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OOC Crinoverse: Challengers of the Infinite (MnM 3rd Ed)


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to quote Humperdink, you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything. you do you, yeo
My anal retentive nerd senses are forcing me to say that I think that was count Rogan, the six fingers man.


I’m weak.


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I was gonna update parsley, but I think I will bank the exp for now.

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I decided to drop the telepathy from the shapeshifting array (haven't used it at all) and just get some low-level Communication and Comprehend. Also increased Deception and finally gave Shadow Out Of Space Flight.

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Mary Martin (UFO Girl)
NOTE: Meta-wise I imagine "UFO Girl" is her silly Silver Age incarnation's moniker, akin to how Jean Grey was Marvel Girl. This Mary Martin doesn't like being called it.

The Arcane are a group of Grue who deal in magic an Lovecraftian stuff. Normally they stay in their dark nebula and don't really do anything. However a few years ago, for inscrutable reasons, they decided to place a sleeper agent on Earth. They modified one of their kind to display a human form all the time and then teleported them to Earth, purpose unknown other than "be somewhere important when the time is right".

For some strange reason they teleported the sleeper into the waters in Providence bay during a Nor'easter. Thus the agent washed up on a Providence beach half-drowned and definitely made the local news. Eventually an important ufologist came forward with pictures that "proved" the wash-up was Mary Martin, who had disappeared in the 50s during unusual UFO activity. Obviously she'd been abducted by aliens! And from there theories started rolling in as to why she didn't look like she'd aged, what the aliens had been doing with/to her all these years, and why they'd dumped her back. The US government, concerned about their image if they got involved in an "abduction" case, ignored the whole thing. Other than some concerned supers coming around to make sure she wasn't a disguised alien no legitimate authority bothered.

For a year or two a confused Mary Martin was paraded around to UFO conventions and anti-conspiracy meetings while everyone waited for her to spill the details of her abduction. When she wasn't forthcoming the UFO crowd stopped being interested. But by then Mary had acquired a good tech-job and a "side business" as a social media celebrity. It was because of the latter, as well as someone hoping to cash in on the UFO abductee angle, that she was chosen as a "civilian observer" for the mission.

Motivation -- Fame: Mary Martin wants to be recognized for something she did herself and not just as some UFO story. It's probable that at least some of this is the sleeper agent trying to get into an important position.
Motivation -- Revenge: Janeway was responsible for breaking Mary Martin's camera and costing her all her good footage. Janeway will pay. Preferably with her spine.
Power Quirk -- Doesn't know what's happened to her: After the accident Mary's Arcane powers have activated, and she can't always figure out how to make them work.
Secret -- Arcane Sleeper Agent: Even Mary doesn't know she's a sleeper agent for the Cthulhu Grue.
Power Quirk -- Mental Translation: Mary's Comprehend requires subtly reading the mind of someone who understands the language. If the subject is immune to mind reading she can't understand them.

PL 10/161 pp

Str 2; Sta 2; Agl 2; Dex 2; Fgt 2; Int 2; Awe 2; Pre 2

Fascinate (Deception), Improved Initiative 2, Jack-of-All-Trades, Ritualist, Skill Mastery (Technology), Taunt

Close Combat: Arcane Grue Shapeshifting 8 (+10)
Deception 8 (+10)
Expertise: Pop Culture 6 (+8)
Expertise: Magic 10 (+12)
Intimidation [Yig] 9 (+11) / 1 (+3) w/out (free rank)
Ranged Combat: Arcane Grue Shapeshifting 8 (+10)
Stealth 6 (+8)
Technology 9 (+11)(free rank)

Comprehend 2 [understand, speak all languages]; Mental Communication 2 [1 mile] * 8 points
Arcane Grue Shapeshifting: Array 23 (46 points, AE 1) * 47 points
--E1: Shadow Out of Space*: Flight 2 [60 ft]; Insubstantial 4 [not vs magic, cosmic, or light powers or anything glowing](Precise); Concealment 4 [visual](Limited to areas of shadow, darkness, or smoke); Immunity 2 (suffocation); Morph 3 [humanoids] * 46 points
--E2: Yig**: Feature 1 (counts as Large size [but does not gain any mechanical bonuses or penalties for it]); Enhanced Skill 4 (Intimidation +8); Enhanced Strength 8; He's already got extra limbs for a snake.... Extra Limbs 9 [Improved Grab or +5 grab] <Linked> Benefit (Ambidexterity); Morph 1 [Yig]; Elongation 6 [500 ft, +6 grab bonus] * 42 points
Amorphous: Protection 10
Weirdly-Average Looks: Feature 3 (It is difficult to discern Mary's human appearance from other "white" humans and human-derived aliens, even across sex occasionally. This isn't a power: her human form is just that bland. It's not Innate because she can "turn it off" with hair-dye and accessories.)

* Kind of like this.

** Yig is the god of the Serpentmen in Lovecraftian works. His Pathfinder version is basically a buff anthropomorphic snake. I'm just using the name a shorthand and don't expect any resemblance to the god will matter.

Initiative +10
Unarmed, close +2 -- damage 17 Tgh
Yig Unarmed, close +10 -- damage 25 Tgh
Yig Grab, close +10 -- DC 21 Str (15 w/5 extra limbs only, 16 with elongation bonus only) vs Str/Dodge

Dodge +8 (6 points)
Parry +8 (6 points)
Fortitude +4 (2 points)
Toughness +12
Will +12 (10 points)

Abilities 32 + Advantages 7 + Skills 27 + Powers 68 + Defenses 24 = 158 pp


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Are you guys fine if I do Megan’s exit around about now, or would you prefer if all the characters were there for it?


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I figured out where we're leaving Broly.
there are certainly far worse places to live than Dannyland

EDIT:.... and Broly will certainly make a good apprentice/stand in to the Man of Muscle Mystery

EDIT THE SECOND: A quick primer on Dannyland, Sblocked for spoilers
Spoiler: Show

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there are certainly far worse places to live than Dannyland

EDIT:.... and Broly will certainly make a good apprentice/stand in to the Man of Muscle Mystery
Me, I'd likely stick to Danny the Street. Let someone else explore the later stages. Mostly cause I always liked the idea. Lots of places in fiction are sentient, but you rarely get to see one that is more contained.

Also, writing NuBroly is super easy and super depressing. Just picture a big friendly dog whose last owner was abusive, and ask yourself what that dog would do.


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"Well," Ziggy adds, "with two friends here, I've more than enough reason to visit again, and looking forward to seeing Danny's effect upon our Saiyan of muscle mystery, though before we leave I'll have to imprint some reading comprehension on Broly so he and Danny can communicate better."
Funny enough, I figured Crinosverse Flex Mentallo is an Exalted, with his anima banner, of course, being "HERO OF THE BEACH!"


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Once again, sorry for the long lack of posting. Work's been getting a bit rough and it seems like everyday I'v been just crashing when I get in. I didn't even realize this much time had past!
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