Critical Role Campaign 2 - D&D, nerdy-ass voice actors and Wild(mount) Times

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Its not like they don't mention other systems literally all the time on CR be fair mentions of Deadlands, Exalted and Vampire far exceed other mentions but FATE and others get a fair shake too.

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On the plus side...

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The Mighty Nein have, to all appearances, killed at the very least a lesser Balor of the Abyss, unless I miss my guess. Holy shit. That is punching way the fuck above your weight class at level 8!

And Beau can now do hadoukens.

I consider it amusing that Caduceus literally treated dying as a nice relaxing nap, and we got a heartwarming moment out of it. Thank you, Laura, for saving your 3rd level spell.


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In regards to the Kickstarter, we do have example of other CR kickstarter who didn't do nearly as well.

It got funded and seem to be a hefty value, but it's nowhere near what they are getting for the animation series and is probably more indicative of what to exepect for TTRPGs. The product matters to the audience and even if we want to reduce it to brand I'm not sure this tells us more about the CR brand, or the D&D brand but I suspect it will be far less useful as far as RPGs in general are concerned.

If WotC itself started kickstarting their projects we might get an idea of how much money there is in RPGs D&D, but until that time I don't think we should assume there is much more money in RPGs than 7th Sea, Strongholds and Followers, or the Onyx Path projects have shown. Those should be the benchmark for RPGs not a Kickstarter for an animation series.
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