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[Critical Miss] It's back

Malcolm Craig

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Re: [Ciritcal Miss] It's back

Participant-Observer said:

Any Jamesians in the house?

As the officially desegnated unbeliever, I must take every opportunity to decry the Jamesian Faith and all its tenets.

Having observed the creation of the 6th holy article at close range (and provided said cigarette lighter), I can confirm that this is a false religion whos Archbishop is nothing short of a charlatan.

Although the Sainted James himself does give some good chat in the pub.



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Re: [Ciritcal Miss] It's back

Damn do I feel old now... :)
I was damnably sad as the last issue came.

Wooooooooohooooo! :D


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Re: [Ciritcal Miss] It's back

Some great stuff, I haven't laughed so hard in ages. :)
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