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[Critical Miss] It's back

Skinner's Pigeon

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Re: [Ciritcal Miss] It's back

I will happily inflate my post count by one to say:


I loved this stuff and missed it when Jonny got all busy and important and stuff. I just dove into the Violence scenario article and lo, it is good.


Valerie Vixen
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Re: [Ciritcal Miss] It's back

Damn, but I get hit by information laundering all the time and it bugs me. Sheesh, I wish there were a Slayer's Guide to Players that counters this stuff. ;)

J Arcane

Re: [Ciritcal Miss] It's back

Kick ass.

That article on AQA is sweet. shame I don't live in the UK.


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Re: [Ciritcal Miss] It's back

What's it been, five years?

I wonder if the email reminder I signed up for is still active...? I wounder if I still even have that email address anymore...?
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