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IC Crinoverse: Disaster Day

Silvercat Moonpaw

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With smooth and savage grace Bengal neatly slices the devices off three of the great whites.

OOC: 3 sharks Toughness: 3#1d20+5 16 23 17
So that's three more sharks down.

8/16 sharks remaining.

Bio-Freak up.


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Lilith reluctantly follows after the others. She struggles through the water towards a nearby shark, and upon reaching it she forms her fingers into sharp, scalpel-like instruments and hacks away at the device attached to the innocent creature. Once that's done, she turns towards another nearby shark and repeats the process.

OOC: First, I'll make the DC 10 athletics check to try and move my speed -2 in the water. Athletics Check: 1d20+6 10. Just barely passes. Okay, I'm going to move towards the closest shark and attack it with Malleable Weapons. I'll take 10 on the attack roll for an 18, so if that hits it has to beat a DC 27 Toughness save. If it fails, and I have enough movement left, I'll use takedown to do that to another shark, once again taking 10 for the attack.

Silvercat Moonpaw

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You scratch two of the devices into an inoperative state. Though they still sit on the sharks' heads the giant fish turn tail and run as would be expected for animals not under mind-control.

OOC: 2 sharks Toughness: 2#1d20+5 13 22
2 more sharks down.

6/16 remaining.

Also forgot to roll Shockette's Initiative:
Shockette Initiative: 1d20+6 10
So you go after the sharks' turn.

Ronin up.


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Ronin grimaces at the thought of attacking poor helpless shark being used as weapons.

He moves forward and focuses on attacking the control units on the shark.

OOC: Check for swimming; Athletics: 1d20+10 27
Goes normal Speed.
Going to focus attacks on remote control apparatus. Take 10 on the Ninja-to for a 22. Assuming its a +5DC to hit the smaller object, that hits if the shark's Parry Defense is 17.
DC23 Toughness + Takedown 2

Silvercat Moonpaw

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The first device you encounter is surprisingly easy to disable, but for the next two the drag on your sword causes you to glance off the metal caps.

OOC: That hits.
3 sharks Toughness: 3#1d20+5 9 25 24
One more shark down.

5/16 remaining.


With what little tactics they can manage three of the sharks frenzy around Battle Man, one even managing to score a decisive bite!

Meanwhile the remaining two try the same thing on Bengal, but, again, underwater tigers.

OOC: 3 sharks attack: 3#1d20+5 6 25 10
Battle Man Beat has to make a DC 26 Toughness save (damage rating +11, including +5 from crit).

2 sharks attack: 2#1d20+5 12 13

Shockette up.


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Shockette tries to make herself unappetizing as possible

OOC: I defend


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Helga will also focus on just the control apparatus.

All out attack 5: 1d20+8+5=20
DC 27 toughness


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Battle Man Beat
HP: 1, Luck: 1, Cnd: Normal

With his allies now in the battle and the school of sharks dispersing, the Beat Wave no longer was a viable weapon so Heart released the twin sticks and allowed them to dissolve into the water as he kicked his legs to keep himself steady as he could on the spot while the others swam into combat. Heart reached down to press the buttons on the Synth-Key again, this time to summon his favored ranged weapon.

"Beat Jammer!" Could anyone hear him underwater with the helmet on? It didn't matter, as it was a part of the process as the glowing zapper pistol took shape in his hand as he took aim at one of the remaining sharks and shot off a bright streak of light at the creature and its controller.

Beat Jammer Attack 22 DC 23
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