characters and Dreadnoughts:

The Anvil - Intercessors, Hellblasters and Aggressors:

The Hammer - Infiltrators, Reivers, Inceptors, Suppressors and Eliminators:



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Now that's a mighty impressive marine army! Well done for sticking with that project for such a long time and getting it into shape :)


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A few of this months finished Skaven - building towards an AoS escalation campaign and running WFRP 4th (where the main villains are probably some Skaven). .

Grey Seer and Arch-Warlock




Warp Lightning Cannon (detail) - trying out a bit of a rust wash [Humbrol enamel] which seems to work fairly well)



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Had some nervous energy tonight, so I decided to use it painting my first three Zhanshi for Infinity

Spoiler: Show

What did I learn?

1. My hands are just as ill-suited to super-precise work as I remember them being.

2. Washing is super-easy, and drybrushing is completely impossible. My experiments so far with the drybrush have so far been complete disasters, so I think I'll just shelve that particular technique.

3. Seriously, why don't I have a proper palette to work with paints on. Am I dumb?

Fun to get back to work. I may do some more of the containers next.

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I meant to keep working on my Pathfinders (as in the last pic I posted), but ended up starting on my Recon Drone because my girlfriend was monopolizing using the color I needed, and instead of going back to the Pathfinders tonight, I ended up, well, finishing this.

I'm still experimenting to find the limits of Contrast. I'd have thought the flat panels (visible here) would be pretty bad for Contrast, but they're actually not terrible. Having Contrast pick out the corners and seams is handy. This also has a drybrush, mind you, so you'll have to take my word for it.

The big, curved surface on top was, as expected, a mass of mottled pooling. A drybrush of Mephiston Red evened it out, but that kind of unnecessary step sort of detracts from what Contrast is good for. The next experiment will be finding the right colors to use traditional techniques on part of a miniature and Contrast on other parts and not have them be noticeable different colors. I bought Mephiston Red and Khorne Red specifically to try to make the Contrast Blood Angels Red, so I'm hopeful I can get there, tho I have learned that neither of the former are quite right for doing cleanup on the latter, so they're obviously not perfect. That said, if I can't find my way there, it's not like a quick drybrush is actually adding that much time or effort to my painting.

Oh, and I increasingly concur with the opinion that the Contrast black doesn't really make for a good weapon color. I've been using it still because I feel like it makes a light metallic drybrush show up more quickly and easily than a straight black paint (as pictured here using Leadbelcher), but I could be wrong about that.
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